Norther "Dreams of Endless War" (2002) Metal Album Review

Updated on April 7, 2020
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"Dreams of Endless War"

What Was the Band Norther Like?

Norther was a Finnish extreme melodic death metal band that began playing back in 1996. Their 2002 debut album, Dreams of Endless War, is a fine example of an album with good harsh vocals, tons of melody, and terrific guitar work. Norther featured vocalist and guitarist Petri Lindroos, who would join the folk metal band Ensiferum in 2006. The album starts very well with an excellent melodic song called "Darkest Time." Norther’s lyrical themes tend to deal with somber, dark subjects. Even so, this band was one of the finest in the melodic death metal genre.

"Darkest Time," "Last Breath," and "Released"

"Darkest Time" is a song about how men have killed each other during times of war and how rulers of countries throughout world history have always sought more power. The keyboard work fits well into the songs, especially in the song called "Last Breath."

Norther never got as popular as Children of Bodom but their melodies are better. Petri Lindoos is ready to get the show started as he yells “all right!” The song "Released" is fast enough and the picking is muted enough to resemble a song by the black metal band Catamenia. We see Norther getting more musically diverse at this early stage in the album.

"Endless War" and "Dream"

The next song, "Endless War," starts with a symphonic style metal feel. Norther also uses a lot of speed in their songs and they make it work well. One of my favorite Norther songs ever is the one called "Dream." The song is about someone that saw a dream in which he was losing his mind. The rain is falling yet he knows that he is going insane. He becomes crazy enough to commit a horrible crime. The song has one of the best slow, melodic riffs that this writer has ever heard!

"Darkest Time" Song

Norther vs. Children of Bodom

Which one of these two bands do you enjoy more?

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Analysis of the Song "Victorious One"

I sense that there is a classically influenced guitar part in the beginning of "Victorious One." There have been many bands that have been influenced by classical composers and Norther is another one of them. I would classify Norther as a melodic death metal band and not really a black metal band, per se.

"Nothing Left"

"Nothing Left": One of the Band's Best Songs

"Nothing Left" is another outstanding song and it is my favorite one in this album. It is about someone that has gone through a breakup and he feels that there is no hope left for him. Once again, we see the technical brilliance of Norther. All of the sorrow of this person turns to hate. It seems that the only way for him to heal his pain and sorrow is to fly away, to escape his problems. Only after these problems are solved can he hope to regain his lost hopes and dreams.

The Album Dreams of Endless War Ends With a Cover

"The Last Night" is a short and beautiful instrumental that has piano in it has the sound of waves are also in the background. There is also a cover of the famous song "The Final Countdown" by the band Europe. Overall, Dreams of Endless War is an outstanding album by these Finnish guys!


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