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The Best 15 Songs Sia Furler Wrote for Other Artists

Sia has written many songs for other artist.

Sia has written many songs for other artist.

15 Songs Originally Written by Sia

Please allow me the distinct honor of introducing to you one of music's best-buried treasures, Sia Furler. While I'm sure many of you out there recognize the name, there are even fewer who do and fewer still who realize just how special she really is. Her trademark face-hiding wigs set her apart from the pack, but her amazing voice and song-writing talent ensure that she continues to soar above the rest.

Sia has been an active singer/songwriter for many years but only recently exploded onto American shores with smashes "Chandelier," "Cheap Thrills," and "Titanium." Still, Sia has always been an underground force in the music business, which sadly has gone unrecognized. Sia has had her hand in writing hits for almost any major pop artist you can think of: Shakira, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, and Rihanna, just to name a few, and her writing credits reaching a slew of other mainstream and indie artists. With that said, I want to introduce you to my top songs Sia wrote for other artists. This is based solely on my opinion, not chart positions or sales or streams or video views. Just a few songs that I think she needs just a little more recognition for.

My only rule is that Sia had to write the song with another person in mind. For example, I will not include songs like "Chandelier" because they were intended for Sia to record solely. But songs like "Titanium" are fair game. I know what you're thinking. "But she recorded 'Titanium'! It's all over the radio!" Sure, she recorded it, but the song was actually intended for another soul diva to record. So yes, demos and rejected tracks will count.

So here we go, the top 15 songs Sia wrote for other artists.

15. "Unite" (Jessie J)

The meaning of "Unite" is actually pretty easy to decipher if you listen closely. Sia uses her clever wordplay to make the song as ambiguous as possible. Which, in reality, makes this naughty little number even naughtier! Jessie J is the perfect match for 'Unite' as she has that sexy edge in her voice that helps bring this song to life. The sensuality of the lyrics combined with their sultry delivery will put just about anybody in the mood...

14. "Cheap Thrills" (Rihanna)

"Cheap Thrills" is a song that was shipped around to several artists before Sia ultimately decided to record it. She originally had Rihanna in mind for this track, but it was turned down for not being quite what she was looking for at the time. However, this rejection is probably the best thing that could have happened for Sia, as the song became her first single to top American charts. What I think really makes this song appeal to the masses is the fact that it doesn't really fit into a genre. 'Cheap Thrills' isn't only a pop song, an r&b song, or a dance song so that it could be played anywhere and everywhere. Regardless, whatever the formula, Sia was able to transform this 'reject' into a hit, catapulting her to American stardom and giving her the number one spot in countries all across the world.

13. "Loved Me Back To Life" (Celine Dion)

"Loved Me Back to Life" is a great little gem, and I'm glad that it made its way into Celine's hands. I honestly can't think of anyone who could have made the song as special. Well, except maybe Sia's own demo version, which leaked online. The song is simply brilliant. The dark verses are cleverly romantic, and the power of the chorus is nothing short of amazing, making you feel as if you're soaring through the clouds. If you have a lover or partner who has stuck beside you through thick and thin, then this is a song you might very easily relate to.

Sia's Original Version of Loved Me Back To Life

12. "Double Rainbow" (Katy Perry)

Sia has a knack for writing amazing love songs, and when you add Katy Perry into the mix, this team can write a song that she can really sink her teeth into. Katy's delicate vocals fill this song with a tenderness that will easily touch a sentimental heart. "Double Rainbow" is a stunningly beautiful ballad about finding something special and endlessly cherishing it. The love that Katy Perry found in this song is so perfect that it would be an injustice not to share.

11. "Making The Most Of The Night" (Carly Rae Jepsen)

I really enjoy Carly's version of this song. I'm a huge fan of Sia and adore 99% of her songs, but Carly can give this song a certain touch of magic that is distinctly hers. The song is almost delicate in places and in these instances where Carly really seems to shine. I'm not saying anything negative against Carly as a singer, but she is able to take the song to a softer, sweeter side that I'm not sure anyone else really could. The tone of her voice, along with the need you hear in it and the seemingly effortless way she sings it, makes this matchup almost heavenly.

Sia's version

10. "Titanium" (Alicia Keys)

Believe it or not, Alicia Keys passed on this hit... from here, it went to Mary J. Blige, only to have Sia's voice featured on the track anyway. Here's a fun fact: The single that we've all come to know and love is actually the demo version... Sia did NOT want her version floating around as she thought the genre of the song might hurt her budding career. So you can imagine just how furious Sia was when David Guetta decided to push the demo version to the radio. As it turns out, Sia's version took off, and she never looked back. I think "Titanium" is one of those songs that almost everyone has heard, proving it has mass-market appeal. Regardless of whether you like the original upbeat hit or the broken-down ballad version like the one posted below, the empowering message of 'Titanium' helps propel the song into the hearts of millions.

9. "Freeze You Out" (Marina Kaye)

I find "Freeze You Out" to be absolutely haunting. Everything from the melody to the instrumentals, the lyrics, and the chorus have all stayed with me. The song was given to French songstress Marina Kaye to record, but a version with Sia's demo vocals has leaked as well. I find that Marina's rendition offers a sensual side, but Sia has a little more desperation to her voice. I don't want to put either song down, as both have something completely different to offer with their recordings. Overall, Marina does a pretty good version of this song, but I find Sia's version more appealing. The strength of Sia's voice makes "Freeze You Out" simply amazing, while Marina gives the song a much cooler vibe.

Sia's version

8. "Footprints" (Beyoncé)

For me, "Footprints" is a gorgeous song. Originally offered to Beyonce, "Footprints" eventually found its way back into Sia's hands. While Beyonce would have done an incredible job with "Footprints," this song was made for Sia, and there isn't anybody who could have made the song as perfect as she did. There are some religious references in the song, so some will argue that "Footprints" is about a religious figure. If it is or not, I can't really say for sure, but for me, it's a great song about finding support from someone you love. The song is simple, and I think that's what makes it really stand out among the rest. The verses, the melody and the message all play well together turning the song into a pure masterpiece.

7. "Ready Set Go" (Expertease) (Jennifer Lopez)

Sexy... there is no other word that can better describe this song. The sultry delivery of the verses to the sheer need in J.Lo's voice in the chorus only helps bolster her status as a sex symbol. As much as I love Sia, J.Lo gets all those bonus points for adding something to "Ready Set Go" that Sia just can't. Sia knows how to write a sexy song, but only someone like Jennifer can inject the necessary sexiness into it. This track is just naughty in all the right ways, and I love her for it.

6. "You're Mine" (Lea Michele)

The beautiful and hauntingly romantic "You're Mine" is the perfect evidence proving that Lea's voice was meant to sing Sia's songs. Lea's ability to emote really brings the song to life. I believe that she has somebody special in mind, and I believe that she really feels this way about that person. I guess that's the key. Any singer can take on a Sia song, but only a special type of artist can make the song even more special. "You're Mine" is an incredible love song about celebrating life and love when you find that perfect partner whom you simply cannot exist without.

5. "Move Your Body" (Shakira)

"Move Your Body" is an incredible, club-ready dance track that Sia wrote with the one and only Shakira in mind. Even though Shakira passed (unbelievably) on this great song, Sia decided to record it herself and put it on her own album, This Is Acting. Sia's version is nothing short of dark and sexy, but I can't help but wish I could hear Shakira perform this one herself. Fast, thumping choruses and erotic verses could easily propel this song to the top of the charts regardless of who was singing it.

4. "Let Your Tears Fall" (Kelly Clarkson)

Pregnancy prevented Kelly Clarkson from writing as much on her Grammy-nominated album Piece By Piece, and so she accepted several songs from outside sources. One is "Let Your Tears Fall" from Sia. In interviews, she has said that she and Sia connected through mutual friends, and "Let Your Tears Fall" was actually the first song she recorded for the album. This is just a really cool-sounding song. The chorus of the song really soars above most of the others that were in contention for this list. The song about unconditional love/friendship is uplifting and comforting. It is going to be tough to find someone who is a fan of Sia's song "Alive" and not fall in love with this song. If "Alive" hits a little close to home, then having someone say to you go ahead and let your tears fall, I won't judge you is probably something we've all wanted.

3. "Diamonds" (Rihanna)

"Diamonds" is the song that I think made many American artists and listeners wake up to Sia as a songwriter. While that is simply my opinion, it seems so many singers have collaborated with her after Rihanna released 'Diamonds' as a single. What I love about this song is its sense of mystery. What is this song really about? It's ambiguous enough that anyone can make it mean whatever they need it to, and that is genius. Dark and beautiful, Rihanna's stunning vocals completely make "Diamonds" come alive.

2. "Alive" (Adele)

Have you led a hard life? Had a rough childhood? Currently, facing hardships that only you can understand? Fought addiction? Depression? Abuse? "Alive" is the perfect song to help you release any pent-up anger, pain, or anguish that may have locked inside. "Alive" is the essential power ballad anthem that will make you appreciate overcoming obstacles, give you emotional strength, and renew your passion for life. "Alive" was originally written for Adele's third album, 25, but she decided to cut it at the very last second. Fortunately, Sia recovered the song and decided it was too important not to share with the world. The track was meant to stay with Sia, as there isn't another vocalist in the world who could define this song any better.

1. "Battlefield" (Lea Michele)

Deep. Emotional. Intense. These three words are the best way of describing Lea Michele's "Battlefield." Also written for her debut album "Louder," I would argue that it is probably the best track on the entire album. This song delivers a powerful punch right to your heart as Lea agonizes over a relationship turned sour. The sorrow she's feeling comes across flawlessly on the track. As you listen, think about your lover or partner and hold them just a little tighter. You'll want them to be nearer to you when 'Battlefield' is over. Remorseful and emotional, paired with the intensity of the lyrics and the power of Lea's voice, equal one amazing song.

Sia Furler Songs

Sia has turned into the artist that a lot of people should aspire to become. Regardless of whether you're a seasoned pro or maybe just stretching your legs in the music industry, Sia has a little something that we can all take away from. As a talented writer, we can learn how to push emotion into lyrics and how different words can affect everyone differently. And if you look, I'm sure that you'll find one of her songs will become part of the soundtrack of your life. Sia's voice is strong, beautiful, and easily recognizable. "Chandelier" and "Titanium" caught my attention from a vocal standpoint, and once I realized 'Diamonds' was also hers, I had to dive in to see what she was all about. Between her many albums and the massive amount she's written for others, there is a lot of material to discover and enjoy. As you finish this article, I encourage you to venture out and give Sia a chance. Her music has made my life just a little bit better, and I'm hoping that she will do the same for you.

So, there you have it. My 15 favorite songs Sia wrote for other artists. What did you think? Please feel free to use the comment section to let me know how you feel, or even have a chat about Sia and her work, or about any of the above-mentioned artists. Do you want a top list of regular Sia songs? Let me know here!

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