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5 Reasons You Should Listen to Filipino Boy Band SB19

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“Get in the zone, BREAK! Hi! We are SB19!" goes the trademark introduction of SB19. This group is revolutionizing Filipino music, giving new sounds to the ears of the nation. Representing P-POP (Pinoy-pop which is another term for Filipino pop), SB19 has been making a name for themselves not just in the local scene, but internationally as well.

Who Is SB19?

SB19 is the first Filipino boy group who is managed and trained by a Korean entertainment agency. It is comprised by Pablo (Leader), Josh (Lead Rapper), Stell (Main Vocal), Ken (Main Dancer), and Justin (Lead Vocal). They debuted in September 2019 with the ballad song Tilaluha, and they found national stardom when their dance practice for their second single Go Up went viral on Twitter.

Why Should You Stan SB19?

From their talents to the quality of their music, there are multitudes of reasons why the boys of SB19 are worth stanning. In this article, I listed five reasons why you should follow these boys and listen to their music.


noun; informal

Definition: someone who greatly admires a singer or other famous person

(Cambridge Dictionary)

1. Talent

One of the reasons why the group is so huge in the Philippines is because of their talent. In a country where live performances—especially dance performances—are done half-heartedly, SB19’s synchronization and vocal prowess wowed the Filipino people. They can perform without lip-syncing and can even belt out some falsettos while dancing onstage. (I’m looking at you Stell!) Not only that, the members penned the lyrics of their songs as well, and choreographed their dance steps too.

Stan talent. Stan SB19.

2. Superb Sense of Humor

There will never be a dull moment when you stan SB19. The members are known for their wits and sense of humor. Justin, most especially, is famous for his corny jokes. Ken is also surprisingly funny because you will never expect what he will say or do and Stell is just a natural born comedian.

You can watch SB19’s antics on their official YouTube channel where they upload their vlogs. These vlogs highlight the members’ lives off-stage. Watching one video will surely lure you in and will make you consume all the remaining ones. Aside from their channel, you can find fan-made compilation videos of them being crack heads on YouTube.

3. Great Personality

Despite the success that they are getting, SB19 members still know how to anchor themselves on the ground and not let their fame get ahead of them. In an interview with Korea Times, the interviewer declared that they are better than the other boy groups here in the Philippines, but the boys refuted these claims. Instead, they stated that they are not better; it’s just that each boy group has its own unique charms.

Moreover, SB19 members always give their very best on their performances. Can you believe it if I told you that they practiced one thousand times for their Go Up choreography? That’s dedication right there. They also always show the spirit of true professionalism. This is evident when they still perform even when they are feeling well and when they manage to deliver a great performance despite some unfortunate mishaps onstage.

Furthermore, the boys chose not to surrender even though they have been through a lot. Just like Korean idols, SB19 members trained for a few years before debuting, and they were not earning well in those years. They must have felt the pressure of having to earn a living to give money back to their families, but they were able to endure it very well. Now, they were able to reap the fruits of their labor and patience.

They are humble, hard-working and persevering. Who can resist the charms of these boys?

4. Musicality

SB19’s discography is full of bops. Their debut single Tilaluha (Stop Tears) is a soulful song which showcases the boys’ powerful vocals and harmonization. Go Up – the bop that propelled the boys into stardom – is a song of hope about reaching one’s dreams, and their third single Alab is a catchy song that earned them more international recognition. Hanggang sa Huli (Until the End) is another ballad which explores the deep emotions of someone who is heartbroken but found solace in his eternal love. SB19 also released a song offered to the front-liners of COVID-19 entitled Ikako (You and I). It is another song of hope about finding light despite the hard and dark times.

In 2021, SB19 released back-to-back chart topping tracks. First, they released What? on March 9, 2021 and on May, they released the heart-wrenching single MAPA (Mother, Father/Map). This single is their most popular song and brought them mainstream success. It is a tribute to hardworking parents out there from the perspective of grateful sons and daughters.

Later that year, SB19 released Pagsibol, an extended play which features great bops such as Bazinga and Mana. Both songs are dedicated to their bashers who doubted their potential to become stars. Bazinga explains how the hate they get from people fueled them to work harder, while Mana draws inspiration from the Philippine mythology figure called Manananggal. Manananggal is a monster whose upper body separates from its lower part to fly and search for its victims. SB19 used this creature to tell people that even if they have already achieved sky high success, their feet will always remain on the ground.

The songs of SB19 never disappoint. The beats and instrumentals are always sick and the lyrics are very inspirational. The greatest part of it is that they write the lyrics themselves especially Pablo.

Stanning SB19 is stanning quality music.

5. Award-Winning

In those four years that they have been active, SB19 has garnered numerous awards already. They were constant guests in the biggest award ceremonies in the country and were winning trophies left and right. They were also hailed as the number one Googled male personality in the Philippines last 2019.

In addition to that, SB19 has become the bearer of a lot of firsts for Filipino music artists. They were the first Filipino act to enter Billboard’s Next Big Sound, Social 50 and Emerging Artists charts. They were also the first Filipino artist to chart on iTunes Top Albums of eighteen different countries in just twenty-four hours with their debut album Get In The Zone. They even broke into the unbreakable US iTunes charts which is a big feat. In 2021, SB19 nominated in Billboard Music Awards for Top Social Artist along with BTS, Blackpink, Ariana Grande, and Seventeen—which BTS won. They were the first Filipino artist to appear in the Billboard Music Awards and the first Southeast Asian act to be nominated in this category.

These recognitions proved SB19's vast potential and witnessing their journey is definitely worth your time.

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