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Country Music Artist Bailey Callahan Opens Up About Herself

Shannon is a passionate country fan who enjoys getting to know the artists and their music. She also loves spreading joy through interviews.

Bailey Callahan

Bailey Callahan

Sophomore Single "Home Made"

Bailey Callahan may be young, but don’t let that fool you. Just like the state she’s from, this Florida girl radiates sunshine and confidence. Her music is equally refreshing. It's reminiscent of her country predecessors, but it also showcases the unique personality she is.

This should come as no surprise since she’s been cultivating her talent from the age of 11. She has been incorporating those musical influences into her personal style as she grows. She is now ready to spread her wings and fly (even though she continues dreaming of bigger and better things).

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Bailey about her upcoming single and her career thus far. She’s bubbling over with excitement about sharing it with you, too. After getting to know her through the interview below, you can listen to her sophomore single “Home Made," which was released on July 11, 2019.

Please tell us about your new single, “Home Made.”

It’s about the appreciation of where you come from. I moved a week after I graduated high school, but didn’t anticipate missing home so much when I moved to Nashville. I hope it connects to everyone who has had to go through something like that.

If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing for a living?

I’m such a creative person. I don't think could have a real job. Although, I have thought about creating my own do-it-all-for-you kind of company within the music industry to help an artist. To make it easier so that one team does it all instead of having to hire several different companies, or people, to handle different aspects of the business.

Is there a singer or celebrity you've met who left you starstruck?

I can keep it together pretty good, but if I ever got the opportunity to meet Eric Church, the Dixie Chicks . . . or Taylor Swift. Luke Bryan is pretty hot.

What song will you never sing, especially on stage? Why?

I love America, but the number one song I cannot sing is the National Anthem because I get so nervous about singing it. I had to sing it in front of 75,000 people in a stadium. Someone told me to make our country proud right before I went on stage and that made me so nervous that I said never again.

Name a personal rule that you will not break for any reason.

There’s a YouTube channel that does something like that. There’s nothing that comes to mind other than the obvious things. I try to always do some kind of cardio. It helps me relax and gets the body moving before an intense show. My unofficial official rule is to be kind to everyone.

What’s the best thing about coming home from a tour?

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Coming home is the best feeling because my life is here now. I’ve been dating my boyfriend since high school. I get to see him and my puppy and kitten. Cooking my own food and sleeping in my own bed. I bring candles and picture frames that remind me of my family, but it isn’t the same. I‘ve had back surgery so I bring a body pillow to help with pain, but there’s nothing like my own bed.

Do you fly or drive while on tour?

I fly because it's more efficient right now, but I’d choose a tour bus if I could. I grew up taking family vacations in an RV and flying makes me a little nervous.

Thus far, what do you consider to be the best accomplishment of your career and of your life in general?

This year. It's hard to narrow it down, though. This has been a year of change, doing things that I thought would be too hard. Touring. Releasing singles. I met a personal goal of running 5K races. I’ve done this all 100% myself and it’s very gratifying.

What’s the secret behind your success thus far?

I’ve been doing this for so long that one of the biggest things I’ve realized is that I love meeting people. It’s all about the relationships. Watching someone grow and having them see me grow has probably been the number one thing that helped get me to where I am. It’s been really cool.

What smell best describes your childhood and why?

Christmas trees because I love Christmas more than anything. I love the Bath and Bodywork candle scent called fresh balsam.

Do you cook? If so, what's your worst kitchen disaster and your best kitchen masterpiece?

I burn a lot of stuff. I thought when I moved out here that I’d cook, and I try. I can make a mean shepherds pie, but one of the worst things I’ve done is try to make a crockpot chili. I didn’t realize that if you left the burner on the crockpot it would burn its contents so I left the chili on to warm overnight. It almost caught on fire. All the veggies burnt to the inside. I also once cooked the cardboard in the oven with the pizza. It smelled like burnt pizza for a week.

Color your life: plain and tame patterns or crazy wild patterns?

Crazy and wild. I’m very patriotic. My branding is for the all-American girl—red, white, and blue—but if I had to choose a single color, it would be red. I try to be relatable to everyone. I feel like red doesn't have a specific genre or a specific anything.

Lastly, name a song that you misunderstood the lyrics to. What did you hear instead?

There’s a line in "Party in the USA" I can’t think of right now. I thought "bad moon on the rise" was "there’s a bathroom on the right." I tend to connect more with the melody of a song, but playing cover songs, I had to learn the actual lyrics to a lot of them.

Bailey Callahan: "Home Made"

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Shannon Henry (author) from Texas on July 14, 2019:

Hi Pamela,

So glad you like it. She's got a few more original songs on YouTube and some cover songs, too, if you want to hear more from her.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on July 14, 2019:

This is an interesting article about an up and coming singer. I think I will always like her music as I like her voice. Thanks for the good information.

A B Williams from Central Florida, USA on July 14, 2019:

Yes it is always best to check and recheck. No problem. :)

Shannon Henry (author) from Texas on July 14, 2019:

Thanks. Glad you asked because after you did, something told me to check the link. It was leading to cyber oblivion on the CMN website for some reason. It said "that page doesn't exist on this site." I had to fix it.

A B Williams from Central Florida, USA on July 14, 2019:

Okay, I found it. Well covered.

Shannon Henry (author) from Texas on July 14, 2019:

Hi Bill,

Even though she's been doing this professionally for several years now, she's new to the mainstream exposure. It's not surprising you have not heard of her before now, but hopefully, you'll be hearing a lot more of her! You can watch her YouTube channel and see how she's matured as both a singer and a songwriter. Tons of potential and a lot more time for even further growth. Thanks for stopping by!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on July 14, 2019:

Never heard of her, but then I'm out of touch with contemporary music...thanks for the interview and the video of her singing. Classic country voice and style.

Shannon Henry (author) from Texas on July 14, 2019:

It's published already. At the bottom of this hub there's a link to the Country Music Notes website. More questions. More answers. And more of Bailey's fun personality. Thanks for asking!

A B Williams from Central Florida, USA on July 14, 2019:

You've mentioned a follow-up article, when will you be publishing that one?

Shannon Henry (author) from Texas on July 13, 2019:

I hope so, Angie. It was a joy speaking with her. I'm glad you've heard her music on the radio.

A B Williams from Central Florida, USA on July 13, 2019:

Well done Shannon!

She was in the studio of a radio station, here in Central FL recently. She sang and sounded incredible...just her voice and her guitar. Seems to be a very personable young lady.

I'm so glad that you were able to interview her, I have a feeling that she is going places.

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