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Biography of Brandon Colbein Skeie—Singer and Songwriter

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Brian Colbein Skeie

Brian Colbein Skeie

Since you’ve come to this post, I’m guessing that you’re probably familiar with Brandon Colbein Skeie’s musical works. Well, I did not know about this talented singer until 4th February 2020 when I came across him on Twitter.

For several days, I was watching a TV series called “Whiskey Cavalier”, which has John Newman’s “Love Me Again” as the theme song. I hadn’t heard that amazing tune for a while, so I decided to check it out on YouTube. From there I chose to share it on Twitter just to remind people of the timeless jam. The next day, I logged into my Twitter account and what I found was amazing. John Newman himself and several other people had liked my tweet, and I felt pretty awesome. In addition, I noticed Brandon Colbein had followed my account, and I could tell he’s a celebrity, because of the blue tick next to his account name. I was surprised and humbled by the gesture, because I’m just an ordinary person. It was super nice.

Anyhow, I looked into Colbein’s Twitter account to see what he was about, and I realized that he’s a singer from the US. I also checked out some of his YouTube videos, and frankly, I was blown away. He’s a very talented singer and songwriter, and I’ve always had this special liking to white guys who can sing.

Here, I look at Brandon Colbein Skeie’s biography and musical career.

Brandon Colbein Skeie Biography

Brandon Colbein Skeie is a professional singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California, USA. He was born on February 6, 1993, in Sacramento, California.

Colbein first gained the attention of music lovers in 2016 after his hit single “So Bad”, which caught the attention of almost 8 million people globally. The song was prominently featured by industry giants, such as Paper Magazine, Billboard, Huffington Post and MTV. The organizations highlighted his robust singing voice, storytelling, and commitment to mental health awareness and self-care.

In the summer of 2016, Colbein entered a major publishing deal under Justin Tranter’s and Katie Vinten’s mentorship and Warner Chappell Music’s publishing. From there, Colbein began to concentrate on writing tracks for other talented artists. He’s written songs for numerous artists, including Zayn Malik, Terror Jr., Khelani, Hayley Kiyoko, Liam Payne and Bea Miller.

Brandon Colbein Skeie Songs

While Brandon Colbein Skeie is a prominent songwriter in the music industry, he has also released his own songs over the years. The following are some of his catchy singles.

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1. "Mess" (2020)

Brandon Colbein’s “Mess” single describes a painful breakup. His voice is on-point on all the verses and the chorus. The melody and beat give the track a back and forth feel which is exactly how people usually feel in emotional distress. From the song’s arrangement, vocals, and songwriting, it’s clear to see that Colbein is highly talented.

2. "Mad" (2019)

Without a doubt, Brandon Colbein’s voice is beautiful, and he has a talent for composing songs. In the “Mad” track, the singer is telling a story of how he feels mad at a lover who hurt him. It’s a highly emotional song with excellent vocals and lyrics.

3. "No More Love Songs" (2016)

From the name, “No More Love Songs” is another jam about love. It maintains a wonderful melody and beat from the start to end, and the vocal drop just proves how talented Colbein is.

4. "So Bad" (2016)

“So Bad” is probably one of the most well-known songs from Brandon Colbein. The singer’s voice is just so emotional that it takes the listener to another place. In “So Bad”, Colbein is talking about how he badly wants to be with a certain person. The tune maintains a high tone all through, and is supported by an amazing video.

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