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An Interview With Steven Wilcoxson From Synthwave Band WOLF CLUB


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WOLF CLUB is a synthwave band from the U.K. They create synthwave music that has a strong filmic quality to it and explores all of the different variations within the broader framework of retro synth-based music. In an emailed interview, I talked to band member Steven Wilcoxson about the band's origins, their approach to creation and why they're inspired to make synthwave.

Interview with Steven Wilcoxson

Karl Magi: How did WOLF CLUB come together as a project?

Steven Wilcoxson: We (Steven, Chris, and Tim) have been friends since we were kids and have often written and performed music together. We started writing songs within this genre around six years ago, and tried different styles and writing techniques within it until we settled on our current style.

KM: Why are you drawn towards making synthwave/retrowave music?

SW: We are really passionate about this genre. To us it simultaneously feels like both the past and the future of music. The filmic nature of the genre renders the songs with a timeless quality that is so distinct and unique. So much synthwave music sounds like the soundtrack to a film that’s never been made. It has an emotional quality that other genres just can’t match, maybe due to the nostalgic feel it emanates.

KM: Who are some of the artists who have influenced your music and why?

SW: Miami Nights 1984, College, Electric Youth, Anoraak, Grum, Com Truise, Futurecop! Timecop1983, film soundtracks, computer games from our youth. The New Retro Wave music channel, these are the artists we first heard and first inspired us to dig deeper and explore further. Newer incredible artists are taking the genre into fantastic exciting directions- The Midnight, FM84, The Bad Dreamers.

KM: Talk me through the process of writing new songs/music and how it works for you as a band?

SW: Usually we come up with one small element, a melody, a bassline, guitar riff, just one small piece that we like and want to work on, and then build upon that a piece at a time. Drums usually come last though often become the driving force of the track. It becomes something of an unfinished jigsaw puzzle you have to figure out as you go along.

KM: Tell me more about your latest album- Chasing The Storm. What are the ideas behind it and how did you go about making it?

SW: We wanted to write an album that felt like the soundtrack to a film, so explored a number of sub genres within synthwave- retrowave, dreamwave, 80’s pop, electro and then wrote melodies to those musical backdrops.

KM: What are your future plans for WOLF CLUB?

SW: Finish off mastering the next album and hopefully release that later this year with a few live shows to help promote it. After that we will start writing and recording as we go for album number five.

KM: How do you think the synthwave/retrowave scene is doing in the U.K. ?

SW: Some incredible- and some of our favourite- artists within the genre are from the UK. More and more synthwave events and synthwave organisers are popping up to help support the genre, hopefully it will grow and grow. We are very pleased to be a part of it, and thanks to everyone who listens to our music!

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