A Review of Havok's "Time Is Up"

Updated on April 16, 2020
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The front cover shows skeletons with one of them holding a stopwatch. I think the cover symbolizes that if we don't act to protect our planet, that time will run out and we will be in serious danger.
The front cover shows skeletons with one of them holding a stopwatch. I think the cover symbolizes that if we don't act to protect our planet, that time will run out and we will be in serious danger.

"Time Is Up" Songs List

  1. Prepare for Attack
  2. Fatal Intervention
  3. No Amnesty
  4. D.O.A.
  5. Covering Fire
  6. Killing Tendencies
  7. Scumbag in Disguise
  8. The Cleric
  9. Out of My Way
  10. Time is Up

Havok: a Thrash Metal Band That Should Be Given a Chance!

Havok is a thrash metal band from Denver Colorado and—are these guys good or what? I discovered Havok earlier in 2016 and I was very impressed with the riffs and melody that exists on their second full-length album called "Time is Up." You may be thinking that there are no good American heavy metal bands left in this modern era (after the early 2000's). But this is not the case. Havok shows that they can clearly compete with other bands. The lyrical themes on "Time is Up" focuses on the various politics and social issues. Who are the people that play on this impressive thrash metal album?

Band Personnel

  • David Sanchez plays guitar and uses vocals that sometimes sound like a screeching sound but these vocals are good!
  • Jesse De Los Santos plays the bass guitar.
  • Reece Scruggs is the second guitarist on this album.
  • Pete Webber plays the drums.

Time Is up Has Two of the Best First Two Songs You Will Hear!

The opening fast song "Prepare for Attack" is about a population that is so fed up with its fascist dictator that they are willing to rise up and take him down at any cost. They are trying to let others know that they won’t be taking any kind of nonsense from other countries. In a show of strength, it is just a matter of time before the population that is oppressed will “stomp out the infection” and “prevent the disease.” This song has the Metallica influence because if you listen carefully, there is a section of the song that sounds like the famous song "Motorbreath." Time is Up has the thrash metal sound but with a more modern influence. The album was released in 2011. The next song "Fatal Intervention" continues with more speed and melody. This song is about a society that has gone crazy and lost its mind as there is violence that is raging throughout the land. Jeff Waters of the band Annihilator would be very impressed with the creative melodies and technicality that is present on this album.

"Prepare for Attack"

D.O.A. Is a Song with an Important Message in It

The song D.O.A. starts with a superb melodic part that I have not really heard from a US based metal band in a long time! The song is about the dangers of getting behind the wheel and driving too fast. There are too many deaths in the US due to automobile accidents and I think that the band brings up the subject to raise awareness. If you drive too fast, you put so many other people’s lives at risk. For those of you that drive, please be careful out there. Vocalist and guitarist David Sanchez lets out a Tom Araya like scream in this song as the band chants “death on arrival.”

How Is the Rest of the Album Time Is Up?

Covering Fire is a song about a person that makes a living as a professional assassin. Whether this is by coincidence or not, the band Iron Maiden had a song called Assassin back in 1990 on their album No Prayer for the Dying. The song Killing Tendencies is slower in the beginning but it is still a very catchy song! The song is basically about the fact that if you make the wrong choices in life, you will lead a dangerous life wherever you go. Some people in this world don’t really care if they live or die and they lead a path to their own self-destruction. Scumbag in Disguise is a song about standing up to someone who criticizes others and puts them down in order to make himself or herself feel better. Some people have opinions that are absurd in the eyes of others. The Cleric is a song that attacks religion. It is a matter of time until those really religious clerics take power and money for themselves while the poor people of the country are left out in the cold with no one to care for them. This sort of thing is a very common occurrence in many nations of the Middle East as the rise of autocratic regimes has led to the lowering of the quality of life for the population of those countries. The beginning of the song has a riff that kind of sounds like Pantera’s song Live in a Hole. I hear some melody later in the song that the late Chuck Schuldiner would have used in the songs that he wrote. The last song of the album the title track is about someone who is about to be sentenced for their crime as their time to appeal is nearing its end.

Rate Havok's album Time Is Up

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Havok Time Is Up

"Fatal Intervention"

How good of an album is "Time is Up?"

Overall, 2011’s "Time is Up" is an outstanding melodic thrash metal release. There are more good bands in the US other than Metallica, Slayer, and Testament. I’m really glad I gave these guys a chance and metal fans around the world should as well. The strongest songs in the album are "Prepare for Attack," "Fatal Intervention," "D.O.A.," "The Cleric," and the title track—but every single song is pretty much good!

"The Cleric"

A map of Denver Colorado and the surrounding areas, the birthplace of the band Havok

© 2016 Ara Vahanian


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