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I am a writer, reader, composer, musican, and a passionate advocate for the arts.

Although music and literature are at the forefront of the arts for me I do enjoy film, television, theater, philosophy, and virtually any form of art that makes use of creative thinking.

Musically speaking I really enjoy classical music and in addition to classical music I enjoy rock and jazz.

In regards to literature I enjoy the classics but I make it point to try and read a few contemporary novels and biographies each year as well.

In addition to the arts I do enjoy discussing history and science. I have also recently started a new project where I review and write about topics related to the genre of science fiction and fantasy. The blog is linked to my profile.

I would say the point to creating this account was to communicate with people and share new ideas about the arts and the world at large.

I'm eagerly looking forward to sharing some of my ideas and knowledge about things I know and love as well as learning about the many different topics I've seen on Hubpages that already interest me.