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Top 10 Songs by Malukah, Singer and YouTube Star


Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament." She lives in Enoshima and likes to read novels and play video games, especially open-world RPGs.

Almost five billion videos on YouTube are watched every single day, and it isn't unusual for talented individuals, whether it be pranksters, comedians, gamers, or singers, to find fame and even a little fortune on this massive video sharing website.

Judith de los Santos, under the username Malukah, uploaded her first video in November 2011, and in six years, she has acquired almost 600,000 subscribers (as of September 2017).

Her first video featured a short cover of the theme song from Bethesda's fantasy roleplaying video game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and since then, she has uploaded many more songs featured from other games and even several originals.

Her beautifully pure voice, charming smile, humble attitude, and raw talent has gained her well-deserved respect and popularity on YouTube and beyond. Malukah has signed record labels with Bethesda and has even released her own physical album, which sold out only hours after her release video.

Here are my top ten favourite songs that Malukah has uploaded onto YouTube.

10. The Dragonborn Comes

This song is special because it was one of the first songs Malukah uploaded. In some ways, it marked the beginning of her story of success.

Although the video quality is dated (not that there's anything wrong with that - it was a homemade video and at the time she was not a professional YouTuber), it nevertheless doesn't hide Malukah's talent, and thousands were swept away by her version of one of the most well-known gaming melodies of all time.

9. Leliana's Song

I may be biased here as Dragon Age is my favourite game series of all time, but I was thrilled to see that Malukah had made a gorgeous cover of one of the most beautiful songs in the games. Leliana's Song is originally sung in a much higher voice, and Malukah made it her own. The entire song is in Elvish, too, which makes it even more impressive!

8. Three Hearts As One

Three Hearts as One is a song sung by bards in the online fantasy game Elder Scrolls Online. What's special about this one is that it is not a cover, but it was written and composed by Malukah herself! Following her success on her YouTube videos, Bethesda made her an official singer for Elder Scrolls Online. This song tells a background story of some characters in the game and deserved a spot on this list.

7. Beauty of Dawn

I didn't like Beauty of Dawn as much as the others at first, but it ended up really growing on me. This song appears at the end credits of Elder Scrolls Online, a fantastic achievement for Malukah. The song is gentle and has an air of sorrow and magic.

6. Priscilla's Song

True to her reputation for covering video game songs, Malukah made a goosebump-inducing cover of Priscilla's Song from the dark fantasy video game, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. Even if you've never played the game, you can feel the emotion in this hauntingly beautiful song.

Malukah nailed both the English and Polish parts, and I find myself listening to this melody over and over again.

5. Rise From the Dark

This song is a tribute to the first-person shooter game Destiny and has a seriously cool added rock feel to it, which Malukah's throaty voice goes beautifully with. I had never played Destiny before, but I loved this gorgeous song of hers so much that I bought it and played it. It's a great game, and Malukah must really have loved it, too, to to be inspired to write such an awesome song.

4. Age of Oppression

Age of Oppression was originally a song which is sometimes sung by bards in Skyrim, and Malukah brought us a gorgeous cover with backing vocals and seriously cool background percussion. The original was okay, but this version, in my opinion, is much better. I'm sure the other eighty thousand people who "liked" the video would agree.

I like this too because it was one of Malukah's older videos (it was uploaded in February 2012) and showed some early sounds of her emerging talent.

3. I Follow the Moon

Malukah doesn't only perform melodies from and contributing to video games. This talented lady composed her own original, I Follow the Moon, a sad yet catchy song that I find myself listening to over and over again. Although the lyrics imply that she's struggling at times, she nevertheless maintains her warm and beautiful smile as she performs. Give this a listen.

2. Frozen Sleep

This is one of the most haunting, loving, melancholy, and beautiful songs I've ever heard. Although I've never even played Halo 4, the game that this song is dedicated to, I've completely fallen in love with this tune and its lyrics. This is easily one of Malukah's masterpieces.

1. Vokul Fen Mah

Finally, topping this list is Malukah's Skyrim-inspired original bard song, Vokul Fen Mah. There are several reasons I like this song: firstly, it's calm and gentle at the beginning before leading to an exciting chorus. Secondly, most of the song is in the dragon language, which must have been extremely difficult to write. Thirdly, it was inspired by a video game's story, which is always a wonderful thing. Everything about Skyrim allowed Malukah to write this great melody.

It's the song I always use to introduce new people to Malukah's music. See if you can listen to this without getting goosebumps!

Malukah seems to just be getting more and more popular with time, and I really hope she only finds more happiness and recognition as time goes on. I'm so happy to see that what was once a young woman performing with a webcam in her home is now signing record labels and performing live concerts for fans all over the world. Here's hoping we see a lot more of this promising YouTube star in the future.


Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on September 29, 2017:

Thank you! I hope you enjoy her music too :)

BWMartin on September 29, 2017:

Great music and article!

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