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10 Reasons Why J-hope Is the Sunshine of BTS

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Jung Hoseok, J-Hope

Jung Hoseok, J-Hope

Meet Jung Hoseok of BTS

K-Pop idols are popular for their handsome faces, incredible talent, and charm, but they are all still totally different from each other. Fans respond differently to their individuality and unique charisma. Even if they belong to the same group, no two idols can be completely alike.

Some idols have strong personalities, which are best suited for leadership roles. Some are born to be dancing divas. Some are gifted with golden voices. Some are naturally handsome and attractive—just perfect for visual appeal. But some of them are known for being the mood-maker and vitamin of the group. They are hyperactive, always happy and funny, and their energy is on a totally different level!

One of these is J-hope of BTS (Bangtan Boys). He is one of the seven members of the group, including Jin, Suga, Rap Monster, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. These boys are known for being such a-dork-able cuties, but the most energetic and friendly member is J-hope. He always brings laughter and joy to the other members, which makes his stage name perfect. In this article, you'll find out the 10 reasons why J-hope is the happy angel of BTS, and why he deserves more love.

10 Reasons to Love J-hope

  1. He Has a Cute Profile
  2. He Is a Famous Dancer in Gwangju
  3. He Formed the SOPE-ME Duo With Suga
  4. He Is the Reason Why "Jimin Got No Jams"
  5. He Is Afraid of Snakes
  6. He Loves Saying, "I'm Your Hope. I'm Your Angel. I'm J-hope!"
  7. Sometimes, He Is Evil!
  8. His Most Embarrassing Moment Was Very Relatable
  9. He's Part of the VHope Couple
  10. He Is the Sunshine of BTS


1. He Has a Cute Profile

Fun facts about J-hope:

  • His real name is Jung Hoseok.
  • He was born on February 1994.
  • His hometown is in Gwangju.
  • His favorite number is 7.
  • His favorite color is green.
  • Other members say that J-hope is a really friendly person.
  • Jin thinks J-hope is like a beagle puppy because he is untidy at home and he likes clinging onto others.
J-hope Dancing

J-hope Dancing

2. He Is a Famous Dancer in Gwangju

There is a popular saying that great dancers are not great because of their techniques, but because of their passion. Dance is the hidden language of the soul, so dancing passionately with all your heart makes your heart and body sway with music. There's no doubt that J-hope is a skilled dancer. Even before he became an idol, he wasa popular dancer in his hometown, Gwangju.

V confirmed that his J-hope hyung was a famous dancer who won an underground dance battle and performed at a festival in Gwangju. He says, "I can confirm this. While enrolling at Korea Arts School, there were lots of trainees coming from different districts. When I debuted with Bangtan, my friends asked me 'J-Hope hyung, is he the one from that dance academy in Gwangju?' That’s how famous he was.”

Hoseok himself says that he was a part of the street dance team named NEURON. He says, “While promoting underground with my street dance team, I did a lot of popping. In popping, there’s another sub-genre called Boogaloos and that was the one I did the most. I got a lot of prizes and performed a lot while promoting. If Rap Monster rapped underground, I danced underground.”

J-hope is not just a famous dancing machine of Gwangju. He can also dance to any kind of music—whether it's hip hop, sexy, or just a random dance. He likes dancing so much and he is incredibly good at it. Even the dance moves from famous girl groups is just a warm-up dance for him! Hoseok also revealed that he's been interested in dancing since his childhood days. “In middle school, while I studied, I also did my best learning how to dance! I received various awards with my performances and I remember that was also pretty famous between my friends (laughs).”

The greatest vocal unit. Ever.

The greatest vocal unit. Ever.

3. He Formed the SOPE-ME Duo With Suga

J-hope became an idol because he is talented, not only in dancing but in rapping as well. He is one of the three rappers in the rapper line of BTS, but little did we know that Hobi wants to be a vocalist, too! Since Hobi is a man full of hope, he did make sure that his dreams won't die. It won't end by him being just the rapper of BTS.

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Thus, the SOPE-ME duo was formed, the ultimate combination of the best rappers turned vocalists in the history of K-Pop. Together with the swag master Suga, he showed the world his golden voice and that he is capable of being a decent vocalist too! Suga and J-hope showed their vocal skills by singing 'I Was Able to Eat Well', a hit song by their Homme-sunbaenim.

The term "SOPE" is a combination of "Suga" and "Hope," and also a combination of two different personalities that totally understand each other. The vocal duet is more than just a duo for entertainment. They are just like real brothers who likes taking care of one another. During their trainee days, Suga said about J-hope, "J-hope looks bright, likes to joke around, but he's pretty delicate. In other words, he can't handle stress very well, that's why I check up on him." On the other hand, J-hope thinks that "Suga acts cold but he's a manly man with a warm heart." They really understand each other, don't they?

But for Yoonseok shippers, SOPE-ME duo is more than just a comedy sub-unit of BTS. As we all know, Suga is the swag master of the group, and he always acts like he doesn't care about anything else besides sleep and music. He is always seen as an unmotivated person who likes to lay down all day with no interest of meeting other people. But Yoonseok shippers are sharp enough to detect how Suga changes whenever he is with J-hope. He smiles a lot, laughs like crazy, and starts showing his dorky side when J-hope is with him. They believe that they are the perfect 'OTP' because they make up for the weakness of each other.



There are many moments that prove that these two make the best duo ever. When Yoongi learned about Hobi was spending the New Years' Eve alone, he gave up the chance to spend it with his family and went to the dorm to cheer up the lonely Hobi. Hobi said, "Suga called me to ask if I was fine. I replied saying that I'm bored because I'm all alone, and then after a while, Suga came to the dorm with chicken in his hand! I was so touched at that time. I fell for him without even realizing it. If I was a girl, I would definitely fall in love!"

But it seems like Hobi is not the only one who likes Suga. In fact, Yoongi said that Hobi's sister is pretty because she looks like Hobi with long hair. He said, "I've seen her several times and she's honestly just Hoseok with long hair so that's why I'm saying she's pretty."

Can you see the ship sailing wonderfully?

"Jimin, you got no jams."

"Jimin, you got no jams."

4. He Is the Reason Why "Jimin Got No Jams"

You're not an ARMY if you do not know the most famous phrase of Bangtan: Jimin, you got no jams.

From the very start, Jimin was not supposed to be jam-less. In fact, he is always seen playing with his other 95-liner half, V. When they're together, they do the craziest stuff to their hyungs. He is also a talented vocalist and dancer. Besides, he likes to take care of the group members, especially Jungkook. Jimin was full of jams, until the day when Bangtan went to Los Angeles, and J-hope found out that he is really jam-less.

Rap Monster was the one who said the phrase, but it was J-hope who said first that Jimin is not a fun person. While sitting on the plane, Hobi took a video of Bangtan Boys trying to speak in English. He first asked Rap Monster, who is very fluent in English. Having a hard time with the English master, Hobi talked to Jimin, and this is where it all started.

Jimin was speaking fluently in English at first, but when Hobi asked him why he looked so happy, he paused for a long time, trying to think hard of what to say. Because Jimin can't answer, Hobi said, "Oh Jimin is very no fun!" and he looked to Rap Monster. RM uttered the phrase that changed the history of Bangtan. He said, "Jimin, you got no jams" which means Jimin is a boring person. It is actually derived from the Korean phrase, "Jaemiobseo" where "jaemi" means fun (and it sounds like jam, and "obseo" means "no", so translating it in English, it became "no jams".

J-hope's English speaking time is simply one of the best reasons why we love him! He's the cutest when he says:

  • "Rap Monster's English is very hardeu."
  • "All English speakeu."
  • "You look so haeppi, why so haeppi?"
  • "Oh my hearteu is, my hearteu is..."
  • "You very... dirty water... don't touch my faceu..."
  • "Oh Jimin is very no fun!"
  • "Eggsample? Eggsample?"
  • "He's very tiredeu. Sreeping. Me too tiredeu."

Oh Hobi, you inspire us every time you speakeu in English!

J-hope and the Snake

J-hope and the Snake

J-hope did not enjoy meeting the snake.

J-hope did not enjoy meeting the snake.

5. He Is Afraid of Snakes

Probably the most terrifying experience in J-hope's lifeu is when he met the big snakeu in Kota Kinabalu! It seemed like Hobi was scared of the cold, slippery, and soft creature. He was not too fond of the carnivorous animal, and he had a hard time with it when Bangtan went to the zoo! While other members had no problem with it (JK and V are snake tamers), Hobi looked like he was being tortured by the sight of the snake. He looked as the creature touched his skin and wrapped its body around his neck. Feeling terrified, he put a fake smile.

Don't worry, Hobi, we are so proud of you!

6. He Loves Saying, "I'm Your Hope. I'm Your Angel. I'm J-hope!"

During their After School Club era, J-hope's most famous line came when he introduced himself. He loved saying, "I'm your hope" every time his name was mentioned.

His stage name matches his personality and brings laughter and joy to the show.

Indeed, his overflowing cuteness and undying aegyo is so strong! But did you ever wonder when J-hope turns into J-nope? When his energy depletes and he cannot do the things he likes, he becomes a cute ball that you would love to cuddle.

There was a time when Hobi didn't take a shower after their 10 hours of intense dance rehearsal. Feeling tired and lazy, he was lying down on the bed and enjoying his time surfing the web. Suga asked him, "Hey, don’t you want to take shower?” Because Hobi always thinks he is clean and neat, he automatically responded like he will definitely take a shower. The moment goes like:

J-Hope: Hyung, you know i always take a shower! I’ll do it in 5 minutes! I can’t sleep without a shower!
Suga: Ah. Alright.

But in the end, Hobi fell asleep with his laptop in his bed. He forgot to take a shower because he was already too tiredeu!

Is this evil J-hope?!

Is this evil J-hope?!

7. Sometimes, He Is Evil!

There is one confession from Jimin which shows that sometimes, Hobi is evil... or maybe he just wants to have some fun, but he got no jams?

Jimin acknowledges how his hyung is a nice person. He said, "J-Hope is bright guy, he laughs a lot and has become hopeful like his name. J-Hope has good energy that effects everyone in a good way and I think J-hope is awesome. People think he’s always nice and innocent." Most fans used to think the same way, however, it seems like there's something we should know about Jimin's experience. He continued,"But inside his smiley face, there’s an evil living there. J-Hope winds me up all the time but never stop smiling even when he does that. But you can never punch someone who looks so happy like that. One day, I was sleeping and all of sudden he poked me and shook me saying, ‘Jiiiimiiiiiiiin, wake up and play with me!!!!’ So, I woke up. But right after I opened my eyes, he just grinned at me and went back to sleep like nothing happened." It could've been so annoying, right? But Jimin was thoughtful, so he said to himself, ‘Ahhh! I can never say anything to him cause he’s older than me!’


His second encounter with the evil J-hope was like this. Once, "he told me he would give me a massage, and started squeezing the back of my neck, but it gets tighter and tighter! He was smiling at then too! At the end I was getting upset but he didn’t stop it. He was doing it even harder and said, ‘This will relax your muscles.’ Then, when I was sitting down at the rehearsal room during the break, he head locked me. He hit me once and left the room so I looked at him with a serious face for a second. He came to the room only after three seconds and gave me some mischievous hugs and said, ‘Jimin! Are you upset at me? Are you?? You are not! Aren’t you??’ Chuckling hard, he left room after 10 seconds. What should I do with him?”

Hobi must've feeling so happy at that time that he forgot to be gentle to Jimin. Evil Hobi hyung is so cute!



8. His Most Embarrassing Moment Was Very Relatable

Can you guess the most embarrassing moment in J-hope's life?

It was not a mistake on stage performance. It was not a wardrobe malfunction while dancing on stage. It all happened inside a small place called elevator.

During the first episode of BTS Rookie King there was a prank plotted for the members. There was a hidden camera inside the elevator. They were instructed to show their talents inside the elevator. Each of them recorded one by one, so nobody had an idea that it would be a prank. While showing their solo performance inside the lift, it suddenly stopped, the door opened, and a very attractive woman came in. The other members was put in an extremely awkward situation. They stopped dancing and became silent as the woman started to cry. Their faces seemed so helpless, but the one with the most helpless and embarrassed of them all was our J-hope!

When you feel shy or embarrassed, just remember that J-hope used to be more embarrassed once in his life, in front of a sexy woman. He was doing his fly dance inside the elevator when the woman saw him. He was lying on the ground, with his legs on air and his arms widely spread like an eagle soaring high in the sky. It must have been a shocking sight for the woman! Hobi felt so embarrassed at that time, so he started to explain the situation. He wanted so desperately to let the woman understand that he is filming, and he is not a crazy guy who is doing a fly dance inside the lift. But the woman paid no attention, and started crying. J-hope didn't understand what was going on. Later, he couldn't help but just laugh about what happened.



9. He's Part of the VHope Couple

VHope couple had its humble beginnings in 2013. Back when they were still rookies, they had the show Rookie King where they played the game 'Unlucky King' as part of their Chuseok special. During game six, a challenge to re-enact the famous kiss scene from the 2008 controversial movie, A Frozen Flower, the unlucky king chosen to play the role of Joo Jin-mo was J-hope. The unluckier member chosen to play as Jo in-sung was V. Never mind the dirty water, Hope Jin-mo seemed determined to do the kiss! But our poor baby V In-sung seemed so burdened!

A Frozen Flower (Rookie King 2013 Edition)


  • Jung Hoseok as Hope Jin-mo
  • Kim Taehyung as V In-sung

But the fandom does not end here. A year later, Bangtan played a game called 'Dangyunhaji' (Of course) which is a famous game from the variety show, X-Man. The game's objective is to have two players making a statement to each other which one of them could not agree with. If somebody cannot say 'of course' because the statement is too hard to accept, he will lose and the other player wins. During the game, V and J-hope faced each other, and, remembering the kissing scene that they had a year ago, the game went like:

V: You like me, right?
J-hope: (laughing, can't answer quickly) Of course. I'll ask you something serious. That time, you enjoyed the kiss, did you? Your lips were trembling! I thought his lips were a hand phone on vibrate. I felt the vibration.
V: (trying to compose himself) Of course.
J-hope: You enjoyed it?
V: You know that you're getting noisier by the second, right?
J-hope: Of course. (serious) You... (laughs) That time... you... (laughs) You stuck out your tongue during the kiss, didn't you?
V: (panic) When did I even...? (walked away and faced the wall)

But of course, that didn't really happen. J-hope said it himself that he just said it for the sake of winning. In the end, his irrational story made him the victor of the game.



10. He Is the Sunshine of BTS

With all the energy inside his body, there's no doubt that J-hope is the sunshine of the group. He is the energy vitamin and the mood maker of Bangtan. He is the member that connects the hyung line and the maknae line. Happiness for Hobi is his freedom. He doesn’t care about the standards, and likes being his true self. If he think he’s happy, then he’s happy. His three main requirements for happiness are family, good health, and love.

Rap Monster described J-hope as a very amazing person. He said, “If I’m fire, J-Hope is water. he’s good at ‘turning off’ my bad habits. He’s really sociable so he’s good at mixing with others and our group members.” Though Hobi is nagging him like a mom sometimes, RM would say, “Okay. I won’t do that anymore.” Now most of RM's bad habits are fixed, thanks to Hobi.

Even Jimin’s first impression about his J-Hope hyung shows how kind he is. “The first person I met was J-Hope. He was very friendly to me, ‘Excuse me, Jimin..’. So I remembered J-Hope the most.” J-hope's stage name is so perfect for him, as he brightly gives hope to the other members, and of course, to ARMY!

What's Your Favorite Thing About J-hope?

Did you have fun with the BTS' sunshine, J-hope? What do you like the most about him? Tell us what you think and share your love for Hobi by leaving a comment below.

Goodbye, sunshine!

Goodbye, sunshine!

Questions & Answers

Question: Why is J-hope so handsome?

Answer: As an idol, J-hope surely has a skincare routine to maintain his glowing skin. Plus, his energetic and cheerful personality helps him look more handsome.

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Hoseok inspires me because even though he has gone through really hard times in his life, he is still always smiling and being strong for others. Although he probably may still be hurting deep down inside, he puts on a brave face. He really shows that happiness and joy doesn't come from your life circumstances, but from choice. I'm going through a really difficult time in my life right now and I often don't see the point in staying alive. But then I remember people like Hoseok, who start from nothing, are ridiculed constantly and relentlessly but still choose to keep on going and achieve something huge. That goes for all of BTS, they all have their strengths, but I find it particularly amazing that Hoseok can be so bright and happy all the time and lift up the spirits of the other members, while still being under the constant stress of maintaining a certain image. I think most of us can really learn something from him. I really mean it when I see BTS is one of the main things keeping me alive.

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