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The 100 Best Rock Songs to Sing at Karaoke

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These songs are real crowd-pleasers at karaoke.

These songs are real crowd-pleasers at karaoke.

Sing Your Heart Out

Music moves the masses. Here are some great rock songs to sing at karaoke. They're also great tunes for cover bands to play. Whether it's at a wedding, a birthday party, or a bar on a regular night out, people will love the energy and the mood these songs set.

If you're singing karaoke, pick out a song that's in the right key for your voice. For example, "Better Man" might not work well for a female with a high voice. Similarly, Stephen Tyler's vocals don't always go well with a voice that's typically baritone.

If you're in a cover band, there is no shame in changing the key to fit them to your singer's voice. Also, sometimes going a half step higher helps give the song extra pep to move your crowd. The crowd won't be upset that the key has changed.

100 Rock Songs to Sing at Karaoke (Or Play With Your Cover Band)

  1. "American Woman"—Lenny Kravitz version (Original by The Guess Who)
  2. "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"—Jet
  3. "Been Caught Stealin'"—Jane's Addiction
  4. "Best of You"—Foo Fighters
  5. "Better Man"—Pearl Jam
  6. "Blue on Black"—Kenny Wayne Shepherd
  7. "Born to Run"—Bruce Springsteen
  8. "Boys of Summer"—The Ataris version (original by Don Henley)
  9. "Brown Sugar"—The Rolling Stones
  10. "Caress Me Down"—Sublime
  11. "Come on Feel the Noise"—Quiet Riot
  12. "Come to My Window"—Melissa Etheridge
  13. "Come Together"—The Beatles (also by Aerosmith)
  14. "Crazy Train"—Ozzy Osbourne
  15. "Creep"—Radiohead
  16. "Cryin'"—Aerosmith
  17. "Darling Nikki"—Foo Fighters version (original by Prince)
  18. "Desire"—U2
  19. "Don't Stop Believin'"—Journey
  20. "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)"—Aerosmith
  21. "D'Yer Maker"—Led Zeppelin
  22. "Everlong"—Foo Fighters
  23. "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"—Poison
  24. "Fight for Your Right (To Party)"—The Beastie Boys
  25. "Friday I'm in Love"—The Cure
  26. "Give It Away"—Red Hot Chili Peppers
  27. "Gone Away"—The Offspring
  28. "Hard to Handle"—Black Crowes
  29. "Here Without You"—Three Doors Down
  30. "Hey Jealousy"—Gin Blossoms
  31. "High and Dry"—Radiohead
  32. "Higher"—Creed
  33. "Hotel California"—The Eagles
  34. "Hysteria"—Def Leppard
  35. "I Love Rock 'n' Roll"—Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (or you can do it like Britney Spears if you must)
  36. "I Want You to Want Me"—Cheap Trick
  37. "I'm the Only One"—Melissa Etheridge
  38. "In Bloom"—Nirvana
  39. "In the End"—Linkin Park
  40. "Iris"—Goo Goo Dolls
  41. "Jeremy"—Pearl Jam
  42. "Jessie's Girl"—Rick Springfield
  43. "Jump"—Van Halen
  44. "Just What I Needed"—The Cars
  45. "Katmandu"—Bob Seger
  46. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"—Guns 'N Roses
  47. "Kryptonite"—Three Doors Down
  48. "Last Resort"—Papa Roach
  49. "Linger"—The Cranberries
  50. "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'"—Journey
  51. "Low"—Cracker
  52. "More Than a Feelin'"—Boston
  53. "Mr. Brightside"—The Killers
  54. "Mustang Sally"—Wilson Pickett
  55. "Mysterious Ways"—U2
  56. "Numb"—Linkin Park
  57. "Old Time Rock 'n' Roll"—Bob Seger
  58. "One"—U2
  59. "One Way or Another"—Blondie
  60. "Panama"—Van Halen
  61. "Paradise City"—Guns 'N Roses
  62. "Piece of My Heart"—Janis Joplin version (or Melissa Etheridge/Joss Stone's version. It has been covered by about a dozen other artists.)
  63. "Plush"—Stone Temple Pilots
  64. "Pour Some Sugar on Me"—Def Leppard
  65. "Rebel Yell"—Billy Idol
  66. "Rock and Roll"—Led Zeppelin
  67. "Rock and Roll All Night"—Kiss
  68. "Scar Tissue"—Red Hot Chili Peppers
  69. "Sedated"—The Ramones
  70. "Self Esteem"—The Offspring
  71. "Semi-Charmed Life"—Third Eye Blind
  72. "Seven Nation Army"—The White Stripes
  73. "Sharp Dressed Man"—ZZ Top
  74. "Shook Me All Night Long"—AC/DC
  75. "Song 2"—Blur
  76. "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"—U2
  77. "Summer of '69"—Bryan Adams
  78. "Smooth Criminal"—Alien Ant Farm version (original by Michael Jackson)
  79. "Sugar We're Going Down Swinging"—Fallout Boy
  80. "Sweet Child O' Mine"—Guns 'N Roses
  81. "Sweet Emotion"—Aerosmith
  82. "Too Young to Fall in Love"—Motley Crue
  83. "Two Princes"—Spin Doctors
  84. "Travelin' Band"—Creedence Clearwater Revival (or Def Leppard)
  85. "Uprising"—Muse
  86. "Valerie"—The Zutons (Also check out Amy Winehouse's version)
  87. "Wanted (Dead or Alive)"—Bon Jovi
  88. "We Will Rock You"—Queen
  89. "What I Like About You"—The Romantics
  90. "What I Got"—Sublime
  91. "What Would You Say"—Dave Matthews Band
  92. "White Wedding"—Billy Idol
  93. "Whole Lotta Love"—Led Zeppelin
  94. "Wild Horses"—The Rolling Stones
  95. "Wonderwall"—Oasis
  96. "Wrong Way"—Sublime
  97. "You Oughtta Know"—Alanis Morissette
  98. "You Really Got Me"—Van Halen version (original by The Kinks)
  99. "Your Love"—The Outfield
  100. "Zombie"—The Cranberries

Practice Makes Perfect

Now that you are all caught up on these awesome songs, get out there and practice! Sing along with YouTube to practice, or find guitar tablature online. If you're more serious about being professional, check out your local music store and get real sheet music. Alternatively, you can find recordings on karaoke CDs for vocal practice.

Have any more suggestions? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Rock'n'roll karaoke

Rock'n'roll karaoke