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Justice's Techno Mainstream Sound Is High Tech Rock and Indie

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IRIS: A Space Opera at SXSW 2019

Justice returned to the movies by producing a 60-minute live performance recorded in invisible and vacant space. The film focuses on their performance without an audience. A teaser clip of the live performance premiered at SXSW 2019.

The show toured worldwide with audiences, but they are not in the movie. The teaser shows Justice performing on a floating structure with 13 independent moving frames.

Each frame features four rotating LED panels, including mirrors and warm lights. The SXSW program explained, "The structure is in constant evolution throughout the show and proposes several new visual landscapes on every track performed. The footage shows the precision and patience of a rigorous documentary about the cosmos."

Woman Worldwide

Justice released their album Woman Worldwide in 2018. The strong 15-tracks include a sophisticated production with the continued accelerated evolution like Justice’s previous work.

Compared to their live albums A Cross the Universe and Access All Arenas, Woman Worldwide is a studio-produced rendition similar to their earlier studio recordings. Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay perform super-charged electric sound. Ed Banger Records calls them the company’s top commercially successful group.

The official music video for their recording of the Song is so different from any other techno duo. The melodically sounds seem whimsical and playful. No wonder they win Grammys.

Rock and Indie Influences

They play techno but listen to their music, and you will hear very distinct rock and indie influences. You even see it when you look at their image or their high-volume career. Reportedly, they are still performing in hot spots worldwide like Melbourne.

Even though their music is electrifying, high-energy techno, their super-charged sound has a light touch. Just watch the video with Oscar winner Susan Sarandon. Most DJs call them straight techno. Still, I beg to differ.

Best Techno Electro Mix

Let's take a look at their first album. † collected critical praise in 2007 with the added kudos of being nominated for a Grammy Award - Best Electronic and Dance Album. It continued to do well and arrived at number 15 on Pitchfork's Top 50 Albums of 2007 with a nomination for its Shortlist Prize.

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By 2009, Auge and de Rosnay snagged a Grammy Award on behalf of Justice's MGMT's Electric Feel remix. The song stayed super popular, winning the award for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical. They left Ed Banger Records the same year and joined WMG/Atlantic's Elektra Records label.


Record Label

Befitting the new record label, Justice began working on another album. They started their Facebook account with an image to promote their new album. Releasing their first single from that album called Civilization came note to the fans, yes, we are recording a second album.

They produced quite a bit of music for techno guys, including six singles, a DVD documentary, a concert film titled A Cross the Universe, quite a few remixes, and even more – it just goes on and on.

Let’s back up to 2005 when Justice has their first solo single arrive on the street. It’s called Waters of Nazareth and grew popular with some top DJs like Alkan and Smagghe. Justice even remixes the same song the following year. It’s the remixes that boosted their popularity. They produced mixes from Mr. Oizo to Soulwax.


Australia Music Festivals

Auge and Rosnay received invitations to perform at pretty awesome venues like Live PA, Parklife, and other festivals in Australia, which they have been doing for some time now. The Coachella festival and the Sónar Festival in Barcelona were similar venues that kept them on the backbeat.

They performed at numerous festivals. The list goes on and on from Japan to Scotland. Scanning the group’s journey, I pick the word “diverse” or perhaps “unplanned” and “haphazard.” Auge told BBC, “Yeah, it was a lot of fun to create.”

It's called "Waters of Nazareth" and grew popular with some top DJs like Alkan and Smagghe. Justice even remixes the same song the following year. It's the remixes that boosted their popularity. They produced mixes from Mr. Oizo to Soulwax.

Creating Remixes

"Well," modifies de Rosnay, "it was probably 80 percent fun, and maybe ten percent tears, five percent gigs, two percent harassment and, um… I can't remember where we are in percentage now. Sorry."

But, you know, they are still performing and more vibrant and wiser. I am just hoping another album arrives on the streets soon. Even a new remix is better than nothing. In all, I've been waiting way too long for such talent.

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