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Best Forgotten Australian Music 2005-2009

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Charlie is an avid music fan whose music collection and taste spans a wide range of genres.


Music is a primal need. Even as music tastes change, some music never leaves you. From punk, electronica, hip-hop, pop and indie rock—this is the top list of great, underrated or forgotten tunes from Australia released between 2005-2009. Rediscover Aussie cult classics and enjoy them again. I hope you enjoy reminiscing about these tunes.

Best Forgotten Australian Music 2005-2009

  1. Faker - This Heart Attack (Grafton Primary Remix)
  2. Midnight Juggernauts - Road to Recovery (Miami Horror Remix)
  3. The Winnie Coopers - Success
  4. Bag Raiders - Fun Punch
  5. Van She - Sex City
  6. Deloris - Everything Ever
  7. Plug In City - Broke on A Wheel
  8. The Lost Gospel - Secret Agent
  9. Hunter - Not the Sequel
  10. Grafton Primary - She Knows It

1. Faker — "This Heart Attack" (Grafton Primary Remix)

Album: Be The Twilight

Release Year: 2008

The first time I heard this song was at the Hot Barbecue festival in Melbourne on New Year's Day in 2008. The Bang Gang deejays were on decks duties in between live sets, pumping out a bit of Faker's music (just with a bit more electro to it). If you get around to listening to it, you won’t be disappointed. Grafton are a very talented group and this is one remix that's truly worth your time.

2. Midnight Juggernauts — "Road to Recovery" (Miami Horror Remix)

Album: N/A

Release Year: 2007

Back in the day, you would get loads of results for Miami Horror and Midnight Juggernauts on the blog site aggregator Hype Machine. It was a time when indie electronica acts were dishing out new remixes every week, most of which could be downloaded for free. This remix, by Miami Horror, was a belter. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem to be available to buy anywhere.

3. The Winnie Coopers — "Success"

Album: Being Different

Release Year: 2005

The Winnie Coopers were all over Triple J in 2005 (a time when Australian hip-hop was gaining popularity). Normally, highly repetitive lyrics are annoying, but not this time. "Success" will get stuck in your head, but just enjoy it. I'm not sure why the official video has been removed, but here’s a taste from the Big Day Out 2006.

4. Bag Raiders — "Fun Punch"

Album: Bag Raiders EP

Release Year: 2007

"Fun Punch" is a fine piece of indie electro rock. The sound really does match the song title. It is definitely fun and punchy. Many will say "Shooting Stars" is the best Bag Raiders song, but I would disagree. "Fun Punch" has a more aggressive, less commercial sound. It really got the party started for the Raiders.

5. Van She — "Sex City"

Album: Van She EP

Release Year: 2005

Even though it was released in 2005, this song is a classic piece of 80s new wave. I believe "Sex City" is Van She’s best song by far. In fact, a true Van She fan must know this song. You can still find the self-titled EP floating around op-shops for $1-2, which is a steal. Crystal Castles covered/sampled/remixed "Sex City," changing the track title to Van(i)she(d). However, the original is unequivocally better.

6. Deloris — "Everything Ever"

Album: Ten Lives

Release Year: 2006

Deloris recorded at least one stellar track on each of their last two albums. One of the most beautiful songs from their album Ten Lives is "Everything Ever." To this day, I’m still unsure why it wasn’t more popular. See my list of Forgotten songs from 2000-2004 for more Deloris.

7. Plug in City — "Broke on a Wheel"

Album: Plug In City

Release Year: 2007

Aside from the fact they were briefly signed to Modular, I can’t say that I know much about Plug In City. Unlike many of the label’s other artists, Plug In City don’t have a Wikipedia page or an operational website. As a whole, I guess the self-titled EP is considered indie rock with a hint of synth pop. Call it whatever you like, it is definitely cool.

8. The Lost Gospel — "Secret Agent"

Album: According To…

Release Year: 2006

The Lost Gospel was the fleeting side project of Grinspoon frontman Phil Jamieson. A more fitting title for the band would have been “The Last Gasp,” representing the last breath of the Australian alternative rock scene that preceded Phil’s break from Grinspoon.

According To…” never really got traction and, to be honest, it shouldn't have. However, "Secret Agent" is truly a ripper, right up there with some of Jamieson’s best work. You would be forgiven for thinking this was a quirkier, dancier, Grinspoon track, with its similar sound to "Hold On Me" by Grinspoon (Thrills, Kills + Sunday Pills, 2004).

9. Hunter — "Not the Sequel"

Album: Going Back To Yokine

Release Year: 2006

Sadly, Hunter only gained more notoriety after he passed away in 2011 due to neuroendocrine cancer. Despite being a known influence to the more commercially successful Drapht, few would be familiar with Hunter (unless you’re entrenched in the scene). Outside of designated hip-hop hours, Hunter was rarely (barely) played on the radio. Whether you like Australian hip-hop or not, there is something honest about Hunter’s brutalist style, which is on show here in "Not the Sequel."

10. Grafton Primary — "She Knows It"

Album: Eon

Release Year: 2008

During the indie electro boom, Grafton Primary were all the rage. It was late September 2008 when a peaking Grafton Primary outfit rocked Parklife in Melbourne. This was a memorable performance that somewhat coincided with the release of their solid debut album titled Eon. Things went quiet for some time, before Grafton released another full-length in 2013 titled Neo. Let me know in the comments if you've heard it.

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