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Top 5 Best and Most Promising, Rising Female Teen Singers of 2017

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There's no denying that many new artists are rising today but the more interesting part is that a lot of them are very young. Amazingly, these young artists are already proving just how much talent they can share with the world. So let's list 5 very young, yet very promising, female singers that we all should watch out for.

1. Grace VanderWaal (14)

Grace VanderWaal

Grace VanderWaal


Real Name: Grace Avery VanderWaal

Born: January 15, 2004

From: Suffern, New York


Instagram: 2.4m followers (gracevanderwaal)

Twitter: 304k followers (@GraceVanderWaal)

YouTube: 1.6m subscribers (GraceVanderWaalVEVO)

Grace VanderWaal AGT Audition

Grace VanderWaal AGT Audition

Grace VanderWaal Music Career

Grace VanderWaal is literally one of the youngest stars in music today. She started her musical career by posting videos of her original songs and covers on YouTube. In the very young age of 12, she won the 11th season of America's Got Talent (AGT 2016) where she sang some of her original songs. She was signed to Columbia Records and released her first EP, Perfectly Imperfect, later in the same year. In a few months, she started performing in huge arenas and attending some of the biggest events in music. She won the 2017 Radio Disney Music Award for Best New Artist and a Teen Choice Award, has twice been named to Billboard magazine's 21 Under 21 list of fast-rising young music stars, and received the 2017 Billboard Women in Music Rising Star Award. In November 2017, VanderWaal released a full-length album, Just the Beginning, and launched her first concert tour.

Can you believe she's only 14 years old? You know I cant. But with her beautiful and unique voice and style in music, Grace is set to be one of the brightest stars of her generation.

Grace VanderWaal "Perfectly Imperfect" Album

Grace VanderWaal "Perfectly Imperfect" Album

Grace VanderWaal - Moonlight (Video)

2. Madison Beer (18)

Madison Beer

Madison Beer


Real Name: Madison Elle Beer

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Born: March 5, 1999

From: Jericho, Long Island, New York


Instagram: 10.6m followers (madisonbeer)

Twitter: 2.6m followers (@madisonbeer)

YouTube: 695k subscribers (MadisonBeerMusicVEVO)


Madison Beer Music Career

In 2012, Our girl Madison Beer began posting her cover song videos on YouTube. She rose to instant fame when Justin Bieber (no introduction needed), tweeted a link to her cover singing Etta James' "At Last". Bieber soon signed Beer to the record label he is signed to which is Island Records. Beer is now also being managed by Bieb's manager, Scooter Braun. She soon had collaborations with artists and had projects with different entertainment entities such as recording a song for the movie "Monster High" and releasing a song with Cody Simpson. Beer recorded her first studio EP As She Pleases, over a three-year period. It was released on February 2, 2018.

Madison Beer Album

Madison Beer Album

Madison Beer - Say It To My Face (Official Video)

3. Bea Miller (18)

Bea Miller

Bea Miller


Real Name: Beatrice Annika Miller

Born: February 7, 1999

From: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.


Instagram: 1.5m followers (beamiller)

Twitter: 874k followers (@beamiller)

YouTube: 735k subscribers (BeaMillerVEVO)

Bea Miller X Factor USA

Bea Miller X Factor USA

Bea Miller Music Career

One of my fave singers Bea Miller started her musical career when she auditioned for The X Factor (US) when she was only 13 as Beatrice Miller, finishing in ninth place. She is now signed to Hollywood Records and debuted her first EP in 2014 followed by her first album, 'Not An Apology' in 2015. In 2016, she released her single "Yes Girl" which now has 7.3 million views on Youtube. In early 2017, she began releasing the EPs Chapter One: Blue, Chapter Two: Red, and Chapter Three: Yellow. The three EPs, along with three additional songs, will ultimately be collected as her second studio album, Aurora. Bea continues to wow us everyday with her style and no one's gonna stop this young lady from getting to the top.

Bea Miller Album

Bea Miller Album

Bea Miller - yes girl (Official Video)

4. Sabrina Carpenter (18)

Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter


Real Name: Sabrina Annlynn Carpenter

Born: May 11, 1999

From: Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, U.S.


Instagram: 14m followers (sabrinacarpenter)

Twitter: 1.22m followers (@SabrinaAnnLynn)

YouTube: 2.4m subscribers (SabrinaCarpenterVEVO)


Sabrina Carpenter Music Career

Sabrina Carpenter is definitely one talented teenage girl, from acting in a very young age and starting her musical career, she's definitely got it all. Her acting career began in 2010 with a guest role on the NBC drama Law & Order: SVU. Two years later she starred as the best friend of Rowan Blanchard on the Disney Channel's coming-of-age sitcom Girl Meets World. Carpenter signed a deal with Hollywood Records in 2014 and issued the single "Can't Blame a Girl for Trying" in March of that year, which was followed by her debut EP of the same name a month later. Carpenter finally released her debut full-length studio album, Eyes Wide Open, which featured the single "We'll Be the Stars." She returned the following year with the single "All We Have Is Love." Her single, 'Thumbs' which was published on YouTube 11 months ago now has 77 million views.


Sabrina Carpenter - Thumbs (Official Video)

5. Noah Cyrus (18)

Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus


Real Name: Noah Lindsey Cyrus

Born: January 8, 2000

From: Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.


Instagram: 3.6m followers (noahcyrus)

Twitter: 615k followers (@noahcyrus)

YouTube: 1m subscribers (NoahCyrusVEVO)


Noah Cyrus Music Career

I'm pretty sure you've heard her name before she even started her career in music. Noah is the youngest daughter of Tish and Billy Cyrus and the youngest sister of international superstar Miley Cyrus. But Noah isn't just another copy of her famous sister, she has her own beautiful voice and fresh unique style. But before her music debut, Noah voiced the title role in the English version of the 2009 animated feature film Ponyo. In 2016, she then released her debut single "Make Me (Cry)", featuring vocals from Labrinth which now has 109 million views on Youtube. Keep doing you, boo!

Noah Cyrus Album

Noah Cyrus Album

Noah Cyrus - Make Me (Cry) (Official Music Video) ft. Labrinth

Who's Your Fave?

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ThatWallflowerJen (author) from PH on July 17, 2019:

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I think Bea Miller should be the one,and remember she Is one of my musical idol

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billie eilish is so good for 16 she is definitely a very talented 1st soprano

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Hi. Billie Eilish was definitely one of the girls I considered writing this article. But I was not that informed about her yet since it was written a year ago. Right now she is one of my favorite artist ever! She's awesome. That's why I always made sure she's included in the succeeding articles that I wrote about talented young artists. I love her so much and I'm happy you seem to do so too.

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Where is Billie eilish? (16)

ThatWallflowerJen (author) from PH on October 20, 2018:

I'm absolutely with you! She's awesome.

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i love sabrina carpenter anyone with me??

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