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Arthur Nery: Biography, Songs, Albums, and Awards

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Arthur Nery

Arthur Nery

Born: January 28, 1996
Occupations: Singer/Songwriter, Model
Years Active: 2018-present
Genre: R&B/Soul
Instruments: None
Record Labels: Viva Records, O/C Records
Award Nominations:

  • Wish Song Collaboration of the Year
  • Wish Artist of the Year
  • Peoples' Voice Favorite Song
  • Peoples' Voice Favorite Male Artist
  • Wishclusive Contemporary R&B Performance of the Year
  • Wish Song Collaboration of the Year

Who is Arthur Nery?

Arthur Nery has an angelic voice that cannot be denied. His songs serve as an anthem for those who have fallen in love, gotten their hearts broken, and are trying to fix themselves. Undoubtedly, he is one of the brightest singing heartthrobs in the Philippines since breaking through in 2021.

Arthur Nery has a lifelong desire to record a song in the Visayan dialect, for which many of his followers yearn. "Pagsamo," Arthur's most popular music video to date, has over 70 million views on YouTube. The song even outperformed the well-known BTS by 200,000 streams in one day.

Born Into a Musical Household

Arthur Nery was born on January 28, 1996, a 26-year-old Aquarius. He was raised and reared in Mindanao's Cagayan de Oro. He was born into a musical household. Both of his parents perform, and they enjoy jazz and blues. His father's favorite artists included Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé. They were also fans of Michael Jackson. Arthur recalls his family singing worship hymns after dinner as a child. Orpheus, a filmmaker and scriptwriter, is Arthur's brother.

Arthur's first public performance was at a birthday party. At the time, he was eight years old and performed "Fly Me to the Moon," a celebrant's favorite. Despite these influences and developing talent, Arthur never considered music a viable career. While in high school, he began to write songs.

College Life

Arthur studied Psychology at the Ateneo de Cagayan while in college. Music returned to his life while he was in college. He joined the glee club and received official training. He also began to take his songs seriously.

Early Singing Career

Arthur Nery performed as an actor with Cagayan De Oro City's Oro Teatro Bulawanon. He was invited to compete in the World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in the United States, but he could not acquire funding for his travel fees. While deciding whether to pursue music full-time, Arthur worked as a call center representative and taught English to Japanese students online.

Arthur ultimately decided to try his hand as a singer and songwriter after being pushed by friends. It was hard labor, and he took any gig that came his way, singing. Wacky Kiray was the one who got Arthur started in his career. Arthur was scheduled to perform in the comedian's gig in Bukidnon. Wacky Kiray saw him sing his original Life Puzzle and recognized his star potential.

When Wacky Kiray saw that Arthur was not committed to any label, he contacted his colleague Kean Cipriano, the vocalist of the band Callalily, who had recently founded his label, OC, which is affiliated with Viva Music. Kean and Arthur had preliminary negotiations over the phone that evening in Bukidnon. Arthur had agreed to sign with OC before the night was up. He traveled to Manila to seal his deal and record his debut.

His debut album, Letters Never Sent, was both commercially and critically successful. The singles "Life Puzzle," "Binhi," "Higa," "Take All The Love," and "Happy w u" (featuring Jason Dhakai) received substantial airplay and continue to do so.


Arthur Nery, a promising singer-songwriter, has been nominated for several Wish Music Awards by Wish 107.5. In January last year, Arthur's rendition of "Binhi" on Wishbus was chosen as the Wishclusive Contemporary R&B Performance of the Year. "Take All The Love" also won Wish's R&B Song of the Year award. Arthur gave the respective monetary prizes to Operation Smile Philippine Foundation, Inc. and Child Hope Philippines.

Music AwardSong TitleArtist(s)CategoryBeneficiaries

Wishclusive Contemporary R&B Performance of the Year


Arthur Nery


(Operation Smile Philippines Foundation, INC.)

Wish R&B Song of the Year

Take All The Love”

Arthur Nery

(ChildHope Philippines)

Wish Song Collaboration of the Year

"Happy W U" “Pelikula”

Arthur Nery and Jason Dhakal Janine Teñoso and Arthur Nery



Wish Artist of the Year


Arthur Nery



Peoples' Voice Favorite Breakthrough Artist


Arthur Nery



Peoples' Voice Favorite Song


Arthur Nery



Peoples' Voice Favorite Male Artist


Arthur Nery


Letters Never Sent

Letters Never Sent was released in October 2019, but fans are still streaming the album's tracks and watching its videos. Among the most streamed songs are "Higa," "Life Puzzle," and "Binhi," which helped Nery become a 2021 breakout star.

Since then, Arthur has slowly established himself as a leading advocate of Filipino neo-soul, modern-R&B, and alt-tinged pop. After one week of its release, "Take All The Love" topped the OPM Rising playlists. Almost all Arthur Nery songs are trending on the most popular playlists of major streaming platforms.

Arthur's most recent hit is "Pelikula," a duet with Janine Teoso. And since its launch, the song has become an immediate fan favorite, easily surpassing one million plays within days of its debut.

Nery is also known for giving a new flavor to those classic songs. One of these is the classic OPM Hit "Yakap Sa Dilim" by APO Hiking Society, where he got viral. The performance garnered 5.5 million views on youtube after two months of being uploaded. Also, it surfaced on different social media sites like Facebook and TikTok, where it got a lot of views, likes, and shares.

Arthur Nery's album, Letters Never Sent, is loaded with hurtful music, such as songs about what-ifs feelings never expressed and letters never mailed. Regardless of how these words may seem, we applaud Arthur Nery for this!



  • Letters Never Sent (2019)


  • My Husband, My Lover(Original Soundtrack from the Vivamax Movie) by Arthur Nery, Shanne Dandan, Nonoy Zuniga


“Letters Never Sent, Pt.1” (1:03)

“Pagsamo” (4:57)

“Letters Never Sent, Pt. 2” (1:06)

“Take All the Love” (3:26)

“Got Me Tangled” (3:00)

“Binhi” (3:36)

“Isa Lang” (4:29)

Happy W U” (4:40)

“Higa” (4:05)

“Life Puzzle” (4:21)

“Hung Up” (3:16)

“I’d Still Kiss You” (3:56)

“Favorite Vice” (4:48)

“Cotton Candy” (4:38)

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