The Best ASMR Artists on Youtube Right Now

Updated on April 24, 2020
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Verity is a Physics with Teaching Bsc (Hons) graduate. In her spare time, she likes to cook, read and play video games.

These are the best ASMR artists on Youtube
These are the best ASMR artists on Youtube

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. In response to certain visual or auditory stimulus, e.g. whispering, or certain gentle noises close to the ear, the person watching experiences a very positive static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and spine. It can make you feel safe and sleepy. You may wish to watch such videos with headphones on in order to get the full experience from it.

People who don't even get the "tingle response" enjoy listening to ASMR to help them feel calm and relaxed.

In this article, I will recommend my favourite ASMRtists and provide a video example of my favourite works of each artist. Please do comment below with your recommendations and I will update this article to include any of my favourite new discoveries.

Best ASMR Artists on Youtube

  1. GentleWhispering ASMR (A.K.A Maria)
  2. Yvette ASMR
  3. AncientWhispers ASMR
  4. ASMR Glow
  5. BeBraveBeYou ASMR (A.K.A Nic)
  6. ASMR Bakery
  7. SophieMichelle ASMR
  8. CrinkleLuvin ASMR

GentleWhispering ASMR

1. GentleWhispering ASMR (A.K.A Maria)

Maria is very softly spoken, and very calm, and her accent allows me to relax immediately. She has the best whisper sounds out of everyone I have watched, and she never has any uncomfortable mouth sounds, such as loud swallowing or spit sounds. Her videos are highly professional with very high-quality lighting and sound. Maria does lots of different styles of ASMR and her ideas are always unique and interesting. Maria is Russian and also records videos in Russian as well as in English, and even though I don't speak Russian, I enjoy listening to them because of how soothing her voice and cadence is. In all of her videos, her caring and sassy personality shines through! My favourite of her videos involves layered whispers and unintelligible whispers.

Yvette ASMR

2. Yvette ASMR

Yvette ASMR has an amazing accent and her soft speaking is so soothing. She has great clothes rustling sounds and glove sounds in her videos. Her roleplays are always extremely professional, and friendly, and she always sounds like she knows exactly what she's talking about, which makes me feel as ease. She clearly puts a lot of time and effort into her videos. Yvette's medical RPs are second to none. She comes across as an expert, always asking for consent and approval throughout the process, which makes me feel cared for!

AncientWhispers ASMR

3. AncientWhispers ASMR

AncientWhispers is absolutely amazing. She has another fantastic accent and puts lots of effort into making completely unique videos. Her sound quality is so crisp, and her soft-speaking is so calming and reassuring. Some of her videos are gaming focussed, some are informative, some are based on her previous career as a kinesthesiologist, and she does some amazing spooky/gothic ones too. Overall she has a fantastic aesthetic and is completely unique, her personality really shines through. Some of my favourite videos are when she reads through vintage magazines or gaming books. Her narration style is captivating and I feel so relaxed listening and learning. My absolute favourite video of hers is a guided relaxation video.


4. ASMR Glow

ASMR Glow has some of the best close-up whispers I have ever heard. Her microphone sounds are such high quality and her low mood lighting makes me feel so sleepy. She has a way of giggling at herself during videos that makes me feel at ease, and like I'm with a friend. ASMRGlow has a great accent and the way that she pronounces certain words when whispered is captivating and makes me feel so involved in the video. My favourite videos of hers are the simplest ones. ASMRGlow makes the basics look good!

BeBraveBeYou ASMR

5. BeBraveBeYou ASMR (A.K.A Nic)

Nic's accent is lovely, and when she calls me a sweet endearing name, it makes me feel like I'm at home! Nic's RPs are great, and she leaves a natural pause between statements, and gaps of natural silence, which I love, because it makes it feel so much more realistic. When Nic does professional RPs, e.g, medical, she seems focussed and involved and it makes the experience feel so much more real. Her expertise always makes me feel like I'm in safe hands and as though I am with someone who will look after me. Nic also has great lighting and crisp sound on her videos. My favourite of her videos are the long medical ones.

ASMR Bakery

6. ASMR Bakery

Her videos are really unique because there's no talking in the videos. I watch these when I am specifically looking for tingles, rather than help sleeping. ASMR Bakery has a large variety of different types of videos, my favourites are slow triggers rather than the intense ones, but I have been known to watch the intense ones from time to time. The sound quality makes everything feel very real, and I love watching with my headphones on and my eyes closed. I was introduced to her through her 3dio videos and was amazed! I also like that she puts a preview at the start of all of her videos, it's an extra detail that I appreciate.

SophieMichelle ASMR

7. SophieMichelle ASMR

Sophie Michelle was the first ASMRtist I encountered. As such, she holds a special place in my ASMR heart. She has such a warm and friendly accent, and I love the way she says words, such as "cupping." She comes across earnestly and goes to the effort of using backdrops and making very long (two hours plus) videos. My favourite video of hers is a hypnosis video for sleep. I relied on it a lot when I was going through a difficult time.

CrinkleLuvin ASMR

8. CrinkleLuvin ASMR - A.K.A Rachel

Rachel takes all of your expectations and subverts them in the best, and most surprising ways! Everything she does is unique, as she adds her own special spin to all of the videos she produces. She keeps you captivated with her videos as you get invested in her performance, and you truly believe everything she is saying. Her acting is very convincing. If you are looking for something a bit different to your traditional 'full body exam', and are looking to be entertained as well as relaxed, then Rachel's channel is absolutely for you!

Thank You for Reading

Thanks for reading my recommendations! If you have any ASMRtists that you love, but I haven't mentioned, comment below and let me know. I am more than happy to check out new channels and add the ones I like to my recommendations.

I hope these videos are able to relax you and help you sleep!

Who is your favourite ASMR artist?

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