Top 10 Truly Amazing Female Trance Vocalists

Updated on August 18, 2016


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Awe-inspiring female vocalists seem to be the toast of the Trance scene these days! Things will remain this way for some time to come if the trends are to be believed.
Awe-inspiring female vocalists seem to be the toast of the Trance scene these days! Things will remain this way for some time to come if the trends are to be believed. | Source

Women Power Rules the Vocal Roost

Trance music is the richer because of its amazing vocalists. Lovers of the genre will be well aware that the wonderful sense of elevation that is produced during listening is in part due to excellent vocalists who are able to connect with the desires and aspirations of the listener. They are able to touch and move the inner personal self of the listener, and a stage is reached where the vocalist and listener become one in spirit, experiencing the same wonderful and indescribable feeling in unity. Lovers of Trance music will be aware, also, that an overwhelming majority of vocalists in the genre, are women. Indeed, the domination of women in the vocals department is so great that male vocalists make but a small fraction of all Trance vocalists. It may be said that the dominance of women in the vocals department of Trance is akin to the dominance of men in the production and DJing department of the genre.

The vocals department in the global Trance scene is almost entirely made up of women. It is hard to find male vocalists on the scene apart from a few who manage to hold to their positions despite the heavy competition.

10. Audrey Gallagher

Audrey is quite capable of delivering emotional heaven, although she definitely must do so more often. Her track 'Walk Away' with tyDi had thousands of clubbers worldwide raising their hands to an unbelievable breakdown in 2009. Incidentally, this was also tyDi's first super hit. The Trance world looks forward to more other-worldly experiences from her.

9. Sarah Howells

Listening to any of Sarah Howells' tracks gives one the distinct impression that she is a well rounded and mature-sounding vocalist who has perfected her craft. She is terribly underrated. One of the hard truths about the music scene in general is that talent does not always get pole position. Sarah Howells exemplifies this fact.

8. Aruna

Aruna is a commercial sensation and a showstopper within the worldwide Trance scene. She is, among other things, best known for her partnership with the charismatic combine of Myon and Shane 54. Her voice is as strong as a bullet and capable of pushing one by brute force into a state of euphoria.

Male Vocalists in Trance Music

It is a well-known fact that women dominate the vocals department of the Trance scene, but there are some male vocalists who have, nevertheless, managed to make a mark. Give their songs a listen on Youtube.

1. Richard Bedford

2. Jan Burton

3. Babak Rahnama

4. Christian Burns

5. Brian Transeau (BT)

7. Melissa Loretta

Not a few people have opined that Melissa Loretta sounds like an angel. In every song that she sings, a deep personal integrity and adherence to truth come to the fore. She really puts her heart and soul, and indeed, being, into not merely singing, but also songwriting. There is deep love and concern in her voice. No one who listens to her song is a stranger. Everyone is a family member to the wonderful Melissa Loretta!

6. Tania Zygar

This young heart throb of many, hailing from Canada, has had a thorough grounding in music theory. Her voice has the texture of mist. It is something unbelievably exciting, but which can never be quantified.

5. Kate Walsh

Her dreamy vocals were the soul of 'Right Back', the track that beat all competition hands down to emerge the 'Song of the Year' as voted by the listeners of the 'A State of Trance' radio show, hosted by none other than Armin van Buuren, in 2010. The Trance world definitely has a lot more to hear of her in the near future and beyond!

4. Ana Criado

Ana Criado's voice + a little reverb = a lovely sense of flotation. She sounds best when her voice is given space and not crowded out with beats and aggressive lead synths.

The Parts that Make Up a Trance Track

This is the very beginning of a track that is usually bereft of much action apart from the beats. Some people simply don't have the patience to listen to the entire intro!
Things begin to hot up here, and the momentum starts to build up.
This is the sudden and unexpected (or expected) calm part in the song (the calm before all hell breaks loose).
This is the part where the energy level keeps increasing by the second.
This is the part where everything goes crazy!

3. Tiff Lacey

Undoubtedly the Queen, of not merely Trance, but the entire EDM scene, Tiff Lacey is still going strong, creating one classic after another. There is no producer she has not worked with. When compared to the other great vocal talents of the Trance scene, her voice almost seems not to match up, and yet, in every song of hers, after listening to only a few seconds of her singing, one gets hooked. Her voice is an irresistible drug.

2. Justine Suissa

Although not as active in the scene now as in the early to mid 2000s, her heyday, she is still remembered fondly for the many gems she produced, especially with Above and Beyond. Above and Beyond + Justine Suissa = Oceanlab. Her voice is one of the shy girl next door, reserved by nature, and very mysterious, but most certainly willing to provide great experiences and everlasting memories!

1. Stine Grove

One often wonders why such talented vocalists as Stine Grove are not known, celebrated and cherished more.

She is classically trained, and is known for her deep, sonorous and silken voice. Most of her songs are melancholic, and as a result, she is able to connect deeply with people in such situations as love, divorce, death, an so on. Her collaborations with Headstrong and Aurosonic have become legendary in the modern Trance scene.

Those Who Almost Made It
Shannon Hurley
Nicole Mckenna
Betsie Larkin
Kirsty Hawkshaw
Jennifer Rene
Sharon den Adel

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      • profile image

        Hurr Durr 14 months ago

        I realize this article is 3 years old so the list may be a bit out-of-date, but your list seems rather... biased. About half are TyDi tracks, and the majority seem to have been debuted on ASoT (and Armin Van Buren has to be the most overrated DJ/producer/whatever he wants to be on the planet).

        There are plenty of Trance/Prog Trance producers out there that don't have their tongue in AvB's ass. You may want to expand your horizons a bit.

        But aside from that, the most unfortunate thing is not a lack of vocal talent (and there is SO MUCH of it), but the lackluster repetitive, poorly executed trash the producers put out. How can a vocalist showcase the extent of their talent singing 2 short phrases and then having it repeated over and over for 8 minutes? I really thing trance needs an influx of songwriting talent (although I fear saying that, lest we end up with Taylor Swift... ugh....)

      • profile image

        Mysterio 15 months ago

        Christina Noveli?!

        Emma Hewitt?!

        Roxanne Emery?!

        Nadia Ali?!

        Not even at those who almost made it? Hah, funny!

      • profile image

        Richie from O.K 16 months ago

        Personally I think Justine suissa should be number one!! But yes where is Cristina Soto!!?

      • profile image

        lol 17 months ago

        Where is Viela

      • profile image

        rotunda 18 months ago

        Only Zoe Johnston

      • profile image

        micky iaga 21 months ago

        im so glad to be comment on the top 1o singers is more brilliant

      • profile image

        AsusROG 2 years ago

        Kim Kiona,Jano,Novelli,Badoi,Jwaydan, Fiora,Adina Butar,Roxanne Emery,Hewit,Kate Luis Smith, Noire Lee,Sveta B,Sarah Lynn, Christina Soto :P

      • profile image

        nyym1 2 years ago

        This list doesn't make any sense without Emma Hewitt and Christina Novelli. No one can say that they don't belong there, if you ask me they are 2nd and 1st, can't decide the order tho.

      • profile image

        Fraser Simpson 2 years ago

        This list is meaningless unless Jan Johnston is featured.

      • profile image

        ArmedVIP 2 years ago

        Missing Christina Noveli, Emma Hewitt, Roxanne Emery, Nadia Ali

      • profile image

        Da Eagle 3 years ago

        Where are: Christina Novelli, Emma Hewitt and Sylvia Tosun? all 3 of them belong in this list

      • profile image

        Davidoff 3 years ago

        I miss Zoe Johnston, Emma Hewitt and Nadia Ali

      • profile image

        Martin 3 years ago

        No one of these Excellent vocalists can compare the unmatched ANTONIA LUCAS, the best vocalist right now by far. Her "multiple" voices are incomparables.

      • profile image

        Andy 3 years ago

        Where's Jes?? Her voice is brilliant.

      • rohanfelix profile image

        Rohan Rinaldo Felix 3 years ago from Chennai, India


      • profile image

        Natalie 3 years ago

        How could you forget about Emma Hewitt? :O :O

        Nadia Ali's voice is good too :)

      • rohanfelix profile image

        Rohan Rinaldo Felix 4 years ago from Chennai, India

        I love Enya's voice too, and Moya Brennan.

      • teaches12345 profile image

        Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

        I have not heard of these vocalists, but I enjoyed the voices. Yes, they are very mesmerizing to hear, sirens that beckon the soul. I would add Enya to this list, her voice is beautiful and pulls in the listener.

      • rohanfelix profile image

        Rohan Rinaldo Felix 4 years ago from Chennai, India

        I'm glad you found something new here! What sort of music do you generally listen to?

      • mylindaelliott profile image

        mylindaelliott 4 years ago from Louisiana

        Great list. Several of these I didn't know about, thanks.

      • rohanfelix profile image

        Rohan Rinaldo Felix 4 years ago from Chennai, India

        I'm glad you did :)

      • FlourishAnyway profile image

        FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA

        I didn't really understand what trance music was before this list. Now I have some examples of what it is. I gave up trying to be cool years ago, but I enjoyed your hub, Rohan.

      • rohanfelix profile image

        Rohan Rinaldo Felix 4 years ago from Chennai, India

        Only 10 could be fit in here... Some beautiful voices had to be left out. Sorry!

      • profile image

        Yatin Gore 4 years ago

        no mention of Ashley Tomberlin(Luminary)? and Mavie (Andain)?