4th Impact: Reminiscing Their X-Factor UK Journey

Updated on February 24, 2017
By Donaldpato - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=46517046
By Donaldpato - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=46517046

The Over 46 Million Views “Bang Bang” Audition

Britain wasn’t ready when an all-girl group ravished the stage of The X-Factor UK 2015 and performed a wonderful rendition of Jessie J’s hit “Bang Bang”. The crowd was shocked and was awestruck as they looked like four nervous women and when they started to sing, they were like so professional and their voices gave them goosebumps.

The group named 4th Impact (formerly known as 4th Power) is composed of four sisters who travelled to Britain all the way from the Philippines. Almira Cercado is the oldest who is 27 at that time and is followed by Irene Cercado, 25, Mylene Cercado, 23, and the youngest Celina Cercado who is 19.

The girl group impressed the judges, receiving a standing ovation from all of them. This audition piece now have over 46 million views in YouTube. Even Simon Cowell thought that they were the best performers in terms of first auditions. With that, they were able to receive four big ‘Yeses’ from the judges and move to the next round.

Through their lively covers and powerful renditions of songs, 4th Impact was soon noticed by the fans and the judges alike.

Surviving Boot Camp with “Proud Mary” and “Titanium”

After passing the auditions, the girls proceeded to boot camp where they first did a group performance and an individual one. For the group, they sang “Proud Mary (Rolling in the River)” by Tina Turner, which they all passed it. While for the individual category, they did an awesome cover of David Guetta’s song “Titanium”. The judges absolutely loved it and allowed them to pass through and proceed to the next round, the 6 Chair Challenge.

The Thrilling and Grueling 6 Chair Challenge

The 6 Chair Challenge is a part of the competition where the judges will only pick 6 performances per category out of a lot. Once you got pick, you either stay or go as the judge have the right to remove you from your position if he/she saw someone else better than you.

For the next round, the girls took on Christina Aguilera’s “Show Me How You Burlesque”. It not just only wowed the judges, it also wowed and captured the hearts of the people watching them. Even some of the contestants enjoyed their performance. “This is insane” as quoted by one of the contestants.

Simon Cowell absolutely loved them, as he was the first to give a standing ovation from the judges and jokingly asked them to join the Overs category. 4th Impact was vying for a spot on one of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s (the Group mentor) chairs.

They eventually grabbed the spot when Cheryl commented their performance to be “phenomenal” and are able to proceed to the next round, the Judges’ Houses.

At the Judges’ House – Rome, Italy

For the Judges’ House performance, the girls did a different take from their usual spunky, lively performance. Instead, they did a powerful ballad of Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie”. Their singing was very emotional and you would really feel the message they are relaying to us viewers.

Their blending and harmonies was on spot. But, was that enough to impress their judges, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and guest judge Jess Glynne. Finally, the day to pick who will be part of the live shows came. Cheryl took a long time to think her decision and after a long and agonizing wait, she called out the recently renamed 4th Impact to be part of her three group team for the live shows and they were joined by “Alien” (soon to be Alien Uncovered) and Reggie n Bollie.

The 1st Live Shows – “Problem”

The most awaited part of the competition or as it is dubbed “the official start of the completion”, the live shows began. 4th Impact this time was supposed to do the song “Shut Up and Dance” but they knew and figured out that that wasn’t the song for them. So, with the advice of their mentor, Cheryl, they picked up a song that they really loved, “Problem” by Arianna Grande and Iggy Azalea. Though they have limited time and they were able to deliver a one-of-a kind performance.

Like me, the judges absolutely loved it and their improvement from their first audition was really noticed and was great. The song choice was absolutely lovely and the oh-so wonderful high notes made by Almira was on spot. Celina was shown to have a talent in rapping as she nailed that rap part bad. The judges was really impressed at their performance and showered them with nothing but praises and adoration for their voices.

This shows that 4th Impact is a really great contender in the competition. They were able to be saved from elimination and was now up next to the 2nd Live Shows.

The 2nd Live Shows – “Sound of the Underground”

This time it has a theme attached to it and it is ‘Reinvention Week’

The girls chose a song after their own mentor, Cheryl. The song is “Sound of the Underground” by Cheryl’s band The Girls Aloud and “Clapping Song” by Shirley Ellis. It was, of course, fabulous but, it raised some animosity between the two judges, Simon and Cheryl. Simon thinks that it is not appropriate to let 4th Impact use a judge’s song although, he said that they were still good. Their coach, Cheryl, stood up for them and defended them from Simon’s remark and said that their performance was absolutely lovely and it gives out the same usual 4th Impact jive.

The Controversies

Some love 4th Impact so much that they considered them to win The X Factor UK. Simon is already interested in giving them a chance to work with him after the show. Cheryl also said that she vying her four ladies to win the title and prize so she could take the privilege of having her group won. Most of all, us too wants them to win and help get closer to dreams and to their huge break as stars.

Going through this journey is not an easy task for the girls for they have to face some harsh critics and bashers regarding at their credibility to join The X Factor.

One of their issues is that they are “not qualified” to join The X Factor because of their professional status. They were blasted with criticism, because they looked like amateurs at first in the stage but they were actually not. In fact, they are professionals. They are considered professional because of the shows or competitions they have joined and won. But, the spokesperson for The X Factor said it was completely alright since there is a no specific rule that doesn’t allow performers who has appeared in different shows to apply for The X Factor.

The girls said that they would just like to follow their dreams of singing globally. It’s like they want another break from the break they already have. They wanted to try more and improve more in their skills as singers and of course bring pride to their beloved country. Their interview was shown and in it the girls said that they have been performing ever since 2001. The production crew also has to screen them before allowing them to audition for the judges, so it is technically safe to say that they got into the show fair and square.

4th Impact Facts

Few facts for the 4th Impact is they never had alcohol. Because of their strong religious ties and the warnings of their mother, they do not intake alcohol and instead drink softdrinks in parties. Celina, aside from rapping, also has a talent for beat-boxing. They also haven’t have a boyfriend except for Almira but she said that her mom is with them in dates so that they don’t do anything unusual and unappropriated. They are all virgins, because of their mother’s warning and their mindset of waiting first for the right one to do it with. 4th Impact are very religious and has a deep faith in God. They constantly pray every performance as a way to bring their nerves down.


So my loves, that was the famous 4th Impact! Now that you know and have seen them perform, (even though it’s only by videos like what I did) what can you say about these four wonderful ladies. I am also hoping that you guys are all fans of them.


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    • profile image


      13 months ago

      Cheaters, liars, plain and simple.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Did you have to state about the sex life? How unproper!

    • profile image

      Richard L Albolino 

      2 years ago

      i think they are great i keep watching over and over

    • liesl5858 profile image

      Linda Bryen 

      2 years ago from United Kingdom

      I am a fan of 4th Impact since I've seen them on XFactor. I always follow them and see how far they go. I have strong admiration for these girls because they are so lovable to watch and they represent the Filipinos. I think they are great singers..

    • profile image

      There's never been any better than 4th Impact and if Jesus doesn't return for another 50,000 years 

      2 years ago

      Years there will never be anyone better...I haven't been this moved since The Beatles!! I just love these girls!!!!


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