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50 Original Name Ideas for Pop Bands


Mr. Cheese (Nick Ortman) is a Graduate of Columbia University's MFA program. He's a drummer and frequently writes about the music industry.

Naming a pop band can be hard. Luckily, this article can help!

Naming a pop band can be hard. Luckily, this article can help!

Finding the right name for your band can mean the difference between success and failure. You'll definitely want to make sure that the name you choose for your band accurately reflects the music you make and the impression you want to give to your listeners. Remember, pop is a genre all about intense emotion. Make sure your band name causes an emotional reaction.

Pop is a genre that's meant to have wide appeal. Young and old alike listen to pop music. When naming your pop band, make sure to choose a name that has broad appeal. That said, don't sacrifice your authentic voice just to fit a brand.

Below are some fun and goofy names that you can use for your pop band! Remember, pop encompasses a wide variety of styles. Still, you don't want to name your pop band something like The Murderers— that name probably isn't going to get you the audience that you're looking for. Check out the names below and see if one of them catches your eye!

Name Ideas for Pop Bands 1–25

1. Whodunnit?

2. Dollars and Cents

3. The Luxury

4. Dance Dance Evolution!

5. The Great Escape

6. The Never Say Nevers

7. The Over Thinking

8. The Little Little

9. Grown Backwards

10. Dancing on the Edge

11. The Forget Me Nots

12. Dancing on the Moon

13. Moonlight Monster

14. The Transformations

15. Why Not

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16. The Tryouts

17. The Happy Happy

18. Strange Folks

19. The Comeback Kids!

20. The Holy Cows

21. Forget About It

22. The Lost Generation

23. The Sweet 16s

24. The Wipeouts

25. The Tiny Dancers

5 Tips for Naming Your Pop Band

  • Draw on real-life experiences to come up with ideas.
  • Take two of your ideas and try smashing them together.
  • Close your eyes, open the dictionary to a random page and combine the first two words you land on.
  • Reference the place where you live to add a local flare.
  • Use a random name generator as inspiration.

How to Make a Band Name

Name Ideas for Pop Bands 25–50

26. Going, Going, Gone

27. The Never Forgets

28. How Long and How Come?

29. The Good Neighbors

30. The Why

31. Total Recall

32. Better Tomorrow

33. The Peaceful

34. Sorry Not Sorry

35. Remember the Name

36. The Dancing Queens

37. Stay Strong

38. Hold, Hold, Hold Me

39. Eyes Wide Open

40. The Bare Alls

41. Bounce House

42. Beach Party

43. Party Down

44. The Catch Alls

45. The Formation

46. Beats Central

47. Mojo Yolos

48. Think Again

49. Double Down

50. Party Hardy

Just for Fun!

Thanks for reading! If you're not in a pop band, and you're still looking for fun names for your band, Spinditty has you covered! I hope one of these fun names gets you the recognition you deserve!

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