I'm back, though I suppose I've taken a different form since I last spent any time writing. Somehow I got turned around in the desert (no one really gets lost), and I've found a few things I enjoy in life in that time.

What used to be scrambled stream-of-consciousness has evolved into a focused drive. I have found peace in music, and while still a little behind the modern curve, have an appreciation for it and an understanding of it that is difficult to rival these days.

I've always brought the obscure into sight, and intend to continue this trend with a newfound wisdom and wit. What I had not given much attention I now owe great respect (here's looking at you, 1960s).

I also enjoy finding new gear like microphones that don't always get into other articles. As my budget allows, I spend time researching and then purchasing/using these hidden gems for myself. This list can be anything from bouzoukis to plugins, world percussion to preamps, and everything in between. I've taken a liking to synthesizers of late (doesn't everyone have this phase happen at some point?) and hope to get some serious experience with some lesser-used equipment in the near future.