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Updated on May 25, 2017
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If you are a big K-Pop fan, you will surely agree that the K-Pop world is filled with handsome, talented, and unique idols who are incredibly awesome. But among those numerous idols, there's one charming man from BTS (Bangtan Boys/Bangtan Sonyeondan/ Bulletproof Boy scouts) whose character is definitely out of this world. From the seven members of BTS (Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and V) the most precious eye candy is none other than V. He is famous for his irresistible cuteness, unique behavior, and for being a total dork. He is not just an idol seen on stage, but a terrific actor on the small screen as well. No other idols can be like Taehyung in terms of appearance, character, and personality, which is why armies are falling hard for him! In this article, find out the ten reasons why everyone is going crazy over the BTS' member, V (Kim Taehyung), and if you're not yet a V Stan, brace yourselves because you will never leave this page without loving him!

1. V's Profile

Fun facts and profile about BTS member, V:

  • V's real name is Kim Taehyung.
  • Born on December 30, 1995
  • His hometown is in Daegu.
  • V's stage name means 'victory.' He revealed, “My stage name was chosen last. Six, Lex, V. Those three names were suggested, but the members and PD all said that V fit me the best and so I picked V to stand for victory.”
  • His nickname is Blank Tae and TaeTae.
  • His cute habits include biting his nails, leaving his mouth open, and saying "apa!" (it hurts) and "eomma" (mommy).
  • His favorite colors are black, white, and green.
  • He loves watching cartoons and anime.
  • He is brilliant in playing saxophone.
  • He doesn't like wearing shoes.
  • He is yet to be in a serious relationship because he wants to marry his first love and be with her forever.
  • His ideal date is going to the park in autumn season and feed the pigeons.
  • His dad is his biggest inspiration, and he wants to be a good father in the future, just like his dad.
  • He is scared of ghosts, he can’t touch gross things, can’t go up high places, but rides are bit different. It feels safe yet thrilling.

2. Fifty Shades of Kim Taehyung

Loving V is like loving two different men at once. The first one is your general ideal man - the cool and handsome guy. His name is V. He dances and sings passionately on stage and he makes the group complete their perfect hip hop image with his killer eyes and dead serious look. The other guy is the dork. He does the things he like even though it's weird, like doing dialogues while in the laundry, talking to animals and cars, and speaking unknown language. His name is Kim Taehyung and he is the most handsome and most wonderful man today on earth. These are two different personalities, but guess what, it's actually just one single man. Can you find any other man in this world who can do both of these?

There's a famous belief that people whose blood type is AB is either a complete genius or a complete fool. But Suga revealed that Taehyung is both. He is the charismatic, handsome, popular, hot, and sexy V on stage and music videos, but when he's simply Kim Taehyung, he is just a funny kid who likes being playful, silly, and a total dork. He likes making fun for himself, and his interests are sometimes out of this world, which is why he is a unique guy with 4D personality. But sometimes he comes up with really good ideas and surprises the hyungs.

No wonder why he is shining brightly today. After all, his Jin hyung mentioned that he's V who came from the stars!

3. V is a Brilliant Actor

If you're a big fan of watching K-drama, then you must have anticipated the youth historical drama, Hwarang: The Beginning. But if you're not into K-dramas but you love K-Pop and BTS, then V must be one of the biggest reasons why you watched the drama.

Recently, he starred in the 2016-2017 drama, Hwarang as the youngest student, Hansung. This is the first time he appeared on our screens as actor Kim Taehyung and not as idol V. He captured the hearts of viewers by being the best scene stealer with his adorable portrayal of a playful, young Hwarang. He also expressed the deep sorrow and the big burden of Hansung as the last True Bone of his family.

He is just perfect for the role of a troubled teenager because as we know, he is capable of showing many emotions even before he started becoming an actor. In many BTS Bombs and twitter videos, we've seen the many faces of Taehyung from being cute, funny, serious, blank, angry, sad, and many others, and all we can say is that he is really fitted to become an actor!

To be an actor is actually a dream come true for Taehyung. He always say to the other members that he wanted to be an actor, which is why sometimes his hyungs are concerned about him as to why he speaks with himself in different characters. When his Suga hyung said he can't believe he saw him doing dialogue between a man and a woman in the laundry, he said that he did it because he always wanted to be an actor. Isn't it a good thing that our precious boy has finally reached his dream?

Just how many times did we cringe over the cute cinnamon roll inside Hwarang house and sleeps like a baby beside Park Seo-joon? Just how many rolls of tissues did we lost when Hansung died to protect his friend and brother? He really is a brilliant and terrific actor.

4. He is Good at Dub smash

Kim Taehyung acted elegantly in Hwarang, but his acting talent does not end here. He is adorably cute in the drama, but let's forget about his role as Hansung for a while, and let's talk about Taehyung as a daily actor. Because we already know how he badly wanted to be an actor, he made acting as part of his daily life. Actually, there's also one side of his acting that you should know. Yes, he is also the Dub smash King of BTS!

He has done many dub smash videos showing how comical he is while lip-syncing the sounds on the video. Besides, some of them features the golden maknae, Jungkook! They are really the partners in crime when it comes to making the perfect dubs. Thanks to dub smash, we get to see Taehyung's enthusiasm in acting!

Have you ever imagine what it looks like if Taehyung was the one who said 'Jimin, you got no jams' instead of Rap Monster? How he imitated the chewing Bugs Bunny while saying the famous 'Eyy, what's up doc?' or how he would look like if he do dub-step with JK? Watch the video above, and you'll end up with one word that describes them all: hilarious!

5. He is the "Social Butterfly" of the Group

Every members of Bangtan is incredibly unique and cool. If Rap monster is the genius leader, J-hope is the sunshine vitamin, Suga is the swag master, Jin is the pretty mom, Jimin is the nice guy, and Jungkook is the golden maknae, then V would be the social butterfly of the group. Some of his notable friends are:

1. His Hwarang Brothers

Taehyung is known for making good friends outside BTS, especially now that he started his acting career, his social circle is growing pretty wide. Of course, he has a good relationship with his hyungs in the set of Hwarang, and that includes the top actor, Park Seo-joon, the handsome Park Hyung-sik, the lovable brother Do Ji-han, the flower boy Cho Yoon-woo, and the shining visual of Shinee, Choi Min-ho.

But among the five of them, he's closest to the lovable brother, Do Ji-han. Although we've seen how Hansung dislikes Ban Ryu in the drama (reference: episode 6) there are many behind the scenes videos which shows how Ji-han favors the youngest Hwarang. Ji-han is just so sweet towards Taehyung, and he protects him like his own younger brother!

2. Park Bo-gum

His circle of friends does not end in the set of Hwarang. He is a true social butterfly who is also good friends with today's hottest actor, Park Bo-gum. “We met because he’s the host of a music show. We exchanged phone numbers once, and as we’ve talked, we’ve found things in common like our hobbies.” He later revealed that they went in an amusement park (Lotte World) once, and had a fantastic time together.

3. Sungjae (BTOB)

He is also friends with BTOB's visual, Yook Sungjae. Sungjae is also a popular idol-turned-actor for his recent drama performances, especially in Goblin. Taehyung and Sungjae met each other in the bathroom soon after BTS’ debut, and Sungjae said they should be friends because they are the same age, and the rest is history. We all know how they became good friends!

4. Suho (EXO)

EXO's Suho is also included in his circle of friends. Just like Park Bo-gum, he met Suho through music shows. “When Suho was hosting a music show, we’d say hello a lot, and our promotions often overlapped. If you meet someone a lot for a show, it seems like you just get close somehow. You smile and support each other.”

5. Kim Min-jae

He also starred in Celebrity Bromance with actor Kim Min-jae, and their bonding as brothers is just too cute to handle! In the show, they had a great time with each other by playing basketball, going to a massage spa, exchanging selfies together, having sweet phone calls, and many more. It seems like Min-jae is really close to him!

Bonus: The chat room

He also reveals that he has a group chat room with VIXX’s Hongbin, B1A4’s Gongchan, and EXO's Suho, but they don't talk in it. Maybe they're too busy to chat but they must've created it because of friendship, right? Taehyung is really a friendly cutie pie!

6. The Legend of Three Moles in V's Face

If there is something incredible and unique about Taehyung besides his attractiveness, music talent, and weird personality, it's got to be the moles in his pretty face! It's amazing how Taehyung's parents have created their wonderful baby boy with three moles in his face - one under his right eye, one under the nose, and one in his lower lip. Taehyung personally liked the mole under his nose, because he thinks it is the most charming, while his father likes his mole under the right eye. He is also famous for his elephant mole, the product of Taehyung's wild and creative mind. Who would've thought that you can make an elephant image out of two distant moles? Indeed, your mind is beyond extraordinary, TaeTae.

You can clearly see his moles when he appeared in BTS Bomb video produced by Jungkook PD. You got to watch the video, because Taehyung does not only show the legendary moles on his eyes, nose, and lips, but he also said something incredible about himself! His thinking is always outside the box, and that's why we love him!

7. V is a Genius, and His Eyes are 'Not Big for No Reason'

Rap Monster described V as "10% genius and 90% idiot". We've seen the 90% side of Taehyung almost all the time, but have you ever wonder about the remaining 10%? His unusual ideas, imagination, and thinking does not only surprises the fans, but most especially the hyungs. This time, let's appreciate the genius side of Kim Taehyung.

During BTS' tour in Europe, the boys had fun with their trip and adventure in the foreign land, so they took pictures together and roam around the place freely. When it's time to change destinations, V realized that his bag went missing. He started to get anxious because there are many important things in his bag, including his passport. Upon learning of the incident, other members started to worry for V, not because he lost his bag, but because the crew is just playing a prank on him, and they are riding in the joke! This is where the true showdown begins.

Rap Monster pretended to call the embassy and requested for a rushed passport. However, Jin suggested that V should be left behind to pick up the passport, so the rest of the members can go ahead. The members tried so hard to suppress their laughter upon seeing V's burdened face. They can feel V's mental breakdown for each moment that passes, and that makes it harder for them to keep a straight face. Even Suga cannot hold his laughter anymore, so he stand up for a while and pretended to enjoy the scenery in the train window. Moments later, V expressed in words how bad he feels because the members are making him feel horrible, but Jin confronted him that he lost his bag, so why get angry at them? It was at this point that V shouted, "Do you want me to go home then?" and Jin replied, "Just go then!" and V walked out.

Seconds later, V returned with a blank expression on his face, saying "I'm back." and Jin answered immediately "congratulations". All of them started to laugh, not because V fell for the prank, but because he's a genius who managed to flip the situation! It was revealed that minutes before the shouting match, V asked the staff if it's a hidden camera, because he knew it all along that the members are just kidding around. Besides, his eyes "aren't big for no reason", so he silently observed how bad and terrible the members' acting are, that even without using his keen eye, he noticed that everything was just a setup to prank him.

8. V is a Very Warm Person Who Loves Children

Taehyung is not just your imaginary perfect boyfriend material, but he could be a perfect dad material as well. Just look at the way he cherishes these kids! Don't you feel something sweet in your heart as you see him carry the little baby in his arms as if the baby belongs to him? Awww, he really looks like a wonderful dad! Isn't he like a loving father who wants to treasure his child no matter what happens?

Taehyung personally said that his role model in life is his father. He wanted to be like his father who takes care of his children in the gentlest way and adores them so much. He even imagined himself with his kids in the future while they feed the pigeons in the park at autumn season. Maybe this is the reason why he is so close to the kids? His love for kids makes us love him even more!

9. He Might be a Cutie, but His Voice is Just Sexy

Do not let Taehyung's beautiful face fool you, because he might have that pretty face, but his voice is definitely sexy! His voice sounds somehow similar to Homme's Lee Hyun. They both have that big and round voice which sounds so manly. Although he is not the main vocalist in the group, his vocals sounds strong and it stands out from the other members' voices because he is the only baritone in the vocal line, while the other three vocalists are tenors.

It's not hard to detect Taehyung's voice in BTS songs, and many fans wished he can have more lines in their future songs because his voice is so unique and good. Personally, I also wished for a song with V and Jungkook, because they sound so good together, especially when V harmonizes with Jungkook's high-pitched voice. Good thing he made a cover of Adele's 'Someone Like You' and we can listen to his gentle, manly voice all day long! Listen to this song, and you can hear his English that sounds so attractive, so you better get your ears ready for the ultimate Kim Taehyung voice appreciation!

10. His Smile is Simply the Best

When you're feeling down and all of your energy is drained for the day, just look at Kim Taehung's sweet and innocent smile, and let his sunshine replenish you. His smile is definitely the best vitamin you can ever take. Thank goodness, he is alive and is bringing sweet rays of happiness in this world!

Bonus: He Likes Gucci... a Lot!

Just so you know, you Stan a rich kid because V likes a certain expensive brand name, Gucci. His phone case, sweater, watch, choker, sunglasses, bag, and almost everything (I wonder if he had Gucci perfume as well...probably yes?) was brought from that line. Because he likes it so much and he is constantly seen wearing their products, many fans have started to dream of him as a model and ambassador. He even bought an expensive Gucci sweater as a present for Jimin!

That's all!

Did you have fun with the fun facts and trivia about our precious eye candy, Kim Taehyung? If yes, then here's a selca/selfie for you! How many times did you fall for our precious baby? Isn't he the cutest guy of Bangtan? Let us know what you think by leaving good comments below.

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      V is Mine!

    • profile image

      Vellie 10 months ago

      His deep voice is so charming........... he's so cute omg just too much

    • profile image

      ainul mardhiah 10 months ago

      I love you kim tae hyung,you are handsome guy.

    • profile image

      TAENUL 10 months ago

      The first i not like bts but i watched bts video ,i like him.Kim tae hyung i love you so much.You so very handsome and cute.

    • profile image

      V_Taeyhung 10 months ago

      I love BTS

    • profile image

      crystal 11 months ago

      V you are one of the most handsome and cute guy i have ever seen! You are perfect. ..... Your voice, your personality are too awesome! God save me! Always dreams about you :)

    • profile image

      fayyy 11 months ago

      my baby


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