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Thomas Bagley

Who I Am
A voracious reader from the age of "long ago", my spare time has always been utilized in the construction of tales and stories of characters and situations that have never happened and probably never will. The inspiration for this passion stems from my longtime love of comic books, pulp magazines and classic films. Whether it's collecting the entire 70-issue Sandman Mystery Theatre run of comics (only 23 issues to go!), devouring the pulp adventures of Doc Savage, or sitting through a Preston Sturges movie marathon, my dork side is always kept well-fed.

My Secret Origin
I have always been drawn to the history of comic books and the creators and companies that produce them. After years of navigating the winding roads of the internet, I've found that most articles and information I ran across mined the same well of topics, creators, and characters. It then dawned on me (like a radioactive blast to the face) to fill that noticeable void myself by covering the peripheral subjects and underrated creators I find so fascinating.