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How to Get Lady Gaga to Follow You on Twitter

Susana has a background in psychology and counseling. In her spare time, she loves writing about music—Lady Gaga in particular.

Learn the tips and tricks to get Lady Gaga to follow you on Twitter.

Learn the tips and tricks to get Lady Gaga to follow you on Twitter.

Sound familiar, Little Monster? If you’re anything like me, then you joined Twitter simply to connect with the fantastically talented Lady Gaga, follow her tweets, and hopefully, get her to follow yours too. The simple connection between you and Lady Gaga on Twitter would make your life complete. It’s a small thing, but such a big thing too!

Lady Gaga's Twitter Handles

  • Twitter = Lady Gaga
  • Twitter = Monster Family
  • Twitter = Monster Love

Sadly, within a few days or weeks, you will have come to the realization that getting Lady Gaga to follow you on Twitter is no simple task. It feels almost impossible to make Lady Gaga follow you, no matter how many @ladygaga mentions your tweet or how much you beg for a follow. Even though you are the most dedicated Little Monster in the Universe, she just doesn’t see you. And that is not really surprising. So, here are the tips and tricks to getting Lady Gaga to follow you on Twitter.

Tips to Get Lady Gaga to Follow You

  1. FFS! Don’t do “Follow Me” tweets.
  2. Respond directly to what Lady Gaga has said in her tweets.
  3. Direct replies are better than random @ mentions.
  4. Make your tweets stand out from the crowd.
  5. Time your tweets.
  6. Retweets are the Holy Grail.

1. FFS! Don’t Do “Follow Me” Tweets

The biggest mistake I see Little Monsters making is sending reams and reams of “Follow me” tweets to Mother Monster when she is online. Even if you don’t send heaps of follow me tweets yourself, I bet you know at least 10 tweeps that do spam your timeline with them, just as mine is spammed day after day.

I understand why people do it—you think that the more tweets you send the more likely she is to see and respond to one, which is true up to a point, but having watched who Mother Monster does follow and the tweets that come before the follow, it is hardly ever the follow me tweets that do it. That means that if your strategy for encouraging Lady Gaga to follow you on Twitter is the follow me one, it’s unlikely to work.

Why "Follow Me" Tweets Don't Work

I think the biggest reason that "Follow Me" tweets generally do not lead to follows from Lady Gaga is simply because there are so many of them! They are boring and repetitive. Our minds are conditioned to look for something different, something unique, and I imagine this is particularly true of Lady Gaga because she has such a creative mind, so when faced with thousands or hundreds of thousands of similar looking tweets it’s only natural for the mind to turn off and seek out the tweets that appeal to us–the ones that really speak to us.

There’s also a hint of selfishness with most of the "Follow Me" tweets I see. Lady Gaga tweets about her new single release for example and most of the "follow me" tweets completely ignore her message, in favor of you trying to get what you want. This is a bit like your best friend telling you something important about their life and you asking them over and over if they have some money they can lend you, while not even acknowledging what they have said! Why would Lady Gaga want to follow someone like that? Would you want a friend who behaved that way? I know I wouldn't.

Imagine that you are in a conversation with Lady Gaga.

Imagine that you are in a conversation with Lady Gaga.

2. Respond Directly to What Lady Gaga Has Said in Her Tweets

This leads on nicely to my next tip. Again, having looked at who Lady Gaga follows, and the tweets leading up to that follow, a large majority have been direct responses to what Lady Gaga has said in her tweet. And this makes a lot of sense! Although Twitter is definitely not real life (most people I know don’t talk in small character limits), think of it as a normal conversation with give and take. One person talks, then the other responds to what has been said—it's a two way thing.

You are much more likely to like and respond to someone who listens to you and responds to you—it's basic human nature—and so is Lady Gaga.

3. Direct Replies Are Better Than Random @ Mentions

Just for a moment, consider how many @ mentions Lady Gaga gets in a day. You only need to do a search for @ladygaga on Twitter to see that the number runs into the tens of thousands—and that is when Lady Gaga is not online! When she is online Twitter goes crazy and often crashes because of the number of @mentions to her. A conservative guess of how many mentions she gets in day would be around 100,000 which is far, far, far too many too read even for our superhuman Mother Monster.

A much better strategy than tweeting hundreds of @mentions, is to reply directly to Mother Monster's tweets—these have much more chance of being seen by her. She definitely does look at her replies and most of the Little Monster's follow backs come from her reading replies to her tweets. This was how I came to be followed in such a short space of time, but you will need to make sure your tweets stand out from the crowd.

4. Make Your Tweets Stand Out From the Crowd

So, we've talked about ditching the follow me tweets, replying directly to what Lady Gaga has tweeted as if you were in a conversation and using reply rather than @mentions, but what should you actually say in your tweet? How are you going to make your tweet stand out from the thousands of others on Lady Gaga's timeline?

This is a tricky question to answer because there is no precise solution. Essentially, what I did was to think about Lady Gaga, who she is and what she's into, and use that information to try to make a meaningful connection between us.

So, what do we know about Mother Monster and the things that are likely to resonate with her? Some of the things she loves include philosophy, poetry, art, politics, fashion, languages, and equality. If you're a hardcore Little Monster, I expect that you can easily come up with more things that Gaga is into and use your grey matter to make that all important connection with her.

Finding Meaningful Quotes

At the time, Lady Gaga followed me, gay marriage in New York was on the agenda and Gaga was tweeting a lot about her support of it. Since I'm bisexual, I'm also very interested in supporting gay rights and I wanted to show my support for her efforts by replying with something meaningful that was related to that topic, so I found some fantastic related quotes. Here's a general love quote I tweeted in reply to one of Gaga's:

Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law.

— Boethius, A.D. 524

I just had a feeling that would resonate with Mother Monster—and it did! She followed me straight afterwards! So, finding meaningful quotes on topics that are dear to Lady Gaga's heart (and yours too, if you want to be authentic) is one strategy you could use to increase your chances of getting followed back. If you're cleverer than me, you might even be able to come up with your own! Just remember to make sure that whatever you tweet, it responds directly to what Mother Monster has tweeted. Anything related to philosophy or art seems to be received particularly well, and we know for certain that Lady Gaga loves the work of Rilke.


Another thing I've noticed is that Lady Gaga loves praise (don't we all!), so offering sincere praise of her latest single, video, performance, or outfit is another excellent type of tweet to help you get noticed.

Timing is everything

Timing is everything

5. Time Your Tweets

Timing, timing, timing. I'm sure you've thought about when might be the best time to tweet to get noticed! Here are my observations and experiences of how to use timing to help you get followed by Lady Gaga. If Lady Gaga tweets when you are online, I'd suggest sending a couple of direct replies, but don’t go mad. More important than the quantity of your tweets is the quality of your tweets!

Spend time thinking about how to make your tweets stand out from the crowd and not get lost in the sea of "Follow Me's" and "I love you's" and all those other generic types of tweets that we see so many of. Top quality tweets are also more likely to get retweeted, which will also increase your chances of being seen by Mother Monster (see below).

You can also get noticed by replying to tweets that Lady Gaga sent hours ago—or yesterday. If you miss the initial rush of tweets when Lady Gaga is online, you may have a better chance of being followed anyway! With a little luck, your late tweet reply will be at the top of the list next time she logs on.

Another aspect of timing is learning when Lady Gaga is online most often. I've noticed that Gaga often tweets very late at night, which is actually my daytime (as I'm in the U.K.) and so you will have a better chance of being seen as there are far fewer people around on Twitter. Therefore, there's less competition for attention. I'm not saying you should be up all night every night, but if you're truly dedicated to getting Lady Gaga to follow you, it might be worth you staying up late now and again.

6. Retweets—The Holy Grail

Getting retweets can be very difficult. But, getting enough of them, both from other Lady Gaga followers (and, in particular, from people that Gaga follows), and it could propel your tweet nearer to the top of her timeline, making you much more visible as well as much more likely to be followed by Lady Gaga.

Of course, the more followers you have, the higher the chances of getting retweeted, but simply asking for an RT can help even if you don't have that many followers.

If you've come up with a meaningful, interesting, and/or funny tweet that you'd like Lady Gaga to see ask your followers to please retweet it. Asking for an RT, and using the words "please" and "you," substantially increases the chances of getting an RT.

Stomping TEOG Remix

Getting Into Mother Monster's Mind

So, Mother Monster is generous. We know she loves her Little Monsters. But, despite her huge and generous heart, a follow from her on Twitter is often extremely elusive. That is unless you use your brains, spend time thinking about things from Mother Monster’s perspective and create a strategy to increase your chances of a follow.

Which is exactly what I did!

Stop the Sheiße!

During my relatively short time on Twitter, I've seen some awful strategies used by Lady Gaga fans attempting to get her to follow back. These include a lot of sheiße—repetitive, follow me tweets, begging, plus other more base tactics.

The worst I’ve seen is a few fans trying to use emotional blackmail, which really is not nice, however you choose to look at it. You might feel like you want to die because Lady Gaga is not following you and you are really, truly, and deeply her biggest, mega-ist fan, but saying you are going to hurt or kill yourself if she doesn’t do as you want is really low in my book.

Using emotional blackmail on people we love (or even on people we don’t love), is not a cool or respectful way to go about things. If you truly do love and respect Lady Gaga, then you would not even consider emotional blackmail.

I joined Twitter on the May 26, 2011 after watching Gaga's amazing performance at Radio 1's Big Weekend. Lady Gaga followed me back on the June 18, 2011. So, it took me just over three weeks to “get” Lady Gaga to follow me on Twitter and I managed to achieve this by using some skills I happen to be blessed with.

I’m a 30 something geek with a lot of life experience and an analytic mind. Thinking strategically is one of my strengths and also being a trained Counselor helps me put myself in someone else’s shoes pretty easily. I was just "Born that Way."

If you’re starting to worry, because you don’t have the same traits as me, don’t. I’m going to share my strategy for how I dramatically increased my chances of getting Lady Gaga to follow me on Twitter and I hope it will help you achieve the same result. As a little monster, I know how much it means.

Top Tips for Getting Lady Gaga to Follow You on Twitter

Getting Lady Gaga to follow you on Twitter is not an exact science and I won’t lie to you—there is quite a lot of luck involved, but as you will see there are things you can do to dramatically increase the chances of getting a follow. This guide will teach all the things I have learned and how I made my dream come true and got Lady Gaga to follow me on Twitter in less than a month.

Initially, I spent a lot of time understanding how Twitter works, analyzing who Lady Gaga does follow, and thinking about who she is as a person. And, during that time, I noticed some things that work a lot better than others. In fact, they worked so well that Lady Gaga followed my Twitter account in just over three weeks of me registering. Was it luck? A little. Was it planned? A lot!

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

— Seneca

I pieced together the little bits of information and voila, my dream came true. Yours can too if you follow the advice I’m about to give.

I hope my guide to getting Lady Gaga to follow you on Twitter gets the desired result for you! Let me know if it works as well for you as it did for me. If you have any other Twitter tips you'd like to share with others, or have a story about how you got Lady Gaga to follow you, feel free to leave a comment! I may even put your suggestions into the article!


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