10 Best Bad Bunny Songs

Updated on May 17, 2020
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Bad Bunny's Top 10 Playlist
Bad Bunny's Top 10 Playlist | Source

The Ultimate Bad Bunny Latin Trap/Reggaeton Playlist

Bad Bunny, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, is a Puerto Rican-born Latin trap, reggaeton, and synthwave artist/singer. Born in 1994, he came from humble beginnings and worked as a supermarket bagger while he was studying audiovisual communications and music technology at University of Puerto Rico (Arecibo).

He first released his music on SoundCloud and was later signed to the record label "Hear This Music" after catching DJ Luian's attention. His first major single "Diles" came out in 2016. Since, he's collaborated with artists like Cardi B, Ozuna, Jennifer Lopez, Becky G, and Drake. He has been topping the US Hot Latin Song charts since rising to fame and those all around the world in various countries.

His musical style is mostly described as Latin trap because of his conversational tone, melody, and cadence. He is celebrated not just for his musical accomplishments, but for his gender fluidity as well. Since 2018, his YouTube views exceeded over 7 billion.

Bad Bunny's Most Popular Songs

  1. Callaíta
  2. Ni Bien Ni Mal
  3. No Me Conoce (Remix)
  4. La Canción
  5. Que Pretendes
  6. Solo De Mi
  7. Mia
  8. Amorf-da
  9. Te Bote (Remix)
  10. I Like It

Bonus Songs

  • Soltera (Remix)
  • Mayores

1. "Callaíta"

"Callaíta," which Bad Bunny wrote with Marco Efraín Masis, was produced by Tainy and released May 31, 2019. It's in the trapeton genre. The video for the song was directed by Kacho Lopez Mari and produced by the Cormoran Filmes Zapatero.

The song refers to a girl who is somewhat introverted and quiet, yet lives an alternate life where she does not care what people think of her—partying and enjoying adventures. The song has already topped numerous charts, including reaching number 1 in Spain and the Dominican Republic. It hit number 2 in Peru and Paraguay and also made number 2 on the US Hot Latin Songs (Billboard) list.

Who is the model in "Callaíta"?

Natalia L. García is the model in the Callaita video. Her instagram is: @natalializgr. Ironically, Natalia's dad was/is not a fan of Bad Bunny.

2. "Ni Bien Ni Mal"

"Ni Bien Ni Mal" was released in 2018 under the genre of Latin trap on the album X 100pre. It was produced by Tainy and La Paciencia. In the music video, Bad Bunny is portrayed as a castaway. The song talks about feeling ambivalent after a breakup. In the video, Bad Bunny arrives on an island after enduring a storm at sea and finds models and colorful rabbits there to great him. He then lives a good life (as translated in English):

"Without you I'm not doing well nor am I doing badly
No matter what, I won't call you
I already gave up and you'll never love me
I have to smoke not to think about you"

Sin ti no me va bien, tampoco me va mal

Pase lo que pase no te voy a llamar

Ya yo me quité tú nunca me va a amar

Pa no pensar en ti tengo que fumar

3. "No Me Conoce" (Remix) — Jhay Cortez, J. Balvin, Bad Bunny

"No Me Conoce" or "You Don't Know Me" was a collaboration with Puerto Rican rapper Jhay Cortez and released on the album Famouz in 2019. The remix made the US Billboard Hot 100. It is a blend of reggaeton and trap. The song is about a girl who tends to pretend she does not recall or remember the person she had a fling with (as translated in English):

"She never lets herself see
Does not know how to hide
She has her thing and she does it well
but at night she likes to behave badly
She arrives and what she wants to sin
She is ready to ––
I don’t stop her and sometimes
she acts like she doesn't know me"

Nunca se deja ver

No sabe disimular

Tiene lo suyo y le va bien

Pero de noche conmigo le gusta portarse mal

Llega y lo que quiere es pecar

Música que quiere bailar (La presión)

Ya no la paro, a veces mira raro y

4. "La Canción" — J Balvin x Bad Bunny

"La Canción" is a song on J Balvin and Bad Bunny's collaborative album Oasis. "La Canción," literally meaning "The Song," and is a reflective piece that talks about remembering an ex-girlfriend and hearing the couple's song being played by a DJ while at a party. The song made the US Hot Latin Songs List (Billboard):

"I thought I already forgot you
But I heard the song
That we sang so intoxicated
That we danced to so intoxicated"

Pensaba que te había olvida'o

Pero pusieron la canción

Que cantamo' bien borracho'

Que bailamo' bien borracho'

5. "Que Pretendes" — J. Balvin, Bad Bunny

"Que Pretendes" was produced in collaboration with artist J Balvin and came out in 2019 on the album Oasis. It's a song about an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend who is looking for a second change. The overlying message is to dismiss the ex . . . asking "Who do you think you are?" The track made the U.S. Hot Latin Songs (Billboard), coming in at number 2:

"Who do you think you are?
Calling me at this time
I already know what you're about
I know exactly what you do to make me fall for you
But it's already too late"

¿Qué pretendes tú llamándome a esta hora ?

Esa actitud la conozco ya

Sabes qué hacer muy bien para envolverme

Pero esta vez es muy tarde ya

6. "Solo De Mi"

"Solo De Mi" came out on Bad Bunny's X 100pre album in 2018 and was produced by Tainy and La Paciencia (songwriters Benito Martinez and Ismael Flores). Bad Bunny was celebrated for the message in this song and his stance against domestic violence and the disrespect of women. The video intensely shows a woman being struck as she lip-syncs in front of a microphone. Finally, she reaches her breaking point and decides to leave (the stage/relationship) and ventures into a club where she parties with Bad Bunny:

"Don't tell me again, baby
I'm not yours or anyones, I'm only for me
Don't tell me again, baby
You already know that not even the littlest bit of me is for you"

No me vuelvas a decir bebé

Yo no soy tuyo ni de nadie yo soy sólo de mí

No me vuelvas a decir bebé

Ya tú lo sabe' que yo no estoy ni un poquito pa ti

7. "Mia" (Featuring Drake)

"Mia" or "Mine" was produced by DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz. It was released in 2018 on the album X 100pre and features Drake singing in Spanish. The song has topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and charts in several countries around the world. "Mia" refers to an enduring love for a special woman—a woman who is often pursued but is faithful to her lover and not carried away by other opportunities:

"Everyone is waiting for you
But you are mine
This makes them hate me even more
Because everyone wants to try with you"

Todos están pendiente a ti

Pero tú puesta pa' mí

Haciendo que me odien más

Porque todos te quieren probar

8. "Amorf-da"

Bad Bunny co-authored "Amorf-da" with Noah Assad, DJ Luian, and Mambo Kingz (producers); the song was released in 2018. It features the piano and is sung as a ballad. Befittingly, the lyrics reflect Bad Bunny as he is reminiscing on a relationship that went wrong. This was an early song of his that was written from real life experience/heartbreak—according to interviews. It topped numerous charts around the world, including reaching number 1 in Spain (PROMUSICAE).

"I don't want anyone else to talk to me about love
I already got tired of those tricks
I already know them"

No quiero que más nadie me hable de amor

Ya me cansé

To esos trucos ya me los sé, esos dolores los pasé

9. "Te Bote" (Remix) — Casper, Nio García, Darell, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny, Ozuna

"Te Bote" is a collaborative remix featuring Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Nicky Jam, Nio Garcia, Darell, and Casper Mágico. "Te Bote" is one of the most played songs both in the club scene and aired on the radio. It is a hybrid of reggaeton and dancehall elements. The song talks about seeking revenge on an ex after suffering from a bad breakup:

"Baby life is a cycle
And if doesn’t work out, I don’t recycle
So move on from my life
If I give it to you remember it’s TBT
I grew tired of your lies
There’s another girl who likes me
Everything has its end and everything expires"

Baby, la vida e un ciclo

Y lo que no sirve yo no lo reciclo

Así que de mi vida muévete

Que si te lo meto es pa' recordar un TBT

Ya yo me cansé de tus mentira'

Ahora hay una má' dura que me tira

Todo tiene su final, todo expira

10. "I Like It" Cardi B Featuring Bad Bunny

"I Like It" came out on Cardi B's album Invasion of Privacy, which was released in 2018. It features J Blavin and Bad Bunny. It incorporates both Latin trap elements and salsa. The song contains samples of "I Like It Like That" by Tony Pabón and co-writers. The song made the the US Billboard Hot 100.

Now I like dollars, I like diamonds

I like stunting, I like shining

I like million dollar deals,

Where's my pen, I'm signing

I like those Balenciagas

The ones that look like socks

I like going to the jeweler

I put rocks all in my watch

"Soltera" Remix — Lunay x Daddy Yankee x Bad Bunny

Bonus: "Soltera" (Remix) and "Mayores"

Additional songs deserving of recognition on Bad Bunny's playlist is his collaborations with Lunay and Daddy Yankee—"Soltera" (Remix) which was released in 2019—and "Mayores" with Becky G which came out on Mala Santa in 2019 and topped the charts in Spain, Ecuador, Chile, El Salvador, and was number 3 one Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart.

Who is Bad Bunny's girlfriend?

As of 2020, Bad Bunny is currently dating Puerto Rican model Gabriela Berlingeri. Formerly, he was reported to be dating artist Julieta Cazzuchelli or Cazzu from Argentina. They were photographed kissing on stage. In the past he posted a photo with Rosalia on Instagram in which he included the words "Creo que me enamoré" or "I think I fell in love"—fans went wild.

What is Bad Bunny's astrological sign?

He is a Pisces.

How Bad Bunny got his nickname.
How Bad Bunny got his nickname. | Source

How did Bad Bunny get his nickname?

Bad Bunny got his nickname from the time he was made to wear a bunny-rabbit costume when he was a child. He was not happy about it and the nickname stuck.

What is Bad Bunny's net worth?

Bad Bunny's estimated net worth is $8 million USD and growing.

Translations and facts were gathered from Wikipedia.com and Billboard.com. Share your feedback below and vote for your favorite songs in the comments section.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Layne Holmes

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