Darling Twig: Canadian Folk/Roots Band Profiled

Updated on January 12, 2018
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Karl has been a freelance writer for over 10 years. He's passionate about music, art, and writing!

Darling Twig presents music that seeks to tell stories, create emotion and touch on collective humanity with a harmonic blend of their voices. The trio was started when Belinda met up with Kristina Blackwood (vocals) at university through casual friends. At that point, Kristina introduced her to Andrea Klymochko (viola, vocals). Belinda asked Kristina to sing with her after hearing her voice. She says, “She said she didn’t really sing. I asked her to sing anyways and we kept writing songs and harmonizing. Andrea joined in a year later!”

The musical tapestry that the group weaves comes from their diverse musical influences. Belinda points out, “We all listen to a lot of different kinds of music. Some of my personal favourite styles include indie pop, R & B, or alt pop, and of course acoustic singer songwriters accompanied by a guitar or piano, and folk music as we know it today (Appalachian folk influences us a lot).”

Belinda says that each member of the band brings in their own musical backgrounds as well. She says, “Andrea played music in a string quartet for years and is classically trained so she brings in that element, I went to university for music for a couple of years and majored in voice as my instrument and Kristina has trained her voice and has learned to play different instruments through being in this band!”

Darling Twig’s creative process starts when she brings in the music and lyrics that she’s written for the group. Belinda explains, “I present it to the others. They will create their own parts or perhaps we will all add and change things around to make it a unified thing. We go over harmonies, the intro and ending, and how each part relates to each other to make it stand out. We also think about the purpose of each song and what we are trying to convey through the lyrics or through the feel of the sound.”

There are several challenges that Belinda talks about when it comes to being independent musicians in today’s music industry. She says, “It’s a lot of your own effort when you’re playing independently. It takes effort to go out and seek opportunities, network, market the band and be constantly putting yourselves out there.”

She adds, “Sometimes it’s a race against time because if you work on top of playing in a band then it can’t always be your first priority during the day. You have to prioritize it, plan around your day to make time to practice and plan out your next moves.”

Being part of the folk music scene brings with it a strong sense of history for Belinda. She points out, “When you play you feel as though you are calling on the stories and the sounds of all of those incredible musicians who have walked this path before you. I also love that while there is a traditional folk sound, it has changed and influenced so many other kinds of music that exists today.”

Another issue for music right now is how quickly it’s changing. Belinda says, “Even how we refer to music with all its sub-genres can be a really positive thing. Perhaps one challenge is that when you stretch it out too thinly as an artist, you sometimes fit into all the genres at the same time!”

In the future, Belinda says the band has some goals they hope to reach. She explains, “We would love to do a small grassroots kind of tour. The kind where you can really just share your lyrics and have the space for reflection because it’s meaningful and hope that people will connect with what you are trying say. We would also like to put out a few more videos for our YouTube channel!”

Simply making music together is highly motivational for all of the members of Darling Twig. Belinda says, “I think a love for playing music together is super motivating! It’s calming and so different than anything else that we each do with our time, especially since we work full-time hours in our regular jobs. Our time together allows us to embrace creativity and bring in our own relationship with music and what it means to each of us. We each get to express our experiences and make something compelling that will hopefully influence or inspire someone else on their journey whatever that may be.”

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      • AliciaC profile image

        Linda Crampton 

        2 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        The group produces an interesting sound which I'd like to explore further. Thanks for introducing the trio to me.


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