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100 Best K-Pop Love Songs

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These amazing K-pop love songs will put you in the mood for romance.

These amazing K-pop love songs will put you in the mood for romance.

K-pop is one of the most popular music genres in the world. Its fan base is growing larger every day. Its scintillating choreography and spectacular visual elements make it one of the most unique and exciting genres in the world. These are just a few of the reasons why K-pop has become a global phenomenon (especially popular with teens and young adults).

The list below showcases an epic number of Korean love songs and ballads. If you like all things K-pop, you will definitely have something to say. Feel free to share your views and opinions in the comments section.

Top 10 Best K-Pop Love Songs

  1. “Love Scenario”—IKON
  2. “Unspoken Words”—Davichi
  3. “Wild Flower”—Park Ho Shin
  4. “I Miss You”—Mamamoo
  5. “Think About You”—Sam Kim
  6. “Symptoms”—SHINee
  7. “I’ll Be Here”—BTOB
  8. “Answer: Love Myself”—BTS
  9. “Let Us Just Love”—APink
  10. “Eat”—Zion. T

Best K-Pop Love Songs #11—20

11. “I Love You”—2NE1

12. “Let’s Not Fall in Love”—Big Bang

13. “Some”—Soyou and Junggigo featuring Lil Boi

14. “Love Love Love”—Roy Kim

15. “It’s Alright, This Is Love”—Davichi

16. “I Love You Boy”—Bae Suzy

17. “Not Spring Love, or Cherry Blossoms”—High4 and IU

18. “Pray”—Gain and Jeff Bernat

19. “Love in the Ice”—TVXQ

20. “Nothing Better”—Brown Eyed Soul

These love songs will make you want to hold your partner.

These love songs will make you want to hold your partner.

What Is K-Pop?

K-pop is a hybrid genre best defined as an ultra-urban art form that is an amalgamation of music, dance, and visual effects. This genre fuses traditional sounds with influences and styles derived from electronic dance, R&B, gospel, rock, jazz, hip-hop, experimental, classical, folk, country, and reggae (among others). The wide spectrum of visuals, including colorful attire and slickly choreographed dance routines, make K-pop performances an audio-visual extravaganza.

Best K-Pop Love Songs #21—40

21. “Pretty U”—Seventeen

22. “Save Me”—BTS

23. “My Type”—iKON

24. “I Love You”—EXID

25. “Heaven”—Ailee

26. “Lucky”—EXO

27. “I Won’t Let You Go”—GOT7

28. “Shalala Romance”—Dawon

29. “Because of You”—Baek Ji Young

30. “Love Die Young”—Eric Nam

31. “Closer”—Oh My Girl

32. “Make Me Love You”—Taeyeon

33. “Amazing You”—Ha Dong Geun

34. “Love Light”—CNBLUE

35. “It Was Love”—Zico featuring Luna

36. “Way Back Home”—Shaun

37. “Gold”—Hyomin

38. “Everytime”—Chen featuring Punch

39. “Love Song”—Big Bang

40. “Gift”—MeloMance

The lyrics in K-pop love songs often contain beautiful imagery.

The lyrics in K-pop love songs often contain beautiful imagery.

Best K-Pop Love Songs #41—60

41. “Let Me”—GOT7

42. “Airplane”—f(x)

43. “This Is Love”—Super Junior

44. “I’m in Love”—Narsha

45. “Only One for Me”—BTOB

46. “What U Do”—EXO

47. “Friday”—IU featuring Jang Yi-Jeong

48. “My Everything”—Lena Park

49. “Baby Baby”—4Men

50. “Shampoo”—After School

51. “Be My Light”—Kevin Oh

52. “With You”—B.A.P.

53. “For You”—Im Jae Bum

54. “Whisper”—Girl’s Generation

55. “I Need You”—K. Will

56. “Only You”—Miss A

57. “Love Bomb”—Fromis 9

58. “Eyes, Nose, Lips”—Taeyang

59. “Thank You”—Roy Kim

60. “Gemini”—Taeyeon

These love songs are often about encouraging each other to go forward and do our best.

These love songs are often about encouraging each other to go forward and do our best.

Love Songs in K-Pop

While K-pop is known for it's dance songs, there are plenty of sentimental ballads in the genre. These romantic songs have left a lasting impression on younger K-pop audiences, becoming some of the biggest hits in the genre. Certain K-pop girl groups and boy groups are known for their innovative use of lyrics and visual concepts. Certain themes, such as friendship, loyalty, sacrifice, betrayal, honesty, breakup, and forgiveness, are popular in these ballads.

Best K-Pop Love Songs #61—80

61. “Touch Love”—Yoon Mi-rae

62. “Marry U”—Super Junior

63. “Love Belt”—Jonghyun featuring Younha

64. “My Love”—Lee Seung Chui

65. “Starlight”—Taeyeon featuring Dean

66. “Lean on Me”—Seventeen

67. “Just One Day”—BTS

68. “Oh! My Mistake”—April

69. “Think About’ Chu”—Sam Kim featuring Loco

70. “Gondry”—Hyukoh

71. “I Am You, You Are Me”—ZICO

72. “Beautiful”—Crush

73. “Stars Over Me”—BOL4

74. “Words Don’t Come Easy”—Mamamoo

75. “Cherry Blossom Ending”—Busker Busker

76. “Fake Love”—BTS

77. “Don’t Be Shy” Primary featuring Choa and Iron

78. “I’ll Be There”—G.Soul

79. “This Love”—Yoon Mi-rae

80. “Yesterday”—XIA

K-pop love songs often have quotable lyrics.

K-pop love songs often have quotable lyrics.

Messages in K-Pop Love Songs

Certain K-pop songs have been praised by critics for their thought-provoking messages. A number of these songs contain lyrics that focus on the consequences of love. These lyrics are often confessional and beautifully honest. Songs that tell emotional stories about missing someone special are exceedingly popular with younger audiences. In fact, it's the music videos that portray the dark side of love that are most popular. Many of these songs have been used in TV dramas and in Korean movies.

Best K-Pop Love Songs #81—100

81. “Love Love O’ Clock”—Oh My Girl

82. “Don’t Say Goodbye”—Davichi

83. “Everyday With You”—Sojin

84. “Always”—Yoon Mi-rae

85. “Butterflies”—Red Velvet

86. “Peach”—IU

87. “No You, No Me”—HYNN and NC. A

88. “Love… What is It?”—Yangpa

89. “The Only I Can Give You Is Love”—December

90. “Because of You”—Monsta X

91. “Love Blossom”—K. Will

92. “Dream”—Suzy and Baekhyun

93. “Loving You”—Sistar

94. “Hold Me Tight”—BTS

95. “Dreaming Dream”—Kim Tae Woo

96. “One”—SHINee

97. “Because of You”—Yoon Mi-rae

98. “Love Me Right”—EXO

99. “I Love You”—Akdong Musician

100. “Beautiful Woman”—Lee Ki-chan

Many K-pop love songs take place in urban areas.

Many K-pop love songs take place in urban areas.

English Phrases Used in K-Pop

As K-pop gained popularity in the international market, a number of artists and groups started experimenting with English phrases in their songs. A large number of modern K-pop groups incorporate English lyrics in their compositions. Furthermore, producers and songwriters from the western world are taking an interest in working with K-pop groups. Collaborations with international musicians have helped add a new dimension to the genre's love songs. Entertainment companies make huge efforts to train and manage K-pop groups to achieve stardom and international success. As a result, it's likely we'll hear even more English lyrics in these songs.

Other Notable K-Pop Love Songs

  • “Lady”—The Boss
  • “Flame of Love”—Taemin
  • “Words I Couldn’t Say Yes”—Lee Hong-gi
  • “Love Dust”—Big Bang
  • “Show Me Your Love”—S.E.S.
  • “Love Is You”—K. Will
  • “What a Life”—Exo-SC
  • “Dimple”—BTS
  • “UUU”—Jung In
  • “We Make a Good Pair”—Sung Si-kyung
  • “Love Letter”—Infinite
  • “Ex”—Sik-K featuring Cha Cha Malone
  • “So Goodbye”—Jonghyun
  • “Keep Keep”—Yozoh
  • “Home”—Roy Kim
  • “Always Love You”—Kim Hyung-Jun
  • “Love Is Delicious”—Wheesung
  • “I Miss You”—Noel
  • “Sorry I’m Old”—Yoo Se-yoon and GB9
  • “Love Rain”—Kim Tae Woo
  • “Cool Love”—Lee Hong-bin
  • “Falling in Love”—2NE1
  • “Love Is Like Rain”—Na Yoon Kwan
  • “Go With Me”—Kwak Jin Eon
  • “Seasons of the Heart”—Seo in Guk
  • “Listen to Your Heart”—Smells
  • “Some”—BOL4
  • “No. 2 U & I”—Jonghyun
  • “Kiss Kiss Kiss”—Hwayobi featuring Sleepy
  • “Love City”—Nine Muses
  • “Every Moment of You”—Sung Si-kyung
These songs often have lyrics that help us feel better about ourselves.

These songs often have lyrics that help us feel better about ourselves.

  • “Nostalgic Night”—Victon
  • “Tonight”—Hong Jinyoung
  • “Love Me Love Me”—WINNER
  • “Stupid in Love”—Soyou and Mad Clown
  • “You Don’t Know Love”—K. Will
  • “Time Goes Fast Like an Arrow”—Lee Seung Chul
  • “Heart Hit”—Kim Bo Kyung
  • “I’m Still Loving You”—Baby V.O.X.
  • “Condition of My Heart”—Fly to the Sky
  • “She Is”—Clazziqai Project
  • “TTL (Time to Love)”—T-ara
  • “Without Your Love”—JTL
  • “I Love You, Oh Thank You”—MC Mong featuring Kim Tae Woo
  • “Love Girl”—CNBLUE
  • “Memories Resemble Love”—Park Hyo Shin
  • “Love Aches”—Sik-K
  • “Dream”—Lee Hi
  • “At Your Place”—Yoo Se-yoon with Urban Zakapa
  • “Uphill Road”—Yoon Jong Shin
  • “Far Away... Young Love”—C-Clown
  • “La La La”—Lee Soo-young
  • “Without You”—1TYM
  • “U”—S.E.S.
  • “Groove”—EXO
  • “Loona”—Heart Attack
  • “Give Love”—Akdong Musician
  • “I’m in Love”—2LSON and Ailee
  • “Bringing You Love”—Big Bang
  • “200%”—Akdong Musician
  • “Love Greeting”—SeeYa

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