IM5 Bio: What Are the Bandmembers' Names and Ages?

Updated on June 15, 2016
The original members of IM5 strike a pose.
The original members of IM5 strike a pose. | Source

The latest boy band sensation to hit the pop music charts is a relatively new group called IM5. As its name suggests, this band was originally made up of five very talented young men:

  • Cole Pendery
  • Dana Vaughns II
  • Gabrielle Morales
  • William Jay Behlendorf
  • David Scarzone (pronounced Scar-zo-nee)

The original five young men were asked to audition for a group that was being formed by Perez Hilton, Simon Fuller, and Jamie King and were eventually selected to form the group. The group was formed in late 2010.

However, in early 2014, Dalton Rappatoni surprised the fans with a tweet that he was officially leaving the band. Rappatoni was replaced in May of 2014 by newest member, David Scarzone.

Cole Penury from IM5.
Cole Penury from IM5.

Cole Pendery

Cole Alan Pendery was born on February 22, 1996 in the Lone Star State. For those of you who don't know where that is, that is the great state of Texas.

He was raised in the tiny town of Midlothian (pop. 18,000+), located in North Texas just outside of Dallas.

Unlike many other musicians and singers, he discovered his love of performing a little later in life. It wasn't until he was about 12 that he figured out that performing on stage was his true passion. Before that it had always been soccer, a sport he had played since before he was old enough to go to school.

After a few years of performing in his school's choir, he decided that it was his dream to pursue music full time. It took a little bit to convince his parents that he was truly serious about this career path, but he was determined to follow his dream.

Cole and his mother eventually moved from Texas to the big city of Los Angeles. Cole had to leave his father behind, but the struggles and the long distance have paid off. In the summer of 2010, after just a few weeks in L.A. he auditioned for the group IM5 and was selected.

It has been a rollercoaster ride ever since, but he wouldn't trade any part of the journey.

He was even accepted into one of the nation's top performing arts schools, the Booker T. Washington High School for Visual and Performing Arts in Dallas. The school was home to many success musicians and artists such as Norah Jones, Erykha Badu, and Roy Hargrove. But Cole didn't get to attend for long, because shortly after enrolling he was asked to come out to L.A. to audtion for IM5.

Although pop music is not his first love, he is still extremely thankful and excited to be a part of the band. He feels that the music is very diverse and that his love for other forms of music helps the band be more dynamic and less one-dimensional.

Dana Vaughns from IM5.
Dana Vaughns from IM5. | Source

Dana Vaughns II

The youngest member of the band, Dana Gareth Vaughns II, was born on January 2, 1998. He is originally from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, but like his other bandmates, currently resides in California.

Dana is no stranger to performing as he was a member of Kidz Bop and also had a small part in the Hannah Montana movie during the song number "Hoedown Throwdown".

Although, the physically smallest member of the group, he is definitely one of the most energized. He is an only child who loves to perform and entertain people. Having taking singing and dancing lessons since the age of 7, he started to see success at the age of 10. It was then his family decided to move to LA to help him pursue his dreams of performing, acting, and singing.

Unfortunately, his father had to stay back in South Carolina, but Dana knows the sacrifice is worth it and hopes that his hard work will pay off in the end.

Gabe Morales of IM5.
Gabe Morales of IM5. | Source

Gabrielle Morales

Gabrielle (Gabe) Morales is the oldest member of the group. He was born on June 22, 1995. He is of Cuban and Venezuelan dissent and was raised in Miami, FL with his brother Luis.

He experienced success at quite an early age, acting in multiple Latin American shows and soap operas such as Sabado Gigante, El amor no tiene precio, and Olvidarte jamas from the age of 7 on.

He moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to help further his career where he landed a small movie role in the movie, The Perfect Game with Louis Gosset Jr.

He was asked to audition for the band IM5 in 2010 and the rest is history.

Will Jay from IM5.
Will Jay from IM5. | Source

William Jay Behlendorf

Will Jay, also known as William Jay Behlendorf, is the second youngest member of the band. He was born on June 18, 1996 in Los Angeles. Many people ask about Will Jay's ethnicity: He is of Chinese and German decent.

He is the old soul of the group and the shy, quiet one. He started playing piano at the age of four and gravitated towards the more soulful singers, such as Al Green, Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin. He likes all different genres of music from old school hip hop to alternative.

Like fellow original members Dalton and Dana, Jay knew at a fairly early age that he loved to perform and wanted to pursue music. He joined his local community theatre and further crafted his acting and singing through various community project productions.

It was these smaller roles that helped pave the way for acting jobs in films and television. He had roles in the TV show Wizards of Waverly Place, Corey in the House, Eli Stone, and the series The Closer.

He has recently started to write and produce his own songs. Although more of a solo artist to begin with, he couldn't be more pleased to be a part of the band. They all bring out the best in each other and he looks forward to what the future holds.

David Chris Scarzone joined the band in 2014.
David Chris Scarzone joined the band in 2014. | Source

New Member David Scarzone

David Scarzone (pronounced Scar-ZO-nee) is the newest member of the band. He joined the group in May of 2014 after Dalton Rappatoni announced he was leaving.

David Chris Scarzone was born on February 7, 1996 and hails from Chicao, Illinois. He is no stranger to the entertainment industry, having been part of a traveling performing arts group called MWAH! (Messages Which Are Hopeful!).

According to Wikipedia, Scarzone focused mainly on dancing for a few years and was signed to MSA Agency in Los Angeles. He had steady work with them before hearing about the audition for IM5. He flew out to Los Angeles to audition and the rest is history.

Original band member Dalton Rappatoni speaks with the press.
Original band member Dalton Rappatoni speaks with the press. | Source

Former Member Dalton Rappatoni

Dalton Lewis Rappatoni was the "rocker" of the group, as his fashion choices and style border those of a hair band rather than a typical boy band. He has an affinity for pairing leather and "guy-liner" together and he makes it work.

He is also a fellow Texan, like fellow bandmate Cole Pendery, residing in the small town of Sunnyvale on the outskirts of Dallas. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee on February 6, 1996 but spent the majority of his childhood growing up in Sunnyvale.

Dalton fell in love with guitar at the age of 11 and asked his parents to enroll him in the School of Rock in Frisco, Texas. It was there that he shined. He was in a band called Fly Away Hero and played gigs all over Texas with great success.

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IM5 Songs

IM5 is already starting to chart with some of their songs. Here is a list of a few of their hits:

  • Don't Run Away
  • Can't Stay Away w/ Bella Thorne
  • Zero Gravity
  • Rest of Our Lives
  • Everything About U

IM5 already has three official music videos for their top songs. Zero Gravity was posted back in September of 2012 and already has over 1 million views. One of their first music videos, "Everything About U" also garned over 600,000 views in little over a year.

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        Mrs. Vaughns XD 6 months ago

        I vote Dana i mean hes my bae lol and he is super cute and kind

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        I love im5 i love there song and you guys are so cute but i like gabe sorry but i like you guys ❤ i love you guys

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        I very love IM5 because they are very good dancers and singers.

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        listen to them at the moment

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        Alexia Travis 13 months ago

        I love cole because he is a good and he is the hottest out of the whole group. One day I want to perform and perform myself. I love to sing. I want to be a special education teacher and a proffesional singer.

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        kimberly ann flores 17 months ago

        i love will because he was cute and funny member

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        I love Dana because he is so very gorgeous

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        I love Cole he is the cuties in the group but him and David look cute love IM5

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        im5 2 years ago

        we love will,dana,cole,dalton and gabe are favorite band

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        i love dana he the best my whole is fill with dana

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        Love you im5!!!

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        IM5 Fans 2 years ago

        To me Dana, Will, Gabe, and David are the hot ones

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        Katie 2 years ago

        I love cole

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        Bec 2 years ago

        @Gina, you can't really compare im5 to One Direction, because im5 have choreogrpahed dance moves, and 1D don't they're more laid back and casual. im5 are younger than 1D, but if you compare them to One Direction back when they first started, you would probably say that One Direction is better. Also, im5 don't have nearly as many hits as One Direction, and just because someone else said they don't before, One Direction DO interact with their fans even though there are about 50 000 fans at each concert. Harry always throws water at the crowd and makes jokes with fans, and they get the crowd to sing along especially in Little Things. Plus, all of them are soooooo hot and adorable and funny.

        Sorry, just reading my comment again, I seem really biased and like I just came here to bag out im5. You're probably thinking why am I even here, but I do like im5, I just love One Direction more, and I don't like people just bagging them out and saying why are they even so popular, and that im5 are heaps better than them. Can I just ask why you say that? Honestly, I just want to know why.

        Sorry, truly I am. Just my opinion, but I know it might not seem that way to you.

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        Sarah 2 years ago

        Cole and Gabe r the cutest members and u guys really r better than 1d (I luv 1d so that's saying something!!)

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        I think gabe is hot

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        PunkGamerGirl 2 years ago

        I like ur music, dont get in2 the new stuff much any more but I think u guys r good and I like 2 hear more. Keep up the good work. Stay clean.

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        Jason 2 years ago

        My favorites are Cole, Dalton and Gabe

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        gina 2 years ago

        You guys are so amazing way better than one direction like a million times better. You are so cute cole and gabe you guys are the best am not picking favorites but you guys are such amazing singers and i wish you the best

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        Makenzie 2 years ago

        I'm so nervous to wright this comment my favorite members are cole and david there the hottest boys l have ever seen

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        tristina 2 years ago

        Your the best singers

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        I love the im 5 boys the music they sing is amazing they are so cute and its sad that gabe only has 7%.

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        Omg is david new

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        I like all of you guys, and u guys keep the group together . Let singing and dancing be your dreams forever love ya.I also sing, model, and dance to and trust me not in a terrible way, a good way. Anyway I'm heading to where y'all are.I'm in this class called Barbizon.ANYWAY just keep the group together please?If you said yes thank you.LOVE YOU GUYS.

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        Dana is so sexy...stay focused on the prize guys the 5ers love you so much ....duces and smoches :*

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        I love all you guys and I am so Nerva's to write this message im5 forever

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        Who siad I love you danna he does not like you so back off

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        Will you show confidence and I love you.:-) :-) Dana your so handsome and love style:-) :-) :-) (blushing)

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        I think gabe is soo hot i would marry him :*

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        Dana is the cutest member of im5 and I love his style!!!!!

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