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Goth Bands: Best 30 Gothic Bands of All Time

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Ray has been an online music writer for over four years. Having sung in multiple competitions as a youth, he has a passion for the art.

Greatest Goth Bands of All Time

Greatest Goth Bands of All Time

The Best 30 Goth Bands of All Time

This article explores the list of the best and most famous Goth bands and groups of all time. It features a wide variety of gothic music, including everything from post-punk music to gothic rock music.

1. Bauhaus

Genres: Gothic Rock, Post-Punk

Year Formed: 1978

Members: Daniel Ash (guitar, saxophone), Peter Murphy (vocals), Kevin Haskins (drums), David J. (bass)

Facts About Bauhaus

  • Bauhaus, called initially as Bauhaus 1919, is an English rock band from Northampton, England formed in 1978.
  • Bauhaus is the Godfather of goth music.
  • The band's musical style features a vampiric and gloomy sound mixed with an extra dose of darkness.
  • One of the group's most famous single was "Bela Lugosi's Dead," which started the goth anthem.

Albums: In the Flat Field (1980), Mask (1981), The Sky's Gone Out (1982), Burning from the Inside (1983), Go Away White (2008)

2. The Cure

Genres: Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Alternative Rock, New Wave

Year Formed: 1978

Members: Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Roger O'Donnell, Jason Cooper, Reeves Gabrels, Michael Dempsey, Matthieu Hartley, Andy Anderson, Phil Thornalley, Lol Tolhurst, Boris Williams, Perry Bamonte, Pearl Thompson

Facts About The Cure

  • The Cure is one of the best English goth rock bands from England known for their post-punk and new wave music style.
  • The band started to adapt the gothic rock genre on their second studio album Seventeen Seconds in 1980, where they used dark style of music.
  • Some of the popular songs from The Cure are "Friday I'm In Love," "Lovesong," "Just Like Heaven," and "Let's Go to Bed."
  • The group won the British Video of the Year for their single "Lullaby."
  • The Cure received the International Achievement Award in 2001.
  • Other notable awards of the band were the Godlike Genius Award in 2009, Best Festival Headliner in 2020, and the Q Inspiration Award in 2003.
  • The group's musical style is a blend of dreamy and gloomy vibe.

Albums: Three Imaginary Boys (1979), Seventeen Seconds (1980), Faith (1981), Pornography (1982), The Top (1984), The Head on the Door (1985), Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (1987), Disintegration (1989), Wish (1992), Wild Mood Swings (1996), Bloodflowers (2000), The Cure (2004), 4:13 Dream (2008)

3. The Sisters of Mercy

Genres: Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, New Wave

Year Formed: 1980

Members: Andrew Eldritch, Ben Christo, Dylan Smith

Facts About The Sisters of Mercy

  • The Sisters of Mercy is an English rock band from Leeds, England formed by Gary Marx and Andrew Eldritch.
  • The band achieved fame during the mid-1980s until the early 1990s.
  • The band stopped releasing singles/albums when they fought with their record label company Warner Music Group Corp. (WEA)
  • The band’s musical style includes dark rock, punk, psychedelic rock, and even metal sound.

Albums: First and Last and Always (1985), Floodland (1987), Vision Thing (1990)

4. Siouxsie and the Banshees

Genres: Post-Punk, Alternative Rock, Gothic Rock, New Wave

Year Formed: 1976

Members: Siouxsie Sioux, Steven Severin, Marco Pirroni, Sid Vicious, Kenny Morris, Pete Fenton, John McKay, Budgie, Robert Smith, John McGeoch, John Valentine Carruthers, Martin McCarrick, Jon Klein, Knox Chandler

Facts About Siouxsie and the Banshees

  • Siouxsie and the Banshees is a British rock band from London, England.
  • The two founders of Siouxsie and the Banshees were Siouxsie Sioux and Steven Severin.
  • The band was one of the most daring and uncompromising musical voyagers of the post-punk era.
  • One of their most notable albums was the Kaleidoscope that reached #5 on the U.K. Albums Chart in 1980.
  • Another single from Siouxsie and the Banshees that influenced on the gothic scene was Juju.
  • During 1991, the group achieved a mainstream hit in the United States with their single “Kiss Them for Me.”

Albums: The Scream (1978), Join Hands (1979), Kaleidoscope (1980), Juju (1981), A Kiss in the Dreamhouse (1982), Hyæna (1984), Tinderbox (1986), Through the Looking Glass (1987), Peepshow (1988), Superstition (1991), The Rapture (1995)

5. Type O Negative

Genres: Gothic Metal, Doom Metal

Year Formed: 1989

Members: Peter Steele, Kenny Hickey, Josh Silver, Sal Abruscato, Johnny Kelly

Facts About Type O Negative

  • Type O Negative often referred to as “The Drab Four,” is an American gothic metal band from New York.
  • Their musical themes focus on romance, depression, and even death.
  • Two of their best studio album compilations were Blood Kisses that went platinum and October Rust that went gold.
  • One of their most performed and recorded cover songs was “Light My Fire” by The Doors.

Albums: Slow, Deep and Hard (1991), The Origin of the Feces (1992), Bloody Kisses (1993), October Rust (1996), World Coming Down (1999), Life Is Killing Me (2003), Dead Again (2007)

6. Joy Division

Genres: Post-Punk, Gothic Rock

Year Formed: 1976

Members: Ian Curtis, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris

Facts About Joy Division

  • Joy Division is an English rock band from England.
  • The band started their musical style with generic punk and evolved to post-punk, a broad genre of rock music.
  • One of their highest-charting releases was “Love Will Tear Us Apart” from their second and final album Closer. The group signed under Factory Records after the release of their self-released debut EP An Ideal for Living.

Albums: Unknown Pleasures (1979), Closer (1980)

7. Fields of the Nephilim

Genres: Gothic Rock

Year Formed: 1984

Members: Carl McCoy, Gav King, Adam Leach, Tony Pettitt, Lee Newell, John' Capachino' Carter, Paul Wright, Alexander' Nod' Wright, Peter Yates, Gary Wisker

Facts About Fields of Nephilim

  • Fields of the Nephilim is an English gothic rock band from England formed in 1984.
  • The band's name came from the Bible's race of giants or angel-human hybrids called Nephilim.
  • Fields of the Nephilim is one of the most influential genres of gothic rock.

Albums: Dawnrazor (1987), The Nephilim (1988), Elizium (1990), Earth Inferno (1991), Fallen (2002), Mourning Sun (2005), Ceromonies (2012)

8. Alien Sex Friend

Genres: Gothic Rock, Death Rock, Industrial, Post-Punk

Year Formed: 1982

Members: Nik Fiend, Mrs Fiend, Yaxi Highrizer, Johnny Ha-Ha, Rat Fink Jr., Doc Milton

Facts About Alien Sex Friend

  • Alien Sex Friend is an English goth rock band from London, England.
  • The band had been very successful up to 1987 garnering Top 20 UK Indie Charts positions for their five albums and 12 singles.
  • The band became popular in the gothic section with their dark, electronic remixes.
  • The group's first good impression in the UK music press was when they recorded a cassette with Youth of Killing Joke.

Albums: Who's Been Sleeping in My Brain (1983), Acid Bath (1984), Maximum Security (1985), "It" the Album (1986), Here Cum Germs (1987), Another Planet (1988), Curse (1990), Open Head Surgery (1992), Inferno (1994), Nocturnal Emissions (1997), Information Overload (2004), Death Trip (2010), Possessed (2018)

9. Modern English

Genres: New Wave, Post-Punk

Year Formed: 1979

Members: Robbie Grey, Gary McDowell, Michael Conroy, Stephen Walker (keyboardist), Roy Martin, Richard Brown, Aaron Davidson, Steven Walker (guitarist), Matthew Shipley, Ric Chandler

Facts About Modern English

  • Modern English is an English new wave/post-punk band from England.
  • The band's most outstanding singles are "I Melt with You," "Hands Across the Sea," and "Ink and Paper."
  • The band has a history of disbanding multiple times.
  • Modern English's old name was The Lepers.

Albums: Mesh & Lace (1981), After the Snow (1982), Ricochet Days (1984), Stop Start (1986), Pillow Lips (1990), Everything's Mad (1996), Soundtrack (2010), Take Me to the Trees (2016)

10. The Birthday Party

Genres: Post-Punk, Garage Rock, Gothic Rock, Noise Music

Year Formed: 1976

Members: Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Tracy Pew, Phill Calvert, Rowland S. Howard

Facts About The Birthday Party

  • The Birthday Party is an Australian post-punk band.
  • The band was one of the darkest and most challenging post-punk rock bands during the 80s.
  • Their goth musical style resembles violence and perversion.
  • The group’s most iconic single was “Release the Bats,” which became influential on the gothic scene.

Albums: Door, Door (1979), The Birthday Party (1980), Prayers on Fire (1981), Junkyard (1982)

11. Virgin Prunes

Genres: Post-Punk

Year Formed: 1977

Members: Gavin Friday, Guggi, Dik Evans, Dave-iD Busaras, Strongman, Pod, Haa-Lacka Binttii, Mary D'Nellon

Facts About Virgin Prunes

  • Virgin Prunes is an Irish post-punk goth band formed in 1977.
  • The band was the most overly subversive gothic rock group ever.
  • The group was popular with their outrageous live performances.

Albums: If I Die, I Die (1982), The Moon Looked Down and Laughed (1986), The Hidden Lie (1987), Sons Find Devils (1986), A New Form of Beauty Parts 1-4 (1983), Over the Rainbow (1985), Artfuck: A Compilation of Rarities (1993)

12. Cocteau Twins

Genres: Dream Pop, Ethereal Wave, Gothic Rock, Post-Punk

Year Formed: 1979

Members: Elizabeth Fraser, Robin Guthrie, Will Heggie, Simon Raymonde

Facts About Cocteau Twins

  • Cocteau Twins is a Scottish rock band formed in 1979.
  • Cocteau Twins is the pioneer of alternative rock, which is a sub-genre of dream pop.
  • Cocteau Twins’ most excellent single is “Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops,” reaching #29 on the U.K. Singles Chart.
  • The two persons behind the goth band are Guthrie and Heggie, both from Scotland.

Albums: Garlands (1982), Head over Heels (1983), Treasure (1984), Victorialand (1986), Blue Bell Knoll (1988), Heaven or Las Vegas (1990), Four-Calendar Café (1993), Milk & Kisses (1996)

13. The Damned

Genres: Punk Rock, Gothic Rock, Post-Punk

Year Formed: 1976

Members: Dave Vanian, Captain Sensible, Monty Oxymoron, Paul Gray, Brian James, Rat Scabies, Lu Edmonds, Algy Ward, Roman Jugg, Bryn Merrick, Paul Shepley, Kris Dollimore, Spike T. Smith, Alan Lee Shaw, Moose Harris, Garrie, Dreadful, Patricia Morrison, Stu West, Pinch

Facts About The Damned

  • The Damned is an English rock band from London, England, in 1976.
  • The Damned was one of the first gothic punk rock bands from the United Kingdom to release a single.
  • The band's first single release was entitled "New Rose."
  • The group has nine songs that charted on the U.K. Singles Top 40 Chart.
  • The band's first album to make it on the U.K. Official Top 10 Chart was So, Who's Paranoid?.

Albums: Damned Damned Damned (1977), Music for Pleasure (1977), Machine Gun Etiquette (1979), The Black Album (1980), Strawberries (1982), Phantasmagoria (1985), Anything (1986), Not of This Earth (1995), Grave Disorder (2001), So, Who's Paranoid (2008), Evil Spirits (2018)

14. Clan of Xymox

Genres: Electronic Rock, Gothic Rock, New Wave, Dark Wave

Year Formed: 1981

Members: Ronny Moorings, Mojca Zugna, Mario Usai, Sean Göbel, Pieter Nooten, Anka Wolbert, Frank Weyzig, Willem van Antwerpen, Tom Ashton, Sharon Soffner, Rob Vonk, Nina Simic, Rui Ramos, Lilah, Paul Whittlesea, Denise Dijkstra, Agnes Jasper, Yvonne de Ray

Facts About Clan of Xymox

  • Clan of Xymox is a Dutch rock band formed in 1981.
  • The band is a trio of songwriters famous for their musical style, a mix of electronic rock and gothic rock.
  • Some of the goth band’s hits are “Blind Hearts” and “Obsession.”
  • Their single “Obsession” got a position on the Billboard’s Alternative Songs Chart and Billboard Club Play Chart.
  • The band’s most successful album was Twist of Shadows, with over 300,000 sold copies worldwide.
  • The band’s career peak was when they released their third single “Imagination.”

Albums: Clan of Xymox (1985), Medusa (1986), Twist of Shadows (1989), Phoenix (1991), Metamorphosis (1992), Headclouds (1993), Hidden Faces (1997), Creatures (2006), Notes from the Underground (2001), Farewell (2003), Breaking Point (2006), In Love We Trust (2009), Darkest Hour (2011), Matters of Mind, Body & Soul (2014), Days of Black (2017), Spider on the Wall (2020)

15. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Genres: Alternative Rock, Experimental Rock, Art Rock, Post-Punk, Gothic Rock

Year Formed: 1983

Members: Nick Cave, Thomas Wydler, Martyn P. Casey, Jim Sclavunos, Warren Ellis, George Vjestica, Toby Dammit, Mick Harvey, Barry Adamson, Blixa Bargeld, Hugo Race, Anita Lane, Kid Congo Powers, Conway Savage, Roland Wolf, James Johnston, Ed Kuepper

Facts About Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is am Australian Gothic rock band formed in 1983 by Nick Cave, an Australian singer-songwriter.
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds was one of the most original and celebrated Goth bands of the post-punk and alternative rock genres in the 80s.
  • The band received multiple ARIA Awards from 1996 to 2013, including the Song of the Year, Single of the Year, ARIA Hall of Fame, and the Best Adult Contemporary Album.
  • The group's single "Where the Wild Roses Grow" won the Song of the Year, Single of the Year, and Best Pop Released at the 1996 ARIA Music Awards.
  • The band won the Best Male Artist Award at the 2001 ARIA Awards.
  • The band was a nominee for multiple Australian Music Prize (AMP) Awards.

Albums: From Her to Eternity (1984), The Firstborn Is Dead (1985), Kicking Against the Pricks (1986), Your Funeral My Trial (1986), Tender Prey (1988), The Good Son (1990), Henry's Dream (1992), Let Love In (1994), Murder Ballads (1996), The Boatman's Call (1997), No More Shall We Part (2001), Nocturama (2003), Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus (2004), Dig, Lazarus, Dig (2008), Push the Sky Away (2013), Skeleton Tree (2016), Ghosteen (2019)

16. Death Cult

Genres: Hard Rock, West Yorkshire, Post-Punk, Gothic Rock

Year Formed: 1983

Members: Ian Astbury, Billy Duffy, John Tempesta, Grant Fitzpatrick, Damon Fox

Facts About Death Cult

  • Death Cult often referred to as The Cult, is a British rock band from England, United Kingdom.
  • The band got its breakthrough moment in the United States in the late 1980s.
  • Death Cult is a hard rock band with popular singles “Love Removal,” “Machine,” and “Fire Woman.”
  • The band’s musical sound features guitar-orchestrations, post-punk Goth rock, and hardcore punk revivalists.

Albums: Dreamtime (1984), Love (1985), Electric (1987), Sonic Temple (1989), Ceremony (1991), The Cult (1994), Beyond Good and Evil (2001), Born into This (2007), Choice of Weapon (2012), Hidden City (2016)

17. Sex Gang Children

Genres: Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Death Rock

Year Formed: 1982

Members: Andi Sex Gang, Terry MacLeay, Rob Stroud, Kevin Matthews, Matthew Saw, Dave Roberts, Steve Harle, Nigel Preston, Ray Mondo, Bob Thompson, Cam Campbell, Lester Jones, Gerrard Santana, Adrian Portas, Karl Magnussen

Facts About Sex Gang Children

  • Sex Gang Children is an English gothic rock and post-punk band from London, England.
  • Sex Gang Children is one of the most well-known early Goth bands in the 1990s.
  • The group’s first name was Panic Buttons.
  • The band has multiple singles that charted on the U.K. Indie Chart from the 1990s to the 2000s.

Albums: Song and Legend (1983), Blind (1992), Medea (1993), The Wrath of God (2000), Bastard Art (2002), Viva Vigilante! (2013)

18. The Chameleons

Year Formed: 1981

Members: Reg Smithies, Dave Fielding, Mark Burgess, Brian Schofield, John Lever, Martin Jackson, Alistair Lewthwaite, Andy Clegg, Kwasi Asante

Facts About The Chameleons

  • The Chameleons is an English post-punk band from Manchester formed in 1981.
  • The band’s full name is The Chameleons UK due to prior claim of The Chameleons name.
  • The band disbanded after the death of their manager.
  • Although the group did not receive commercial success, they developed a cult following who wholeheartedly supported their music.
  • The Chameleons’ musical style is a guitar-based sound and very distinctive.

Albums: Script of the Bridge (1983), What Does Anything Mean? Basically (1985), Strange Times (1986), Why Call It Anything (2001), Strip (2000), This Never Ending Now (2002)

19. The Legendary Pink Dots

Genres: Avant Rock, Experimental, Neo-Psychedelia, Ambient, Post-Punk, Industrial, Noise Rock, Synthpop, Industrial Rock

Year Formed: 1980

Members: Edward Ka-Spel, Phil Knight, Erik Drost, Raymond Steeg

Facts About The Legendary Pink Dots

  • The Legendary Pink Dots is an Anglo-Dutch experimental rock band from London formed in 1980.
  • The band released over 40 albums with so many dedicated fans globally.
  • The Legendary Pink Dots' first band name was One Day.
  • The group's current name was inspired by pink dots present on specific keys of their studio piano.

Albums: Only Dreaming (1981), Kleine Krieg (1981), Brighter Now (1982), Atomic Roses (1982), Premonition (1982), Apparition (1982), Basilisk (1982), Chemical Playschool 3 & 4 (1983), Curse (1983), The Tower (1984), Asylum Play It Again Sam (1985), Prayer For Aradia (1985), Island Of Jewels (1986), Any Day Now (1988), The Golden Age (1989), Four Days (1990), Crushed Velvet Apocalypse (1990), The Maria Dimension (1991), Shadow Weaver (1992), Malachai (1992), 9 Lives to Wonder (1994), From Here You'll Watch the World Go By (1995), Hallway of the Gods (1997), Nemesis Online Soleilmoon (1998), A Perfect Mystery (2000), All the King's Horses (2002), All the King's Men (2002), Poppy Variations (2004), The Whispering Wall (2004), Your Children Placate You from Premature Graves (2006), Alchemical Playschool (2006), Plutonium Blonde (2008), Seconds Late for the Brighton Line (2010), The Creature That Tasted Sound (2012), Taos Hum (2013), The Gethsemane Option (2013), Code Noir (2013), The Curse of Marie Antoinette (2013), 109 (2014), The Seismic Bleats Of Quantum Sheep (2015), Five Days (2015), 5 Days Instrumentals (2015), Pages Of Aquarius (2016), 8118 (2018), Angel in the Detail (2019)

20. Gene Loves Jezebel

Genres: Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, New Wave, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Hard Rock

Year Formed: 1980

Members: Jay Aston, James Stevenson, Peter Rizzo, Robert Adam, Chris Bell, Michael Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel, Michael Aston, Gabe Treiyer, Michael Ciravolo, Pando Switch, Laurent Sanchez, Marcus Gilvear, Chad Mac Donald, Chris Declercq, Troy Patrick Farrell, Dirk Doucette, James Chater, Steve Radmall, Richard Hawkins, John Murphy, Joel Patterson, Francois Perez, Ian Hudson, Julianne Regan, Albi DeLuca, Jean-Marc Lederman, Stephen Marshall

Facts About Gene Loves Jezebel

  • Gene Loves Jezebel is a British goth rock band formed in the early 1980s.
  • Some of the most popular singles of the band are "Heartache," "Desire," "The Motion of Love," and "Break the Chain."
  • The band's name came from Gene Vincent, an American rock and roll musician, and his single "Jezebel."
  • Most of his singles charted on the U.K. Chart, U.K. Indie Chart, U.S. Chart, and the Alternative Airplay.

Albums: Promise (1983), Immigrant (1985), Discover (1986), The House of Dolls (1987), Kiss of Life (1990), Heavenly Bodies (1993), In the Afterglow (1995), VII (1999), Love Lies Bleeding (1999), Giving Up the Ghost (2001), Accept No Substitute (2002), Exploding Girls (2003), The Thornfield Sessions (2003), The Dog House Sessions (2004), Anthology (2006), Dead Sexy (2009), Dance Underwater (2017)

21. Dead Can Dance

Genres: Neoclassical Dark Wave, Art Rock, Gothic Rock, Post-Punk

Year Formed: 1981

Members: Lisa Gerrard, Brendan Perry, Paul Erikson, Simon Monroe, James Pinker, Scott Rodger, Richard Yale, Peter Ulrich

Facts About Dead Can Dance

  • Dead Can Dance is an Australian music duo relocated to London after its birth.
  • The two band members are Lisa Gerrard, an Australian musician, singer, and composer, and Brendan Perry, a British singer and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Dead Can Dance's musical style features soundscapes of fascinating majesty and sincere sound, including African polyrhythms, art rock, and Gregorian chant.
  • The group's single "Hope Downs" got nominated for the Australian Music Prize Award, an annual recognition award of $30,000 given to an Australian band/solo artist.

Albums: Dead Can Dance (1984), Spleen and Ideal (1985), Within the Realm of a Dying Sun (1987), The Serpent's Egg (1988), Aion (1990), Into the Labyrinth (1993), Spiritchaser (1996), Anastasis (2012), Dionysus (2018)

22. Skeletal Family

Genres: Post-Punk, Gothic Rock

Year Formed: 1982

Members: Stan Greenwood, Roger "Trotwood" Nowell, Hannah Small, Adrian Osadzenko, Ian "Karl Heinz" Taylor, Steve Crane, Howard Daniels, Martin Henderson, Richard "Dik" Hawkins, Kevin Hunter, John Clarke, Katrina Phillips, Claire Bannister, Johnny Lorrimer, Owen Richards

Facts About Skeletal Family

  • Skeletal Family is an English rock band from West Yorkshire.
  • The band members of Skeletal Family are members who remained from an earlier group called The Elements.
  • The group's current name came from David Bowie's single "Change of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family.

Albums: Burning Oil (1984), Futile Combat (1985), Sakura (2005), Songs of Love, Hope & Despair (2009)

23. Christian Death

Genres: Gothic Rock, Death Rock, Art Punk

Year Formed: 1979

Members: Valor Kand, Maitri, Jason Frantz, Rozz Williams, Jay, James McGearty, George Belanger, Rikk Agnew, Gitane Demone, David Glass, Constance Smith, Randy Wilde, Barry Galvin, Johann Schumann, Johnnie Sage, James Beam, Kota, PJ Phillips, Nick the Bastard, Ian Thompson, Casey Chaos, Eva O, David Melford, Listo, William Faith, Stevyn Grey, Kris Kohls, Steven "Devine" Wright, Flick Fuck, Will Sarginson, Nate Hassan, Tiia, Gian Peres

Facts About Christian Death

  • Christian Death is an American gothic rock band from Orange County, California.
  • The band's most popular album was their debut album Theatre of Pain.
  • The group was undeniably influential in the development of the music genre, Deathrock.
  • Christian Death was the inspiration of the bands Kommunity FK and 45 Grave.

Albums: Only Theatre of Pain (1982), Catastrophe Ballet (1984), Ashes (1985), The Wind Kissed Pictures (1985), Atrocities (1986), The Scriptures (1987), Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ (1988), All the Love All the Hate (Part One: All the Love) (1989), All the Love All the Hate (Part Two: All the Hate) (1989), Insanus, Ultio, Proditio, Misericordiaque (1990), The Iron Mask (1992), The Path of Sorrows (1993), The Rage of Angels (1994), Sexy Death God (1994), Prophecies (1996), Pornographic Messiah (1998), Born Again Anti-Christian (2000), American Inquisition (2007), The Root of All Evilution (2015)

24. London after Midnight (LAM)

Genres: Gothic Rock, Dark Wave, Industrial Rock

Year Formed: 1990

Members: Sean Brennan, Pete Pace, Matthew Setzer, Michael Areklett

Facts About London After Midnight

  • London After Midnight (LAM) is a gothic rock band from Los Angles California formed by Sean Brennan, a songwriter, and instrumentalist.
  • The band has a considerable cult following globally, especially in the gothic scene.
  • The band’s founder Sean Brennan promotes their music by showing his support to animal and human rights issues and liberal politics.

Albums: Selected Scenes from the End of the World (1992), Psycho Magnet (1996), Oddities (1998), Violent Acts of Beauty (2007)

25. Tones on Tail

Genres: Post-Punk, Gothic Rock

Year Formed: 1982

Members: Daniel Ash, Glenn Campling, Kevin Haskins

Facts About Tones on Tail

  • Tones on Tail are a British post-punk band from Northampton, England, formed in 1982.
  • Tones on Tail was initially a musical side project of Daniel Gaston Ash, an English musician, songwriter, and singer of Bauhaus.
  • Critics describe the musical style of Tones on Tail as doom and dance-pop.
  • Daniel Ash’s original plan for Tones on Tail was initially a duo with his art school friend, Glenn Campling, who happened to be in the Bauhaus crew.
  • The band’s name came from the fact the calibration tones were recorded on the Tail of open-reel recording or reel-to-reel audiotape recording.

Albums: Pop (1984), Tones on Tail (1985), Night Music (1987), Tones on Tail (1990), Everything! (1998), Weird Pop (2011)

26. The Danse Society

Genres: Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Dark Wave, Synthpop, New Wave

Year Formed: 1980

Members: Maethelyiah, Paul Nash, Jack Cooper, Sam Bollands, Tom Davenport, Paul Gilmartin, David Whitaker, Steve Rawlings, Lyndon Scarfe, Timothy Wright, Iain Hunter, Joss Rylance

Facts About The Danse Society

  • The Danse Society is an English gothic rock band from Barnsley, England.
  • Their first studio album entitled Seduction peaked at #3 on the U.K. Indie Chart in 1982.
  • Another excellent studio album released by The Danse Society was Heaven Is Waiting that reached #39 on the U.K. Albums Chart.

Albums: Seduction (1982), Heaven Is Waiting (1983), Looking Through (1986), Change of Skin (2011), Scarey Tales (2013), VI (2015)

27. Cindytalk

Genres: Experimental, Post-Punk

Year Formed: 1982

Members: Cindy Sharp, David Ros, Melanie Clifford, Tim Goldie, Kenneth Wilson, Lucy Duncombe, John Byrne, David Clancy, Matt Kinnison, Alex Wright, Debbie Wright, Kevin Rich, Sherrill Crosby, Paul Middleton, Gary Jeff, Daniel Knowler, Paul Jones

Facts About Cindytalk

  • Cindytalk is an experimental music project by Cindy Sharp, a Scottish singer, musician, and producer.
  • As Cindytalk moved to London, they started making darker sounds of post-punk and industrial music.
  • Cindy Sharp formed Cindytalk with the guitarist David Clancy from another punk wave band called The Freeze.

Albums: Camouflage Heart (1984), In This World (1988), The Wind Is Strong (1990), Wappinschaw (1995), The Crackle of My Soul (2009), Up Here in the Clouds (2010), The Poetry of Decay (2010), Hold Everything Dear (2011), A Life Is Everywhere (2013), touchedRAWKISSEDsour (2014), The Labyrinth of the Straight Line (2016)

28. Skinny Puppy

Genres: Industrial, Electro-Industrial, Industrial Rock, EBM

Year Formed: 1982

Members: Cevin Key, Nivek Ogre, Mark Walk, Dwayne Goettel, Dave "Rave" Ogilvie, Al Jourgensen, Bill Leeb, William Morrison

Facts About Skinny Puppy

  • Skinny Puppy is a Canadian industrial music group from British Columbia formed in 1982.
  • The band is the founder of electro-industrial and industrial rock genres.
  • The band became full-time when they added Nivek Ogre, a Canadian musician, and performance artist.
  • The group's musical style features industrial, funk, noise, new wave, electro, and rock music garnering a dedicated following worldwide.

Albums: Bites (1985), Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse (1986), Cleanse Fold and Manipulate (1987), VIVIsectVI (1988), Rabies (1989), Too Dark Park (1990), Last Rights (1992), The Process (1996), The Greater Wrong of the Right (2004), Mythmaker (2007), hanDover (2011), Weapon (2013)

29. Killing Joke

Genres: Post-Punk, Industrial Rock, Gothic Rock, New Wace, Synth-pop, Industrial Meta

Year Formed: 1978

Members: Jaz Coleman, Geordie Walker, Youth, Paul Ferguson, Paul Raven, Martin Atkins, Dave "Taif" Ball, Geoff Dugmore, Ben Calvert

Facts About Killing Joke

  • Killing Joke is an English rock band from London, England.
  • The band's original musical style features post-punk and industrial rock until they progressed and developed to gothic rock, synthpop, and electronic music.
  • Killing Joke was an inspiration for the bands/artists like Metallica, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, and Soundgarden.

Albums: Killing Joke (1980), What's THIS For...! (1981), Revelations (1982), Fire Dances (1983), Night Time (1985), Brighter than a Thousand Suns (1986), Outside the Gate (1988), Extremities, Dirt and Various Repressed Emotions (1990), Pandemonium (1994), Democracy (1996), Killing Joke (2003), Hosannas from the Basements of Hell (2006), Absolute Dissent (2010), MMXII (2012), Pylon (2015)

30. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Genres: Gothic Rock, Post-Punk

Year Formed: 1981

Members: Chris Reed, Dave Wolfenden, Ding Archer, Martin Henderson, Mark Sweeney, Mark Chillington, Martin Fagan, Paul Southern, Steve Smith, Mick Brown, Chris Oldroyd, Gary Weight, Martin Scott, Leon Phillips, Mark Hubbard, Marcus Ellis

Facts About Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

  • Red Lorry Yellow Lorry is an English post-punk band from Leeds, England.
  • The band’s musical style features powerful bass, pounding electronic drum machine, and guitar drone.
  • The band later developed in producing gothic rock music, although they denied their association with goth and preferred to cite Wire, an English rock band, as an influence.

Albums: Talk about the Weather (1985), Paint Your Wagon (1986), Smashed Hits (1987), Nothing Wrong (1988), Blow (1989), Blasting Off (1991), The Singles 1982 – 87 (1994), Generation (1994), The Very Best Of (2000), Nothing Wrong / Blow (2001), See The Fire (2014)

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