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Kawika Chann

Worker bee in the transition of becoming a self-employed literary contractor, sometime superhero, part-time solver of world problems, and full-time inappropriate laugher. Update: 2018 I became president of Pics and Drones LLC in Oregon which is a photography and videography personal endeavor - on to world problems!

Pulling anchor and leaving home, friends, and family in Hawaii to Florida in '04, then back across the continent to the Northwest in Oregon - always with those two guys that follow me everywhere, Mercy and Grace. I've seen a lot of things, different types of people, and accumulated a lot of stories along the way.

We'll soon be pulling anchor again and heading back home to Hawaii where the people and the food are just awesome. My HubPages will reflect on my travels, my lifestyle, and my interests. Thanks for visiting, come by anytime, and don't forget to leave your slippers at the door. Peace. Kawi.