"Alabama Rain" and Other Songs by the DuShane Band

Updated on January 23, 2020

Debuting at #22 on the Cashbox Traditional Country and Americana charts with “Alabama Rain”, The DuShane Band (https://www.dushaneband.com) gave formal notice to the music world that they have indeed arrived. This song about dealing with the hard knocks of life was an instant connect with the residents of the Yellowhammer State as well as anyone who’s ever enlisted in the military (we thank you for your service!) and been stationed a long ways from home and family. It pretty much tells the tale of marrying young, getting in the family-way way too soon, taking back breaking jobs to make ends meet, being laid off when there’s another child on the way, enlisting so you can keep food on the table and a roof over head, getting shipped out to God knows where, arriving there and feeling your heart break every day for those you left behind. “Alabama Rain” is as much of a prayer as it is a song and if it doesn’t bring a tear or two to your eye by the final chorus - then Jack you dead.

DuShane, formerly the lead singer of the Law And Order group (MCA Records) made the decision to leave and form his own band in order to create more varied sonic textures where he could blend modern studio sounds and arrangements with southern rock and classic country. The new ensemble consists of guitars, bass, drums, violin, keyboards and pedal steel. On one of his latest songs, “When I Walk Out”, they even add a banjo to the line up for a dash of bluegrass in the multi-genre mix. The result is a song with not only a memorable melody line but perfect for a barroom saloon line dance. Tip you hats to the ladies and go doe-see-doe…

Did I mention that they have lots of other tracks you can enjoy if you’re in the mood to surf and stream on that newfangled thing today’s kids call the Internet? The DuShane Band kick their boots up on rocking-like-a-rodeo little ditty called “Summertime”. If they play their cards right this one could be their summertime hit on the radio. “See You Again” not only brings back that aforementioned banjo it also features some pretty tasty pedal steel playing. Glissando notes drawn out lazy and long decorate this number like tinsel on the tree. It’s a pretty one, to say the least.

“The Devil’s Sin” reveals a bit of vintage Charlie Daniels Band influence in the DuShane Band sound, especially on the fiddle bowing. Every good bar band has to have a few good covers up their sleeves for song requests and these boys don’t disappoint with their down tempo reworking of The Eagles hit “Take It Easy”. DuShane get to show off the deep baritone side of his vocal range here. This guy could really give Brad Roberts of the Canadian Crash Test Dummies combo, or Mr. Sulu of the original Star Trek TV series, a good run for their money when he’s in that lower register.

And who amongst us has a few “Jodies” in our love lives and wished we could write about it the way this artist does in the tune titled “Jodie”? Doggone these dudes are good and ripe for the picking. That being said I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that there’s going to be a bidding war going on in the near future for these cowboys if they keep doing what they do so well and promote and market their talents wisely. The DuShane Band just needs their chance and the rest is going to be, as they say, history.


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