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The Six Best Things About Going to a Concert Alone!

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I have always been a big fan of concerts. In my early 20s, I lived in the United States and had a large group of friends who shared my varied taste in music. There were always shows coming to town and I always had someone to go with me.

However, in my mid-20s, I moved to Sydney, Australia. Gone was my trusty circle of friends. Even though Sydney is a major city where a lot of artists tour, my husband and I don’t have identical tastes in music. So, I faced the prospect of missing shows if I wasn't willing to go by myself.

In 2015, I finally conquered my fear of attending shows alone when I bought tickets for first St. Vincent, and then Sufjan Stevens. Though I was initially filled with anxiety, by the time I saw Sufjan, I realised there are several pros to attending concerts solo.

It’s been a long time since I moved to Sydney and I have plenty of friends who'll attend shows with me now. But, if my friends and husband aren’t interested or busy, I have no qualms going by myself.

Here are six reasons why going to a concert alone is actually great:

1. You can splash out on the expensive seats

Whenever going to shows with friends, you normally have to decide together on pricing, and unless both of you are keen to spend more money on the good seats, that usually means negotiating on a budget and sometimes forgoing a good seat for a cheaper ticket price.

Buying a ticket for yourself allows you the freedom to spend the money how you see fit. If you can afford the front row seat, buy it! In fact, most of the shows I’ve gone to by myself, I’ve bought better tickets. No discussion, just what I can afford and whichever seat is the best.

2. You can dance if you want to can leave your friends behind (literally).

Seriously, many times have you gone to a concert with someone boring who just wants to sit the entire time? Going alone, you can get out of your seat and dance all night if you want to! Or sit down instead of dancing with your obnoxious friend. Whatever you want to one will be there to judge you!

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3. You won't feel embarrassed for singing along

Speaking of judgement, have you ever gone to a show with a friend that didn't know the artist as well as you did? And while you're there, just singing your heart out, they're silently standing next to you, giving you the side-eye?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that if you’re alone! You can sing as loud as you want and to your heart's content with no one to judge you (except, maybe, the other people at the show…)

Feel yourself during the show...or one will be there to judge!

Feel yourself during the show...or one will be there to judge!

4. You won't feel embarrassed about crying

I'm a really emotional person. Music is very personal to me and I've cried at a concert more than once. The worst time was when I went to see John Mayer in concert the first time. I went with a friend who wasn't a big fan of his, but I am a lifelong fan. His music has gotten me through so much and I have an emotional connection to many of his songs. When he played my favourite song at the show, I started bawling like a baby. My friend was just standing there awkwardly, patting me on the back, and I just wanted to say, “Leave me alone, I'm having an experience here!”

If you’re a crier like me, you can have your emotional experience without anyone to judge you. And don’t worry, the people around you will be too busy watching the show to notice you crying,

5. You might make new friends

I’ll let you on in a little secret. While you’re alone at the show, there’s bound to be tons of other people who went alone, too. And sometimes, during the intermission, or between sets, in the lobby getting drinks, in the restroom, after the show on the train ride home, wherever, you’ll probably notice one another and strike up a conversation about the concert.

Honestly, concerts are a great way to make new friends. You already share one thing in common: love for the artist you’re seeing. Chances are, you might have other things in common, too.

Though you have no obligation to socialise, you just might find someone to go to future gigs with you. I have!

6. You can stay as late -- or leave as early -- as you want

I've been on both sides of this one. I’ve been the one who wanted to stay until the six-song encore was over, while my friend was in a rush to beat the post-concert traffic. I’ve also been the one who wasn't into the band and needed to work the next morning, but my friend wanted to stay after the show and meet the musicians.

Either way, it sucks when you can't agree on a time to leave a show. If you go alone, you never run into this problem. You can leave whenever you want!

The next time your favourite artist comes to town and you can’t find a buddy to go with you, please remember, there are lots of great things about going to a concert alone. You definitely won’t regret it.

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