Who Is Mindless Behavior and What Are Their Real Names

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Is Mindless Behavior the "Jackson 5" of the 21st Century?

Members of Mindless Behavior

Mindless Behavior is made up of four highly driven, fearless, and gifted young men. Each armed with an arsenal of talent in singing, dancing, rapping, and performing. There is no question that these young men are extremely talented, with their "energetic fusion of pop, hip hop, and R&B. This group has already started to create quite a buzz in the music industry, and they are barely into their teens.

Prodigy from Mindless Behavior

Prodigy is the oldest member of Mindless Behavior. His real name is Craig Crippen Jr and he was born on December 26, 1996. He is the only East coast member of the group, hailing all the way from Baltimore, Maryland. He got his nickname from the other members of Mindless Behavior, because of his ability to pick up on new dances moves, music, and singing styles quickly and effortlessly.

Ray Ray from Mindless Behavior

Raquan Tanyae Smith A.K.A. Ray Ray is the second oldest member of the group. He, along with two other band mates, hails from Los Angeles, California. He was born on January 6, 1997. Ray Ray honed his "Mindless" dance skills under the tutelage of of infamous battle dancer Tommy the Clown. In addition to be an insanely talented dancer, he is also an incredible artist.

Princeton from Mindless Behavior

Princeton, who was born Jacob Perez, is also from the Los Angeles area. He comes from both African American and Latino heritage. He was born April 21, 1997. He got his start early on, at the age of four, appearing in multiple commercials for companies like Skechers, McDonald's, and Nike. He got the nickname "Princeton, because of his love for musical history. He is a virtual encyclopedia of musical facts. While his first love is acting and he hopes to break into television and movies some day, he is completel focused on his music and the group.

Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior

The youngest member of Mindless Behavior is Chrisanto August, A.K.A. Roc Royal. He was bron on July 23, 1997. Although, the "baby" of the group, he packs a powerful lyrical punch, providing sic and mindless rhymes. He began rapping at the tender age of 8, and has been honing his skills ever since. His nickname came from he intense dedication and always giving 100% on stage (hence the Roc), but also from his softer sensitive side and his desire to look good (Royal).

Favorite Mindless Behavior Member?

Who is your favorite member of Mindless Behavior?

  • Prodigy
  • Roc Royal
  • Ray Ray
  • Princeton
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Is Mindless Behavior going to stay together?

It seems like every decade or so, the music world is turned upside down by a group of ultra-talented pop phenoms. The 70's had the Jackson Five. The 80's had New Edition. The 90's had Jodeci. Will the year of the 2000s be the year of the Mindless Behavior? Having been compared to the Jackson Five and New Edition, the quartet of talented young man that comprise the group of Mindless Behavior have large shoes to fill.

With each of the large successes, there are those groups that have watched their star burn bright and quickly fade, to never be heard from again. Examples, of groups that never could keep their star going: Another Bad Creation (ABC), Color Me Badd, Day 26, and B2K.

There is no question that these young men are extremely talented, with their "energetic fusion of pop, hip hop, and R&B." This group has the potential to take the music industry by storm. We will just have to watch and see if they have what it takes to be a mainstay in the brutal world of pop culture.

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Neianna brown 5 weeks ago

I love Roc Royal I went kiss his is so cute . And rare ray so much

Charlene Ross 6 weeks ago

I love you guys , with ya'll handsome self . 4

Tykeria 7 weeks ago

I love you prineston i wish i can meet you and when is your next concert

OgRayRay2016 8 weeks ago

I love Mindless Behavior...They have been my favorite every since i was younger and i always wanted to meet them in person. But I love you guys.

jasmine 2 months ago

love you proidgy

Reniyah 2 months ago

I miss the old MB they mean a lot to me I Don't know what to Do whit the old MB but I'm loving the new MB whit Princton, Ej,Mik the New is rocking it right Now whit the new song,music video they are killing it right now love y'all

Mindless Behavior 2 months ago

i love you all

Jusiyah pettaway 3 months ago


MBfan 3 months ago

roc royal has the same birthday as me but i was born in 2004

Shaniya 3 months ago

If i could marry all of y'all i would

Syriea 4 months ago

I am a fan of all of you!!!

But Prodigy is my favorite!!!

I ❤ Prodigy!!!

Desii 4 months ago

But who are those people in overnight video don't remember no new comers

Tylar 4 months ago

i love you ray ray you are so cute and hot

I am known as Mystory 5 months ago

I love yall!!!! why does Prodigy look so serious? 143 ray ray... even though I am very young, I think yall are so hot!

mrs august 5 months ago

roc royal is still my favorite no matter how old I am ~christano august is baby forever~

Jessica 5 months ago

I love Princeton sooo much and he is my baby and he is sexy and he and I love hem soooooo much and he is my boyfriend and we talk on google plus and Facebook and no body know how me and Princeton met

jacobgirl 5 months ago

Princeton won and always will

nacirema 6 months ago

I love you so much roc royal you are bae and and if I could go back to the time of you and the rest of you guys I would but you probably have a kid and girlfriend to bad the rest of you guys have kids too and girlfriends too to bad

Lovemeornohh 7 months ago

My birthday is April 21 too! I didn't even know me and Princeton had the same bday but he has always been my favorite. But everyone in that group super cute

tope 8 months ago

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u so much princeton . i really want to kiss you right now. please prodigy come back to the group so as to become one again.

cecelia 10 months ago

iam a huge fan of mindless behvaior you guys smok e hot

cecelia 10 months ago

i love you prodigy and ray ray you guys are the best i like your guys so much and iam a huge fan

Princess 10 months ago

I love Roc Royal and Prinston i wish you were my age and not famous because so i can marry you two

Shea 10 months ago

I love alllll of themm I am so speechless and don't know want to say but I love y'all I even love your swag in everything that you guys doo.

daysha 12 months ago

u are the best group in the whole world and ray ray I like u

rahma 12 months ago

i love ray ray

rahma 12 months ago

i love ray ray

Charm 13 months ago

Hi am 11 year's old i love all of y'all and I was at the concert and I have your posters and your shirt I love your music and videos I love -. Mindless behavior

cmkey 13 months ago

I love PRODIGY u r soooooooooo C.U.T.E. i love u all. I wish I can marry PRODIGY.I LOVE U MB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neo 13 months ago

I love prodigy

jadey...Poohlah 14 months ago

hi i'm jade i just wanna shay that love jou jour the best group i've ever seen i'm fom Afica in South africa

Myesha smith 14 months ago

I love u ray ray

shanya 15 months ago

Hi my name is shanya i love u princeston your the best and u got that good signature move and my twin sister like roc royal she say he so cute with his hair cut and he got pretty eyes # love u mindless behavior.

Briana 15 months ago

I love you Prodigy I am your number #1 fan

roclover123 15 months ago


All I need is you

lahnah 15 months ago

Miss smith love you rayray:) :) :)

latreese Harris till Princeton I said what up 15 months ago

Hi prod. Why u left the group so im go say this im not mindless no more

So, I Don't like you all no more But only Princeton tho

casidie dendy 16 months ago

i love you prodigy

Heaven 17 months ago

Roc Roly is cute and my boo

My name is Kenyan 17 months ago

I am bigg fan and I am the best dancer I Love dance alot and I Love u #ray ray I born California to but I have to move be stay mindless

awesomepartygirl2017 17 months ago

prodigy and roc royal rocks I like these two they are awesome

Prod 17 months ago

Prod is sey

janiah 17 months ago

my favorite songs are my girl and mrs.right there both really catchy. But prodigy pretty pretty pretty please with a cherry on top don't leave

rayraylover02 17 months ago

Prodji needs to turn up big time

naomi miller 17 months ago

i love mindless behaviore the group

kammy cj 18 months ago

Yo was up y'all areso handsome. My favorite is ray ray. You are so jawbone. You to come and meat me. I Love you as a friend and as bae. Do good y'all

rayraylover02 18 months ago

Misses Raquan Smith

rayraylover02 18 months ago

I want to them to sing me a song in person my name is Promise i

denahi 18 months ago

Prodigy always in our heart

DE'YONA 19 months ago

hi guys.oh buy the way i'm de'yona i'm on my mom's computer.


michael 19 months ago

I like to dance to your songs and I like your song my girl

Davoncia 19 months ago

i love Ray Ray to he be on fleek and his clothes be on point

kiyla 19 months ago

Roc royla is so hot!!! I love you roc royla♥♥♥

kiyla 19 months ago

Roc royal is so cute♥♥he is so hot!! I love you roc royal♥♥

Kayla 20 months ago

I love yall mostly I love Princeton May God bless all of yall peace out

princeton wifffy 20 months ago

Love you princeton My hubbbby

#1girl 20 months ago

Do you know raeonna

Jasmine Hawkins 20 months ago

I'm in love with Roc Royal. He is the center of my musical life. I also love to sing. Hopefully I'll get discovered and my first song will be a duet with him. I love him and maybe I could make him see it in himself to come around to like me too. Maybe...

Wanniebabyy 21 months ago

I like ray ray he cute or watevr yall la gurls need o stop hatin on bae im glad prod gone though because he look like a monkey in sunglasses any ways hope mb turn out good keep ur heads up yall and let prod dance around the stage like the monkey he really an truly is

D'Nysha Brightful 21 months ago

I love MINDLESS BEHAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!! PRINCETON is so sexy actually more than sexy. but so is RAY RAY, he has the cute baby face which is an addition to his hottness. BUT PRINCETON beat RAY RAY in the sexy competition of MindLess Behavior!!..

Gabriella 21 months ago

i love all of ur music but i just cant stand the fact that princeton is in a reiatlon ship with gabriell(but they r cute together its just that im in love with princeton)

love my baby 22 months ago

Why do you have to leave i love you mindless behavior

143smile 22 months ago

Hey yall

143 ☺ 22 months ago

Hey ray

rays cute 22 months ago

My cusin use to like prodigy now she like lilryan ok by and roc you are do bad why would you beat up a crack head and it is not cute nore funny now we are done

Philinda 22 months ago

Grade A stuff. I'm unanbstiouqely in your debt.

ms.swag 22 months ago

I never mindless behavior to break up because they are perfect how they are now

myia 22 months ago

I love you Ray Ray and one day we will get marry and have a baby

mindless baby girl 22 months ago

Im going to marry prodigy I ♡you baby!

Katlen 22 months ago

I love you guys mostly prodigy you all ar sosexy

michaela adams 22 months ago

To prodigy, I understand that you want to leave but think of the group as family. when your separate your no good but together your like glue hard to break up. a lot of people love you all as a group and if you leave or break up then what would happen to all those fans who loves the group for what you have made together. if you ever read this or anybody just remember that together you accomplish more and separate you kind of well just don't know where you might go or be.

love mb 23 months ago

Princeton is so cute and ray ray is my boo

rasheeda rae 23 months ago

Ray ray I love u and I like u i hope you will texte2 bac if you have time

mrs.right 23 months ago

i love prodigy he is my love the one and only

he his the lead singer he can sing better then all he should really stay with MB

it will not be MB with out my bar

I really hope that everyone is reading this it makes not sense to have him leave and he is all most a grown man let him be let him do what he please.

marianna woodfork 24 months ago

Omg I love ❤ ❤ mindless behavior so much but I really love Princeton most of all

Zaryah smith 2 years ago

Prodigy left

Terrinika Rena Newbern-newbern 2 years ago

I love mindless behavior with all my heart and I am trying to get that number

jenille boothe 2 years ago

like the I like how you guy meet and stick together good work guys!!!!!!!!lol love the songs

asiyah a.k.a trindad5 2 years ago

I like all of them but I like ray ray the most

MB lover 2 years ago

Ray ray you our so cute

jo-ann 2 years ago

i like prodigy he is the gratest singer ever. love u prodigy.

tyanna khodra 2 years ago

hi priceton

ciara 2 years ago

ROC royal you is cute as hell. You always going to be my future boyfriend of course until you marry me and im15. Love you MB.

ciara 2 years ago

ROC royal is the best one on the squad I love him he is sexy as heck he is always doing him. And stay like that you all are sexy as heck. And you all do you. Love you MB!

pamela princeton lover 2 years ago

Love you guys a lot iiii loveeeee you princeton

Mrs.crippen 2 years ago

Prod plz dont leave i wanna marry you come back please you my person to follow i love you more then anything i don't care what other say people say about you i love you more then anthing even more then. my phones

emelda chatmon 2 years ago

i love all of yall equally and yall all are very talented and i love mb

victoria 2 years ago

ray ray i was born one day before ur birthday. i love u i am i am saying i can be ur baby i can be ur i can be ur wife yes i can be ur anything. I LOVE U RAY RAY I PROMISE THAT YOU ARE MY u . i wanna meet u plz. THESE GIRLS CANT TAKE U AWAY FOM ME

regina 2 years ago

i love ray ray nobody is going to take him away from me

Camya Wilson 2 years ago

Roc Royal you are cute and fine I wish I could meet you. :) I have all your Mindless Behavior apps.I love you Mindless Behavior. :)

ben hope 2 years ago

you the best v seen

dayday12 2 years ago

love you prodigy

mindless behavior 1 one girl 2 years ago

I love you ray ray and roc my last name is young too prodigy or prince my brother is Perez

Novel Treasure profile image

Novel Treasure 2 years ago from US Author

I think you meant Princeton not Preston :)

Brianna Nowak 2 years ago

I love Preston he is so funny

And I love ray ray he is a really good dancer and so are the rest

Also I love prodigy he is really good singer so are the rest

And roc royal he is fun and loving to his friends

Love u guys :)!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shamiha 2 years ago

they are cute

liannis 2 years ago

sup yall guys are soo awesome you all are the best of all MB

super girl 2 years ago

Super girl hi guys mb concert in ja was off the chain and prodigy please come back to mindless behaviorfor me and your fans and princeton and roc royal are soooooooo damn cute ray ray trust me and believe me your ugly

ashley 2 years ago

PRODIGY hottest person in the world, please come back to mindless behaviors love as you can see they are nothing without you my future hot husband save then and please returnwith diggy simmons ,please come back sweetheart i'll give you a big kiss from my heart if you would do that for me,do it for me and do it for your fans not considering ray ray as ugly don't get me wrong it just that i see that they are hottt but you are hottttttttttteeeeeerrrrrrr \cutttttteeeeerrrr than them i hope you get my my point PRODIGY and don't forget to come back with DIGGY SIMMONS and don't let people judge do from your heart and i love as brothers and sister not more than that from SA

Ciara 2 years ago

Love all

S.M.Smith 2 years ago

All I want to say is I hope whosoever went to Mindless Behavior's concert at Sana Anna Star Center On FRIDAY 20/2014. I hope y'all are having fun 8:43 Hope y'all had a really good time and I really wanted to over there but SOLD OUT concert!! So I'll try to get some next year. Tomarro they going to Texas. THE CONCERT WAS AT 7:00 P.M.

jade 2 years ago

i love MB

darius 2 years ago

ray ray is so cool

Matthew mckenzie 2 years ago

Mindless behavior can I be in y'all group because all so all some in I want to see you because I never seen y'all guys before I'm 9 years old

Mindless Behavior!! 2 years ago

I remember I was watching Swurv on T.V. and saw 'All Around The World' and at that time I didn't know who they were. So all I said was cool. And when me and my class whent to Durango/Silverton Colorado for 2 1/2 dayz it was fun and all just I got bored and look up The Game my fav artist. And found All Aroumd Thw World. And I tryed really hard to remember who made one like that. Until I put in All Around The World. and found MB!! Now I am Never Gonna let them out of my memory ever again they now are my most favorite artist.!!!


shyluvzrayray 2 years ago

i love Ray Ray i know like almost every thing about him.. he is so damn fine and i really love him caint wait for the concert.. glad i got a ticket in time front row seats niggah but you are really hot, sexy, cute,

handsome, gorgeous. ;) ;) love all of you MB.. just ray the most

annd so does my sister shakeera

Ray Ray* 2 years ago

Once I had a dream...

I saved about $1500 to book Mindless Behavior for my party that coming up.. and my older sister Shyrale came. I was at Riverwalk Park in Grants New Mexico... and we were by the water... until she pushed me in "I can't swim get me out!!! EWW FISHH" I said to her. All she did was just laugh. When Mindless Behavior came I was soaking wet! I told them what Shyrale did... so Ray Ray took her to the same place where she pushed me in. I saw that she was lost in love!?!? Then I pushed het in with a splash!!!!!!!

I love Mindless Behavior and I would do anything to have them at my party!!! They all good looking and all but girlz Ray Ray is WAY cuter then them all!!!!!!

anna 2 years ago

I love u princeton u r the best and I just wanna kiss u

Marry me princton pleeeeeeease

I love u sooooo much

U r the best

mb 2 years ago

This is crazy. Big fan

Shaniece 2 years ago

you are the best Princeton!!!! love you!!! I wanna marry you!!

Shaniece 2 years ago

you are the best Princeton!!!! love you!!!

Nackeisha 2 years ago

Princeton you're such a cutie its nice to know that we born on the same month!!! OMG! In the future we will get married and have cute babies together your so super hotttttt!!!!!! :* And Ray ray am so in love with your hair. LOVE U PRINCETON FOREVER! muah!

swagg is awesome 2 years ago

I love you roc royal. You are the best

rayraysgirl 2 years ago

ray ray is the best out of them all

Paris 2 years ago

I'm so sad that prodigy is out

miss.smith aka miss . Ray ray 2 years ago

I like rayray the best then princeton

azareya 2 years ago

I like ray ray but I am ten an ray like 15

Aja 2 years ago

I love roc royal that's my future husband.

niyah 2 years ago

Princeton i gonna marry u one day

Emma 2 years ago

I love Ray Ray I want to marrie you love Emma a.k.a I'm. 9 years old

Jada 2 years ago

I went to see them last night and I took a picture with them I was in between roc royal and Princeton Princeton gave me a hug roc royal said he was "diggin" my jacket and when we took the pic I squeezed princetons butt and he just looked at me,when the pic was done I told roc royal and Princeton I love them and we had a group hug

kaliyah #1 2 years ago

Loveee u Princeton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!¡!!!!!!!!

Destiny 2 years ago

I love all

Ray Ray



Roc royal high 2 years ago

nobody is going to take my men rayray and princeton

mrs. crippen 2 years ago

nobody is going to take my man prodigy aka craig crippen lol nobody

Briannamatus9000 2 years ago

Love roc royal wish he could come to my school all the girls would freak

Austin 2 years ago

Roc 2 cool

Mb all the way /gabby 2 years ago

I like all of mb and I know every one do

Gabby 2 years ago

I like ray ray but I'm not running after him

b&m 2 years ago

i love princeton

sarah 2 years ago

i love u so so much rayray and prodigy.its ur girl sarah

kizziahlovin mb 2 years ago

Omg loving mb I love princeton as jacob and my birthday april 5 arie like you princeton want to. Have kids by you and mb keep being a. Great r b group love you guys

kizziah lovin mindlless behavior 2 years ago

Omg loving mb I love princeton as jacob and my birthday april 5 arie like you princeton want to. Have kids by you and mb keep being a. Great r b group love you guys

keionaprettygirl 2 years ago

Me and princeton forever dating he only older than me by a day soo ha

laprisha johnson 2 years ago

I love you mindless behavior especially ray ray I like you very much I want to have kids with you because you is so fine and I just want you here with me

ashanti 2 years ago

ray ray i want to have kids with you.

mdiva 2 years ago

ray ray is the best now i know this birthday it makes me happy i him so much

Mindless_lovesme 2 years ago


amirah 2 years ago

I luv you rayray

mindless behavior 123love 2 years ago

Love mindless behavior , big fan , i love you Princeton

Mindlessbitch 2 years ago

I love MB there my favorite RB group

One day I will marry rayray

bri 2 years ago


Tory#1GIRL 2 years ago

143 PRODIGY.You are the best and l am going to see u one day.Spread the peace.XOXO.

Vanessa 2 years ago

All I have 2 say is 143, I'll always stay MINDLESS, PEACE. Love yallll

ROC your my baby. Kissessssssssssssssssss!!!!!!prod :)ray :)prince :) roc:)* me:)

desha ware 2 years ago

i love you princeton i like all the guys but princeton is my favorite would you come to my house in michigan and give me tickets to your concerts i love you all i just want to cry right now bye love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

claire nelson 2 years ago

I love you mindless behavior!!!!!!!! So does Kristy Sapolis peace

lilmiss97 2 years ago

I love Princeton no matter what people say about him he will always be my favorite

sam 2 years ago

Roc royal you are cute

kayleebecks 3 years ago

I LOVE PRODIGY, despite that most people think ray ray is sexy & i don't think he is PRODIGY is the one for the whole world he is SUPER SEXY!!

!I really really love prodigy like hell

mya 3 years ago

i love mindless behavior

prodigy#1girl 3 years ago

I luv u prodigy I just want to meet u in person so bad!!!!

Lexi 3 years ago

I luv prodigy he's so amazing and hot!!!!!!

rayrays 3 years ago

ray ray is mine

cute 3 years ago

i love prodigy

Ahmad saleem 3 years ago

I love mindless behaviour they are so cute,handsome.. And I wana join them soon

Mrs Ray Ray A.K.A Mrs Bianca Smith 3 years ago

I love RAY RAY he is my dream husband and my second husband PRINCETON love you MB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lilian 3 years ago

why cant mindless behavior sing at least 1 or 2 gospel songs that woul be a blessing and god will keep you guys going, i love all of yall.

ashanti 3 years ago

i love Princeton so much and I'm a misfit for life but I also love the band I'm there number one fan

Shania Smith 3 years ago

Rayray I love u so much I have 100 posters of u on my wall and I no all of mindless behaviors songs by heart I love u raquan tanyae smith u are the sexiest boy on the planet u inspired me and I dont care what other people think of me I believe in me but can u come to Virginia and spend a whole day at James Russell middle school in Mrs.Davis class and look for Shania Merritt please I just want to meet you in person please you are my idol please I just want to meet u please

Kristy Sapolis 3 years ago

I love u roc royal

belinda 3 years ago

i so luv u u rock especially rayray 143

treasure smith 3 years ago

Princeton u the cuties one in the group. Ray Ray I didn't think u was cute. roc royal u was cute till u cut off ur hair. Prodigy u ugly I don't care If u drop out of the group

swinnesha 3 years ago

princeton your soooooooooooooooooooooo sexy ray ray your fuuny roc and podigy yourcute and my brother call yall a rotriller girl chinchilla and a bug eyed posum

alex 3 years ago

its nice to know Roc royal is my birthday mate

amoni 3 years ago

I love roc royal so much and princenton

Nicole 3 years ago

you all are so cool keep up the good work

shayla luvs prod 3 years ago

i like mindless behavior because of them i won an art award and they made me believe in my self and what you can accomplish, i love prodigy his glare is just sooo cute

cateleen 3 years ago

I love roc royal !!!! You your so sexy

nini ford 3 years ago

i like you all and i think y'all are so cool

brenda 3 years ago

Prodigy u cuuuuuuute but princeton is hooootttteeeerrrr than uuuuuuuu

Tyanna 3 years ago

I love MB

Kaliyah 3 years ago

Love you prodigy

derk 3 years ago

a ray ray you cool tell prodigy he cool i like you'll music a my girl my girl she love me love me she hit me all the time i be ranganging off the hook

annonamous 3 years ago

I Love rayray


ladybug 124 3 years ago

I love you ray ray your so cute

Shandreki Johnson 3 years ago

I really like the mindless behavior boys. And i wish them luck to all there concerts and so on.

1308♥♥♥♥ 3 years ago

Jacob Perez you gorgeous

Alicia TooMindless Smith 3 years ago

Mindless Behavior, please come to Minnesota! Please, please, please, please, please!!!!! I Love You RayRay and I need to meet you or else my life won't be complete!!!! Please!!!!!! Love Alicia! One of your biggest fans!

BTW I love the rest of y'all too! Don't forget to come to Minnesota!!!!

ladybug 3 years ago

I love you guys so much:-)

mjgfh 3 years ago


ella ray 3 years ago

mindless behaviour,i love u guys so much.but ray ray, i love u most.peace

Hynee williams 3 years ago

I love you ray ray :-)

Kristy Sapolis 3 years ago

i love you :D :oD

Shayna 3 years ago

I like Princeton so HOT! I love MB AH!!

max 3 years ago

hey ray ray does the rest of mindless behavior lip sing or what? bye oh i am mindless behaviors *1 fan!

Kristy Sapolis 3 years ago

I love you Ray Ray I'm going to see your movie on Friday

Kristy Sapolis 3 years ago

Sorry Ray Ray before I ment salk school of science

Kristy Sapolis 3 years ago

Ray Ray can you come to sock school of science Please because I really want to see you I don't care what my teacher say because I will jump on the stage to hug you And kiss you I just love you You can tell

Kristy Sapolis 3 years ago

Mindless behavior are you guys going to be at Kmart sining your CDs

Kristy Sapolis 3 years ago

Ray Ray I think that you are super super super hot I like Princeton And rock royal two I think that they are super cute to 143 Bye

kristy sapolis 3 years ago

ray ray can you come to salk of science and sing for me and give me your phone number please

sharon 3 years ago

I like your dance moves.All of you are so talented.I especially love ray ray,because he is cute and I like his long hair.I think he is the best in the group.I would like you mindless behaviour to come to Kenya one day.

CASEY RAY 3 years ago

i love u ray ray u da best man u da bomb.DAMN u sooooooooooooooooooo cute.god I would do evrything just to be with u

purple rose 3 years ago

hey i love your guys songs.

PrincetonsDreamGirl 3 years ago

Mindless Behavior, please come to Detroit! Me and my best friend would be so happy we might pass out. I have dreams about meeting you and if 1 came true, that would mean the world to me!


PrincetonDreamGirl 3 years ago

Princeton my boo so back off all you girls I'm very competitive and I will fight for my man! Mindless Behavior come to Detriot!!!!! XD :) :]

:{)(‹Happy Princeton XD)

Ms.roc roaly 3 years ago

Frist of all I love roc roaly that is my boo and not your boo so back off girls and get a life because I am going to marry him one day so bye that is my husband and not yours I will fight u if u say that u love him because that is my man and he loves me not u so get a life again because we are very rich and. We are boyfriend and girlfriend and I will fight for a man so bye!!!!!

roc royal girl 3 years ago

I love mindless behavior!!! But im going out with roc royal!!! Love u roc!!!

Xi'Ahria 3 years ago

From Mindless Behavior I love Prinston I wish I can meet him so bad if I did meet Prinston I would like cry because he is so hot.

Kristy Sapolis 3 years ago

Ray ray I'm only 12 but you can wate for me sory if the spelling is Rong In Disconnected bye 143

Kristy Sapolis 3 years ago

Ray Ray I think you're so hot I want to see you in person but I can't because we don't have enough money to I never Saw you in person I would really like it If you can come to come meand see me if that's possible Please come and see me because you are so hot and I love you 143

Tasha 3 years ago

Sam roc royal #1 girl so ladies back off

nay nay mb cooper 3 years ago

hey mb I am a big fan but mostly I like roc royal nd prince 50-50 love hu guys my boyz

dayday 3 years ago

princeton u r so cute OMG if I see u I want u 4 u. See me in VA baby.

Kristy sapolis 3 years ago

I love u ray ray u are so hot I love so much

Kristy sapolis 3 years ago

Roc royal is so cute I'm surprised you don't have a girlfriend Wait you do me

Kristy sapolis 3 years ago

You're so hot Ray Ray will you marry me

makayla 3 years ago

ray ray is soooooo nice to meeee!!

ms prodigy 3 years ago

My boo prodigy is soooooooooooooooooooo HOT one day I hope to be prodigy's #1 girl or Mrs right or even Mrs. prodigy I've loved prodigy since I was born well 2

prodigy girl 3 years ago

Sorry I haven't posted in a long tim but I love you guys also I'm prayingfor you guys

Kristy Sapolis 3 years ago

Ray Ray I really want to see you so yeah I never got to See you in concert so yeah bye Wonderful day I love you

Kristy Sapolis 3 years ago

If you're not mindless you have no swag I love you Ray Ray

Kristy Sapolis 3 years ago

Ray Ray you're so hot I don't even know why people don't think that you're hot. My friends trying to say that you're not hot but I don't care your hot and there not There haters 143 Peace and love

Kristy sapolis 3 years ago

Happy Belated birthday Prodigy and Ray Ray I love you too xoxoxo 143 :D

Kristy sapolis 3 years ago

Ray ray is so sexy fide m m m

And all the ray ray Fans if you see this And like it Type (I love ray ray ) bye

monya 3 years ago

I love I rayray I LOVE UUUUUUU!!!!!!

Kristy sapolis 3 years ago

I love Ray ray so much he is so hot I'm going to marry ray ray Mindless For life 143 Peace

Diana .A 3 years ago

Ok I like mindless behavior and my favorite out of them is Princeton . I'm 15 years old and I live in colorado .

JB 3 years ago

i love u Princeton so much i have postees of u in my room and one day can u all come to my birthday on march 10 2004 i live in plantersville AL 1746

prodigy girl 3 years ago

Don't split up guys you're great togeher I'm praying for u guys I 1-4-3 y'all love u

Prodigy lover 22 3 years ago

Prodigy is cute, fine, and a strong singer.

DzuliaVel 3 years ago

Hey im ur big fun.I luv roc royalcoz he has a nyc swag.Hz also cuteor if i ma say hotttttttt.Im ur big fun from kenya n if u kld kum i will be so happy.luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv yall

#1 girl 3 years ago

I love roc royal 143 baba

mmachi 3 years ago

The video my girl was wat really caught my attentiona-the dance moves,the beating of d song itself and I hope U̶̲̥̅̊ guys stick together U̶̲̥̅̊'ll make a great team and wats with ray ray flipping his hood?well don't mind me I like it.from nigeria

prodigy girl 3 years ago

Prodigy u r so fine I like all of u but I really luv my boo prodigy I 1_4_3 u boy p.s. visit mounds illinois sometime we're a really small town please come do a consert on the sidewalk or something I really want to see u

Talia T 3 years ago

Hey its talia again is it true dat u hve a movie comin up in january if u r pls tell me bcuz I luv u pls tell me at( bcuz u luv evry gurl nd I'm 1 of them from south africa

Janaya cowette 3 years ago

Hi I'm JANAYA I'm mrs right I practice ur moves everyday and lyrics I also write lyrics give me a chance please I'm from connecticut like u said u dont discriminate girls u love them all so please mindless behavior plus ur all cute

Daysianez 3 years ago

I love princeton he is so fine if he was my girlfriend I would have your hair done

bronwyn christina angie 3 years ago

i love u ray ray!xox

tshiamo 3 years ago

Princeton u are my rock da world will not turn without me nd u

Luv u heaven nd back

Frm. SA

tarrotia 3 years ago

love mindless behavior 24/7 . but looovvveee ray ray the most

roc royal 3 years ago

we love mindless behaviour from kirsty,loreal,chanice and terice

felishia 3 years ago

I love u prodigy

NAZ 3 years ago

Heyyy mindless behaviour i am e biggest fan in Zimbabwe.I jst wanna say gd luck on everythng u do, and i hope one dae i can see u guyz. XOXO 3 years ago

i love all of them mindless behavior but my favourite is prodigy he has got a wonderful style

TATIANA 3 years ago

MINDLESS BEHAVIOUR ROCKS!!!!!Roc Royal is so CUTE.His hot too.You ROCK!

Shorty 3 years ago

I love Prodigy he's so damn cute!!!!!!! I wish i could see you in Jamaica:)

Kala 3 years ago

You rock mindless behavior can't wait to see you in Louisville again

jocicute973 3 years ago

I think prodigy is sooo hot!!! I loveprodigy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Novel Treasure profile image

Novel Treasure 4 years ago from US Author

I was very pleasantly surprised to see people from outside of HP commenting on the article. I think it's mostly fans of the group, but it is still nice to see.

Sherry Hewins profile image

Sherry Hewins 4 years ago from Sierra Foothills, CA

It's pretty unusual to get this many comments from outside HP

rodney bright 4 years ago


Novel Treasure profile image

Novel Treasure 4 years ago from US Author

They remind me a lot of B2K. They are very talented for being so young. But I wonder if they can really stay together for long. It seems that the older classic rock bands are the only ones that stay together for more than 5 years. I think Day 26 barely lasted a year.

keshababy3 4 years ago

Princeton is so smexy 143

naimo 4 years ago

i love mb their the best

Ajhane Perez 4 years ago

I love PRINCETON very much he is fine

sera best 4 years ago

Prinston is tha best. Even if he talk 2 much.he's original

rose 4 years ago

i lOve you prOdigy

rayray girl 4 years ago

Ray is fine

Ada 4 years ago

I love prodigy he is sooooo sexy.

kyla demarla 4 years ago

i luv prodigy, i wish he was my boyfriend your one in a million

zoe 4 years ago

I am going to there concert this Sunday at the varizen theater at 7pm in grandparie.hope you get front row tickets like me oh yeah vip and after that the after party see you there me and prodigy are together so stop talking to my boyfriend you van say that you like hem but i am his mrsright

emanuelle 4 years ago

I love the whole group mindless behaviour. They the best love your biggest fan in south africa

princeton and rayray and prodijty and rocroyal 4 years ago

mindless behaviour are my brother's im not a lier

Ahndee 4 years ago

Hi all...i'm gonna marry Princeton. Princeton you're mine baby... I'm your biggest fan from South Africa

mrs.young bae 4 years ago

I love the mindless behavior group , I really love Roc Royal I am so in love with him I just wish that I could see him in person and someday become his number one lover and girl ......;)

kristie 4 years ago

Prodigy is my favourite and he will remain to be he is so cute and i love his personality and voice

myrayray 4 years ago

i love rayray couse his boom and handsome and he kissed me and i loved him i'm going on a date with him and i can't wait

tareka 4 years ago

Roc royal is surely the best out of all of them!!! I love you roc!

joanne 4 years ago

hy guys its me again, joanne from south africa... Im sooooo loving your video, hello... Im just wondering why u havnt released other video's for your other songs like future, missing you, gone, i really cant wait 2 see that video's, and plz dont forget 2 mention my name in one of your songs, Jo-anne from South africa... I LOVE YOU GUYZ...

angela 4 years ago

mindless behavior you guz a very hot especial ray ray and i will love to meet you one day if it happens that i we meet from south africa love you

baby tan 4 years ago

i love roc royal becaz he have the sweetest lips and he can dance very well.i wish that 1 day i cud meet him face 2 face n tell mi how i really feel about him...I LOVE U ROC the name says it all u ROCK.I LIVE IN BELIZE visit this place 1 day it is soooooo FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE U...143

joanne 4 years ago

damn i love mindless behaviour, i love prodigy 4 his awesome voice, roc royal and princeton 4 their funky dance moves, and damn i love ray ray 4 his looks and hair... I really wish 2 meet u guyz 1 day, im 4rm south africa, and i love y'all very much, oh , and plz mention my name in one of ur songz, remember im JO-ANNE 4RM SOUTH AFRICA... I love u guyz!!!

Mrs.Right 4 years ago

i love ray ray 1-4-3

Ric Royal 4 years ago

???? wish ???? was female to become ric royal number one girl

Mrs Right 4 years ago

ray ray is so sexy and i'm his mrs.right 1-4-3 love you till the day i die ray ray P.S RAYRAY YOUR DA CUTES BOY OR MAN I EVER SEEN LOVE YOU

briana 4 years ago

i like prodgy coz heis cool

kiyia 4 years ago

Mindless behavior is soooooooooooooooo asome and i like all and u all are doing a great job keep it up love from kiyia

Mrs craig 4 years ago

Prodigy u make me melt u got da swagga n also princeton luv ya so

tiara 4 years ago

princeton is my idle

toni sofresh evans 4 years ago

I would just lyk to say i can sing and i knowothers can to so if u actually look at these posts you might want to take in consideration my facebook name is Toni Sofresh Evans hit me up for some more info.

rayray 4 years ago

i have kiss rayray in the party it was so fun

blissxx 4 years ago

rayray when out with me today

Karen Martin 4 years ago

I love Mindless Behavior everythang is perfect

sexyrayray 4 years ago

i lovr rayray couse he's sexy

rayraysexy 4 years ago

i love progity rayray and rocroyal and princton they are shining and i heard all of mindless behaviour songs before and do you know who wanted that group name mindless behaviour it was rayray i no bout all of they life

prodigy mrs.right 4 years ago

i love guys but prodigy the most i wish i could meet u guys :)

Natty 4 years ago

Ray Ray and Prodigy are the hottest teen boys i've ever seen cause when they sing its like i'm about to melt luv u guys and i'm your number 1 fan.

moniece BOMBER 4 years ago

i love mindless behavior all equal but..... ray ray a little more. i dont just like him of his looks or hair its because he makes me smile when he sings N CAUSE HE IS SOOOOOOO FUNNY... even though he is in the back ihe HE is funny . and i love everything about him I WOULDN'T WANT TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND OUT OF THE BLUE BE I WOULD LOVE TO BE HIS FRIEND FIRST THEN SLOWLY BE HIS GIRL AND ONE OF THESE DAYS I WOULD LOVE TO FETURE IN ONE OF THEIR VIDEOS I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE U GUYS N NEVER FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!!! - MONIECE P.S U DONT KNOW IT YET BUT RAY RAY IM UR MRS.RIGHT YOU'LL SEE ONE DAY LOVE U MB

destiny lindsey 4 years ago

i love roc royal because he is the sexy one on the mindless behavior i want to go out with he one day and kiss himso he can go out with me ?

kundai 4 years ago

i love mindless behavior


Monique Carter 4 years ago

I Love Mindless Behavior. Especially Prodigy, Ray-Ray, and Princeton.

Rayray Gurl 4 years ago

I Lovee Rayray I Think He Got Dat Most Nice Hairr Andd I Wont 2 Ply Wit Iht So Bhad Lovee Yhuu Ray Ray 4Ever

kia 4 years ago

I love Roc Royal and he is hot and sexy!!!!. I am his number 1 girl

Ashley 4 years ago

ill take roc for my boyfriend any day! he's super cute

Diamond Gettys 4 years ago

Great job keep up the good work k peace :P

ray ray mrs. right 4 years ago

ray ray is soooooooooooooo sexy he got tht good body

im bout to name cutest by order


1st ray then princeton then prodigy then roc royal

Sarah Sibanda 4 years ago

I Love u Mindless Behavior

Mrs.prodigy 4 years ago

Prodigy is sexy my boy and I like Princeton too.cause he sexy and ray ray too. Roc royal the more sexy is prodigy

Coraima 4 years ago

I love prodigy cause he sexy I love him

bjohnson 4 years ago

wat sup yall r so cute

Mrs Princeton 4 years ago

I LOVE PRINCETON;He is sooooooooooo sexy!!!!

1-4-3 forever Princeton's.

Jada 4 years ago


#1 girl 4 years ago

Rayray is so sexy i love his hair

Crazyandmindless 4 years ago

The hub is awesome mindless behavior r to hot im mindles cuz im crazy and like to joke around!!! :)

Karecia Henry 4 years ago

They are so cool i like PRODIGY ,RAY RAY , PRINCETON and ROC ROYAL

breanna 4 years ago

1-4-3 foreva roc royal

Mrs. young 4 years ago

I heart roc royal

mrs rayray 5 years ago

i love rayray 143fo eva he soo damn sexy:}

garcey royal 5 years ago

you guy r so hot ray ray ,Roc royal AND PRODIGY, PRINCETON, YOU GUY I LOVE YOU ALL OF U

Deshandria 5 years ago

number 1 fan

Alecia Murphy profile image

Alecia Murphy 5 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

Great Hub! I just saw their video for Mrs. Right. It's catchy and I'd heard of them before but I'm interested to see how far they'll go as well.

mindlessgirl305 5 years ago

I love Mindless Behavior!!!! They r so cute. I'm gonna marry Prodigy!

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