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Quiz: Are You a True Music Aficionado?

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Kelly is an author and music aficionado who loves music trivia.

How well do you know music?

How well do you know music?

Legendary Band Trivia

Test your wits with these few tidbits about legendary bands. No, it won't impress your teenage kids, but the trip down memory lane is filled with the sounds of your life. And, what a strange trip that's been.

  1. You ain't nothing but a hound dog and don't even come close to king status, but can you remember the date of Elvis Presley's death?
  2. You can probably list most of the albums and know the lyrics to "Stairway to Heaven" by heart, but can you remember which member of Led Zeppelin died at the height of the band's success?
  3. Sure, we know David Cassidy as Keith Partridge, but what about his sister? Can you name her and the television drama series she later starred in as an adult that re-ignited her career?
  4. Did music even exist before the Beatles? Probably not the way it did after their debut. But can you name their last album?
  5. The seventies weren't the seventies without the accusations of subliminal messages in some heavy metal bands. But, do you know the name of the band that actually went on trial for having subliminal messages in their songs?
  6. Who is Marc Bolan?
  7. If you have had the radio playing on Thanksgiving chances are you heard the catchy tune, "Alice's Restaurant." But, have you actually timed it? How long is Arlo Guthrie's sonata?
  8. Jesus Christ Superstar. Yeah, you've heard of it. But, can you recall the first song?
  9. Don McLean, who is he, what did he do and why did he do it? Can you answer all three? Hmm, we'll see.
  10. Now, here is a challenge that may incite a heated debate, or two. What is the name of the world's most famous rock band, i.e. highest-grossing of all time? No, you only get one guess, no naming all the possibles.
  11. You might be able to name one, or maybe even three, but can you name every band Eric Clapton was a member of?
  12. Rush, yes you heard of them, but where'd they come from? Can you name the country that all three members are from?
  13. There were two brothers in the seventies that may have been considered "different." But, different can't stop talent, drive, and a will to succeed. Can you name the two musical brothers that were albino?
  14. Imagine a legendary rocker from the sixties on through to the nineties later becoming a radio DJ? Do you know who it is? You'll be shocked when you find out.
  15. "Love is so confusing there's no peace of mind." Who sang it, what was the name of the band and what's the title of the song?
  16. 007 isn't 007 without the music to back him up. These days you aren't on the who is who list in the music industry unless you've been asked to do a bit for Bond. But, can you name the James Bond movie that had two opening theme songs? Can you name the composers?
  17. Can you name the five original legends in the band Traveling Wilburys?
  18. Who was the first winner of the hit television show, American Idol?
  19. Who knocked the Beatles out of the top spot of jumping to number one the fastest on the music charts? Hint: the Beatles held the title for thirty years.
  20. No stranger to controversy, who was the female singer that had the television audiences aghast by revealing her navel on prime time?

Quiz Answers

  1. Born in 1935, Elvis Presley is estimated to have sold over one billion records. Presley was 42 when he died on August 16, 1977. The cause of death has been listed as heart failure.
  2. Originally forming in 1968 as the Yardbirds, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham went on to become what we all know as Led Zeppelin. Zeppelin is the second best-selling band in the U.S.A. Known to be heavy drinkers and hotel wreckers, John Bonham collapsed on stage in the middle of the third song in Nuremberg, Germany in 1980. Weeks later Bonham was found dead in bed after a heavy night of drinking. The cause of death was listed as alcohol-related asphyxia. An inquest into his death ruled it accidental.
  3. Laurie Partridge dubbed the smart one in the family years later maintained her intellect and re-emerged as Grace Van Owen, the assistant district attorney in the hit legal show, L.A. Law. Susan Dey played the part from 1986 to 1992.
  4. Abbey Road? Not necessarily. When "Let it Be" was released in May 1970 the Beatles were still recording songs for the album, Abbey Road. "Let it Be" was last released but "Abbey Road" was last recorded." The last song on the Abbey Road album, of course, is "The End." However, it is not the end, the debate among avid Beatles fans rages on, which album was last? Maybe neither.
  5. Even Led Zeppelin was accused of inserting subliminal messages in their songs. Many were, but the band Judas Priest actually went on trial for having subliminal messages in their songs. In 1985 Raymond Belknap, 18, and James Vance, 20 made a suicide pact and shot themselves in Nevada. Huge Judas Priest followers the parents of one of the boys brought Judas Priest to trial. It was said that when played backward the song, "Better by you, better than me," had the phrases; try suicide, do it, and let's be dead. The case was dismissed. But, that didn't stop anyone and everyone from playing all their heavy metal rock band albums backward. Parents, DJs, teenagers, and politicians everyone just had to hear. The outcome? Like everything, it just faded out.
  6. In 1977, two weeks before his thirtieth birthday, Marc Bolan died in a tragic car accident. He was anything, but ordinary. Some may perhaps have called him extraordinary. T-Rex was fleeting, but the music remains some of the best. Marc Bolan was the songwriter, lead singer, and creator of the band known as T-Rex.
  7. Everyone knows the story behind the song, "Alice's Restaurant," don't they? Alice was the owner of the home Arlo Guthrie happened to be staying in one Thanksgiving when after throwing some trash over a cliff in Massachusetts unbeknownst to him, he began his life of crime. Arrested for littering and subsequently found guilty, Arlo Guthrie now had a criminal record. This signifies the end for most, but because of the littering charge, Guthrie was passed over for the Vietnam draft. Alice, it seemed owned a restaurant, Arlo it seemed knew how to tell a story. "Alice's Restaurant" is eighteen minutes and thirty-four seconds long. The retelling of Arlo's brush with the law is fast becoming a Thanksgiving tradition. You just cannot help but listen with a whimsical grin on your face. Soap any neighbor's window's on Halloween?
  8. No spoken language, but a powerful story. It is the story of all time. It is the rock opera that depicts Jesus Christ's last week of life. Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and written by Tim Rice this rock opera made its Broadway debut in 1971. The opening number is Judas Iscariot expressing his deep concern over the rising popularity of Jesus. Judas is in fear for the Roman Empire after hearing that Jesus' followers have decided to follow him to Jerusalem. "He's just a man," says the song. The name of the song that would become, "Heaven on their minds."
  9. Do you believe in rock and roll? Don McLean did. McLean was thirteen when he heard about the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens. American Pie is about the deaths of these legends and others. This song played by millions and sung throughout high school hallways was about, "the day the music died." But, it was about more than that, it was about living the life in the Norman Rockwell paintings. American Pie was about all of us. The original lyrics for American Pie were auctioned and sold for 1.2 million dollars. The American Pie life, priceless?
  10. The band's first song to hit number one on the music charts was, "It's all over now" in July of 1964, but little did we know then that it had all just begun. Album after album, hit song after hit song, they just can't be stopped. "Please allow me to introduce myself..." The highest-grossing band in the world, The Rolling Stones. "They gather no moss," and are the only band that can top what they have done. Still going strong, they will never truly be gone from the world of music.
  11. The unwanted son of a teenage girl, Eric Clapton has proven beyond any doubt that what you are born to be isn't a life sentence of who you will become. At the age of seventeen, Eric Clapton joined "the Roosters, his first band. He went on to play in eight other bands. "The Engineers(63), Yardbirds(63), Bluesbreakers(65), The Powerhouse(65), Cream(66), Blind Faith(66), Delaney&Bonnie& Friends, Derek and the Dominos(70). He has been called the greatest guitarist of his time. And, will probably remain on that list "'til there are no more tears in heaven."
  12. Known for their complex lyrics and compositions the trio making up the rock band Rush were born in Canada which is where Rush first became known in 1971.
  13. Born in Texas in the forties, Johnny and Edgar Winters were two legendary musicians who topped the music charts and became known in all our teenage hearts. I don't think I have ever met a girl or woman who thought Johnny and Edgar Winters weren't two of the sexiest singers on the concert stages. So, if you think yourself out of the "norm," don't ever think that's a bad thing. These two brothers proved that looking different doesn't ever have to be a bad thing.
  14. Vincent Damon Furnier was born Feb. 4, 1948, much to the chagrin of many parents he became one of the most outrageous performers to hit the concert stages. Born a preacher's son, he didn't just shock his own family, he shocked every American family. Dressed in outlandish costumes and make-up Vincent Damon Furnier became known as the Godfather of shock rock. What? You haven't heard of him? Everyone has heard of him. Need a hint; his favorite prop was an enormous snake hung around his neck as he sang, "School's Out," in 1972. That's correct, the son of the preacher is, Alice Cooper! In 2004 Alice Cooper joined the radio waves as a rock DJ and can be heard on many stations in the U.S. No one's saying if he brings the snake with him to work, or not.
  15. She was a gas! Blondie became known in the late seventies with her outlandish blonde hair and catchy lyrics. The lead singer with the platinum blonde hair was Debbie Harry and her third album, Parallel Lines contained the hit song, "Heart of Glass."
  16. No? Yes, it was Dr. No. Is it any surprise that the first 007 movie had two opening theme songs? Monty Norman was the first composer to be asked to help Bond, James Bond. The other song was the Kingston Calypso performed by Byron Lee & the Dragonaires. Many have followed including Paul McCartney, Sheena Easton, and Carly Simon to name a few.
  17. What more could these five musicians possibly accomplish? The Traveling Wilburys was the creation of ex-Beatle George Harrison who asked his four friends Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Jeff Lynne to form the band in 1988. Although the band wasn't together long the few albums that were produced were a great success and enormously enjoyable.
  18. The first television show of its kind, American Idol made its debut in June of 2002. The winner, Kelly Clarkson! Clarkson went on to release her first song, "A moment like this," from RCA Records. She has remained known and popular since.
  19. And, the recording artist to topple the legendary Beatles from their thrown? Kelly Clarkson. That's correct, the American idol's first hit song leaped to number one faster than any other song.
  20. Madonna may enjoy the controversial push-the-envelope role, but Cher created it. And, the thing about Cher was, she didn't do it on purpose. She just genuinely thought she should be who she was. And, she continued to be who she was, entertainingly shockingly beautiful.


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