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I was raised by a family of chipmunks in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A tough winter when I was 8 forced me to leave home. They just couldn’t feed me – they are afterall quite small.

When I was 14 I got tattoos of stripes down my back to honor them. I wish I hadn’t because it made me look more like a skunk than a chipmunk. Not that a chipmunk tattoo would garner much more respect. Why couldn’t I have been raised by wolverines I have often thought.

When I was 25 I began my Mountain Man training under the guidance of Sensei Taku an anarchist, street medic, zine-collecting, freegan, stick- fighting, train-hopping squatter dude. I lived in a tent for a year-and-a-half to harden my fortitude. There weren’t any mountains around so it was more of urban mountain man training. You might say that doesn’t make much sense. You might be right.

I developed two main powers from my training; Fear-mastery (self-explanatory) and protection from illusions, which includes other-worldly forces such as witchcraft and voodoo and the more worldly ones such as obfuscation, bias, and lipstick.

I used to get woken up by a great horned owl, and so sometimes Ordinary things in life, such as clocks, don’t make much sense to me. I used to sit at night on a log in a snowstorm and have it be so quiet you could hear the snowflakes hit, and so sometimes I find the world to be entirely too noisy.