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Sakura Miyawaki: Japanese Idol, Singer, and Member of Hkt48 & Akb48

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A first look at Sakura Miyawaki of HKT48 and AKB48

A first look at Sakura Miyawaki of HKT48 and AKB48

Sakura Miyawaki is a Japanese idol singer, film actress, and model. She is a member of the girl groups HKT48 and AKB48. She was a first-generation member of HKT48 back in 2011 because she joined the group as part of the Kenkyuusei (training girls). The girls in this group train and work hard to qualify for being full-time members of AKB48 and its other groups.

In March 2012, Sakura was transferred to Team H where she would remain until January 2014. During what is called the HKT48 Team Shuffle, she was transferred to Team K4. One month later in February 2014 during the AKB48 Group Grand Shuffle, Sakura was given the title of sub-leader for Team K4 and given a dual position with AKB48’s Team A.

Trivia and Facts About Sakura Miyawaki

  • Her date of birth is March 19, 1998.
  • She was born in Kagoshima, Japan.
  • Sakura’s main hobby is the appreciation of musical theater.
  • She is skilled at drawing and being able to sleep anywhere.
  • Her charm point is said to be her ears.
  • Her favorite drink is the green tea latte.
  • Sakura is a member of the Drama Club, a club formed by AKB48 that has members who are working on becoming more skilled at acting.
  • She has a very good relationship with HKT48 member Anna Murashige.
  • Sakura performed as a child actress.
  • Sakura is known to have a weird way of running.
  • Sakura has the ability to really communicate her ideas very well as she is a talented writer.
  • Sakura is one of the 50 winners of the Young Jump Gravure Contest. This contest was sponsored by Young Jump Magazine and it involved 50 members from AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48.
  • Sakura was chosen to be a center in HKT48 before AKB48.
  • Sakura is one of the two main protagonists in the drama Majisuka Gakuen 4. (Note: This is a drama-based series starring members of AKB48 and other idol groups).
  • Sakura and Haruka Kodama go by the duo of Sakuruppi or Harusaku.
Sakura Miyawaki is seen here in a more traditional style of uniform.

Sakura Miyawaki is seen here in a more traditional style of uniform.


Sakura Miyawaki and Her Performance in the AKB48 General Elections

Sakura has been ranked in the 4th through 6th AKB48 Senbatsu Elections. In 2012 during the 27th single Senbatsu Elections, she was ranked at #47. In the 7th AKB48 General Election in 2015, Sakura’s popularity with the fans really rose and she made it all the way up to #7! That bodes well for her future especially with the recent graduation of Minami Takahashi. I have already explained what these elections are for. In 2013 during the election for AKB48’s 32nd single, Sakura did much better finishing at #26. In June 2014 during the 6th Senbatsu Election, Sakura finished at a very strong #11. This was the time that the preparations were being made for the single “Kokoro no Placard.” Following this single would be Kibouteki Refrain in November 2014 and Green Flash in March 2015. Sakura Miyawaki has been a member for the HKT48 singles Suki, Suki Skip, Melon Juice, Sakura Minna de Tabeta, Hikaeme I Love you, and 12 Byou. She has also been involved in the AKB48 albums 1830m, Tsugi no Ashiato, and the group’s latest album called Koko ga Rhodes da, Koko de Tobe!

Other Facts About Sakura Miyawaki’s Career

  • Sakura was able to join all of the other first-generation training girls in an event known as the Flying Get National Handshake Event. "Flying Get" is one of the singles released by AKB48.
  • After the results of the 2012 General Election, Sakura was the only member of HKT48 to become ranked. Sakura was then selected to be a member of the single called UZA.
  • In 2013, she was chosen to sing in AKB48’s best-selling single called "Sayonara Crawl."
  • In 2014, she was selected to sing in the single "Labrador Retriever."
  • During the Rock Paper Scissors Tournament or Janken Taikai, she was chosen as center along with Saitama beauty Mayu Watanabe for the single called "Kibouteki Refrain." She is also the center for AKB48’s single called "Kimi wa Melody."
  • At the conclusion of the 8th AKB48 General Election in 2016, Miyawaki was ranked as the 6th most popular member of AKB48!

Sakura Miyawaki During the Making of Her 1st Photo Book

Sakura Miyawaki Joins IZONE

After the release of the single "No Way Man" and the participation of Sakura Miyawaki as its lead singer, she started working in the Korean and Japanese girl group called IZONE.

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Miyawaki Sakura has been on hiatus from HKT48 since October 2018. She placed second on the Korean idol programme Produce 48, which featured 57 Korean trainees and 39 girls from AKB and its sister groups. Yabuki Nako and Honda Hitomi also finished in the top twelve, earning themselves spots in the K-pop group Iz*One. They will not return to the AKB Group until April 2021.