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Ambient EP Review: "Eclipse" by Cosmic Cadence

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Cosmic Cadence – "Eclipse" EP (2022)

Cosmic Cadence – "Eclipse" EP (2022)

Cosmic Cadence – Eclipse (2022)

Cosmic Cadence’s Eclipse evokes outer space's power and vastness with gigantic soundscapes. As the EP unfolds, the sensation of vast star fields and incalculable force grows.


“Eclipse” comes into existence as clean, clear synth flickers rapidly and slowly rising bass rumbles. Shaker-like sound trickles and pulsing synth is joined by an elevated, wandering sound. Metallic synth rings out over dense bass as ethereal air flows and rattling sounds mingle.

Underlying, repeating synth taps smoothly and quickly before richly intertwining sounds fall in. Metallic, swirling synth descends as an unrelenting bass pulse grows stronger and plinking sound moves through. An oscillating synth pattern adds angular motion as it varies and raised, steady flashing sound flows through.

Power and energy ramp up as broad-sounding, driving synth tangles and the pounding drumbeat adds increased propulsion. High, synth floats and tumbles while washing air rushes. A digital trickle sweeps over the heavy weight thundering underneath.

Raised, ringing sound flows above the energy that underpins it, the massive drumbeat driving on as heavy bass rolls on. Fluttering sounds trickle as droning, open sound keeps trembling. Cascading, medium high synth with a sharp edge shifts now, tinged with an unsettling sensation over the beat and bass. The music’s gigantic sweep expands before ending on airy sonic flow.

“Orbital Decay”

Flowing, gruff sound moves in swelling undulations to open “Orbital Decay.” Dense, woodsy synth forms a steadily intertwining pulse that oscillates as ethereal, misty sounds sail. An intertwining, continually repeating synth line adds luscious feeling and lively motion to the track.

In the distance, dense bass adds thickness and support as cutting, string-like synths carry a vaguely ominous, melancholy melody. Cosmic power radiates from the bass that underpins a string-like synth carrying the mysterious main melody. Now percussion gives the music more direction as a buzzing, whispering synth increases drifting feeling above the drum’s distinctive heartbeat.

Cascading synth revolves as shining sounds flash out above it. The enigmatic melody speaks of astral forces, carried by gleaming string-like synth over the throbbing, steady drum and bass motion. The track ends on flickering string-like sounds.

“Coriolis Effect”

“Coriolis Effect” begins as vast open spaces are filled with metallic rattling and cosmic bass swelling. Sparkling chimes flit above bass waves and sweeping, twisting sounds move. Rich, deep synth drifts in massive circles, chimes glitter and a lush, deep hang drum shifts over gigantic bass.

Elevated sound shivers and flashes into the openness that enfolds it. Hang drum undulates through as rising bass lifts it and chimes flutter as colossal sounds flow past. A smooth synth pulse glides as breathy sounds rush past and the track’s weight enfolds the ears. Trembling, chittering sounds touch the music as wind drifts.

Now revolving, twinkling synth spins out above the hang drum. This track is defined by the tidal bass that moves below the other sonic elements. Raised, shimmering synth trickles through above bass that tugs and releases while writhing sounds hiss. As the track ends, dense chimes glitter and bass flows before silence falls.


Gigantic, rumbling bass echoes out along with a steady metallic hum to start “L2.” Dark wind grows with bass weight, forming a sonic wall that sweeps through the track. The bass feels inevitable and unstoppable as high sound trembles against it. Steadily flowing, distant sound adds shape to the bass depths.

Distantly twinkling sounds evoke space’s vast, star-studded plain. Unsettled sonic whorls shift nervously along with rising synth motes while void deep bass rumbles consistently. Low end heft and power contrasts with sparkling, lost sounds shimmering above it in this track.

Ominous strength fills the bass and now a hollow, haunted sound moves in the distance as tumbling distortion adds tension. Sweeping, breathy sound flows above deep bass shadows as a high sound vibrates. Weight fills every aspect of the low end to give it a feeling of endlessness while chirring, high sounds tremble and the music fades to silence.

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