5 Songs from Birdy that Will Melt Your Heart

Updated on April 21, 2016

Innocent, Sweet and Young

Young singer that could be soon in the spotlight, Birdy
Young singer that could be soon in the spotlight, Birdy | Source

Who is this girl?

You might be wondering too, Birdy is such a weird name but you'll get used to it once you let yourself in to her music. Actually named as Jasmine van den Bogaerde she gained widespread popularity after winning the Open Mic competition in her home country United Kingdom just at the age of 12! And if you're not impressed with that then I think you should read a little bit more.

Despite competing with more than 10,000 other competitors, Birdy won the hearts of the judges and people who watched the show. She was later announced as the winner for the Grand Prize and the under-18s category. And at the age of 12, she performed in a crowd of more than 2,000 her own song entitled So Be Free.

At just the age of 14, she released her first single, a cover that I will feature later too that put her in the map of Europe. Everybody in the continent just fell in love with this young girl, and it is hard not to! With a voice as soft as silk and as clear as crystal, this English-born singer is destined to be in the spotlight!

She subsequently released her debut album, a record full of covers from indie, folk and alternative bands which a lot of people hasn't heard of. At first, you might thought it is such a bad career move but fortunately for this clever girl, her careful plan to captivate the audience with her skillful play of covers seemed to work and since then, the public has never let her go!

Featuring tracks originally made by Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, The Postal Service, Phoenix, The Nationals and other band names you haven't heard of, the album reached #1 in Australia and Netherlands and went on to sell more than a million copies worldwide at the course of its run. The self-titled album garnered positive reviews from critics too, earning 61 in Metacritics which signifies favorable reviews.

She released her second studio album last year, titled Fire Within, and instead covering unknown songs again, she decided to put her own original tunes. The album was even more well-received by the critics than her previous album earning a 66 rating in Metacritics and a 9/10 score from The Daily Echo which is music review site.

So what made the world love her so much? Check out the 5 tunes below!

Skinny Love

Birdy in the music video of Skinny Love
Birdy in the music video of Skinny Love | Source

1. Skinny Love

The debut single that made Birdy irresistible for the public. Her soulful rendition is so different from the original outtake of Bon Iver's version. Instead of the guitars and whispery vocals of the original, Birdy took the song to another level of perfection! Using just her piano and cold-yet-healing vocals, Birdy achieved what she wanted with this song - to tell the listeners how sad it is for a love that went wrong.

There is anger in Birdy's voice, especially in the chorus - despite just being a cover, Birdy made it real with what she's feeling the time she recorded this, quite extraordinary for a 14-year old girl!

Who will love you? Who will fight? Who will fall far behind? she sings in the song's bridge with enthusiasm.

If you had already listen to the original track then you will be surprised at how different is this, both are amazing, both are heartfelt, both are masterpieces that should never be compared. They both feel like they're different songs but sooner or later you'll understand their importances!

Watch the one-take music video of Skinny Love


A scene from the music video of Wings
A scene from the music video of Wings | Source

2. Wings

If somehow you love the somber tone of Skinny Love, this one's a little bit different. From the production to how it is delivered. By the way, this is the first original single from Birdy (although she included one original track in her debut album) and was released as the introductory single for her second album entitled Fire Within.

The song could be described as synthetic, with too much going on in the production of the song, it still remains real and vivid. Perhaps a really different take from Birdy, but when you look further inside you'll hear her, the one you fell in love just moments ago after listening to her cover of Skinny Love.

After reading the lyrics, you'll find that your heart will be shattered again. This song is mostly about two lovers or perhaps two friends that were separated in the test of time. The envy in Birdy's voice is noticeable, how she badly want to be with her lover/friend if her wings could only fly! But damn these walls, she sings with desperation to break the barrier/distance that has been separating them for the rest of their lives!

I teared-up a bit after listening this for the first time, because I could actually relate to it and I think many others could relate too!

Watch the weird music video of the song

Fire and Rain

I've seen fire and and I've seen rain, Birdy
I've seen fire and and I've seen rain, Birdy | Source

3. Fire and Rain

There's nothing more painful than losing someone you love and never seeing them again for the rest of your life! This precious cover of James Taylor's classic is a real gem that you will find in Birdy's self-titled debut album. With nothing but hurtful piano notes and little drums and strings, Birdy's cover would surely tear you up a bit in the inside once you start commemorating the memories of your loved ones who already passed away!

This song was also used as Glee's tribute song when Cory Montieth passed away, and when I watched that episode I was literally crying and I had to hide my face because I was afraid everyone will see my pitiful face! That's just how sad this song is, it will literally tear you into pieces.

Birdy performing Fire and Rain

Words as Weapons

Birdy as a ghost in the song's official video
Birdy as a ghost in the song's official video | Source

4. Words as Weapons

This one was an instant favorite of mine when I listened to her second album just a day after its release! Clearly the song is inspired by the guitar-tricks of Mumford & Sons. Not surprised though, the song is co-written by one of the members of the band mentioned, Ben Lovett. There's nothing sadder than the lyrics though, add more the beautiful little hums in the background when Birdy is singing the chorus!

"You use your words as a weapon dear!" might as well remind us how cruel some people are. Bullying others here and there for their pleasure, never knowing the consequences! Fortunately for a strong woman like Birdy, she continued with "But your blades don't hurt when you have no fear, you think that you're deep under my skin, you're trying to keep me suffering, but as a weapon, I'll shed no tears."

This song will surely leave your heart melted like a snow in the sun! Listen to the album version first before watching the incredibly edited music video!

Did you seriously think only Lorde could pull this off?

Terrible Love

It takes an ocean not break, says Birdy
It takes an ocean not break, says Birdy | Source

5. Terrible Love

Melodically the saddest song in Birdy's full-of-sad-songs discography. There is a reason why this is the last track in her debut album, to leave people stunned and speechless, hearts broken and tears flowing endlessly in their cheeks. The haunting piano will probably haunt you forever making you want to listen to this song over and over again when you're sad and lonely. But don't do that, you'll be more sad and lonely after you hear this song. But if you're brave and you really want your heart to be shattered then go on!

Originally by The Nationals, Birdy once again proved that she could make someone's song like her own. She had proven this countless of times in her debut album where most of her tracks are significantly different from the original!

The saddest part in the song though is the last 2 minutes, where the everything starts to flow through your heart, from the piano, the guitars, the drums and some other instruments and of course the strong and lonely voice of the singer. The final instrumental part of the song will rip your heart into pieces which will leave you gasping for air! If you don't believe me then play the song below!

What's the saddest song mentioned above?

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    • profile image

      Lynx Iscariot 

      6 months ago

      I think Birdy Ft Enigma's 'find You' should be somewhere on this list.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Jean Bakula, they all popped up for me..

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      My personal favorite by Birdy is 'Not About Angels'.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 

      5 years ago from New Jersey


      I began listening to one of Birdy's videos. and it stopped in the middle, and now they all seem to have been taken off the hub. Sometimes this happens with You Tube videos, when the publishers or singers want to make them unavailable. You may have to find other videos. Good luck, I saw your comments about making money on HP on the forums.


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