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75 Ideas for Original Punk, Metal, and Hard Rock Band Names

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Mr. Cheese (Nick Ortman) is a Graduate of Columbia University's MFA program. He's a drummer and frequently writes about the music industry.

Band names can be hard to come up with. This article should help!

Band names can be hard to come up with. This article should help!

Hey, what's in a name? Well, if you're trying to make it in the entertainment world, a great name could mean the difference between success and failure.

Think about it, if you're a pop band named The Killer Clowns, you're probably not going to attract the same kind of audience that Katy Perry does. And, the audience you do attract will probably be pretty confused by the name. Make sure that the name you choose for your band accurately reflects the music you make and the impression you want to give to your listeners.

Below are some great name ideas for punk, metal, and hard rock bands. Have any suggestions, feel free to drop your ideas in comments!

Punk Rock Band Name Ideas 1–15

1. The Schisms

2. Dissonance Machine

3. The Nuclear Winters

4. Vicarious Death Machine

5. Reign of Disharmony

6. Tyrant's Song

7. My Electric Chair

8. Blood Moon

9. Automatic Autocrats

10. Death Radio

11. Pull the Trigger

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12. The Braineaters

13. The Birds of Prey

14. Plastic Empire

15. President of Skulls

Remember: Punk is a brash form of music often focused on protest or a general animosity towards society or the government. Your band name should reflect what a punk rock audience is looking for. Hint: It's not rainbows and puppies.

Tips for Choosing a Band Name

Heavy Metal Band Name Ideas 16–30

16. Blitzkrieg Revisited

17. Kingdom of Nails

18. The Bone Machines

19. God of Disorder

20. Kingdom of Suffering

21. My Death Come Swiftly

22. Chaos Machine

23. The Torturers

24. Wicked Intentions

25. Only the Lucky Ones Die

26. Abu Ghraib

27. Phoenix Rising

28. Skeleton Parade

29. American Guillotine

30. Aleister Crowley's Haunted Mansion

Remember: Heavy metal originates from the anti-war movement and was created to tackle the horrible realities that we often choose not to look at. The audience wants you to be edgy, but not silly or violent for violence's sake. For all their head-banging, metalheads are pretty dang smart.

Really, Truly Terrible Band Name

Hard Rock Band Names Ideas 31–45

31. Oil Heart

32. The Brainless

33. Blood River

34. Machine Gun Ritual

35. Electronic Waste

36. Forest of Tombs

37. The Doomsday Clocks

38. Empire of Sin

39. Pharaoh's Murder Squad

40. Ghost Harvest

41. The Good Goddamn!

42. Cannibal Candidates

43. Drone Killer

44. The Inquisitioners

45. Goateaters

Remember: Hard rock, similar to heavy metal, evolved from the likes of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. While hard rock isn't always as dark as heavy metal, there's a lot of crossover between their fans.

Super Weird Band Names

More Metal, Hard Rock, and Punk Band Name Ideas 45–75

46. Capital Killers

47. The Golden Calves

48. Sacrificial Citizens

49. Atomic Slaves

50. Ghosts of Hiroshima

51. Disobedience

52. Mutant Citizens

53. Isle of Bones

54. Thrash of the Titans

55. Death Comes for You

56. Crown of Nails

57. Hellfire Revisited

58. Shouting Match

59. Rib Cage

60. Laughing at the Rapture

61. Violent Media

62. Drunk on Blood

63. The Red Weddings

64. The Headless Diplomats

65. Dragon Claw

66. No Tomorrow

67. Death Addict

68. Throwing Stones

69. The Headless Horsemen

70. Run or Be Run Over

71. Revenge of the Kraken

72. Drowning Breed

73. Lethal Injectors

74. Bombs Over New York

75. Braindead and Burned Out

Thanks for reading, if you enjoy learning about music and music history, make sure to learn more about the great producers who have shaped these genres. Also, for more help name your band, try using a band name generator.

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