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I'm from England and I'm an Internet fanatic, a Manchester United fanatic and a real ale fanatic - not necessarily in that order!

I love reading and writing about old Hollywood - the actors and actresses, the directors and money men and of course the movies themselves.
Here's a selection of my Golden Hollywood hubs:


Errol Flynn, A Hollywood Death, 

James Cagney, More Than A Gangster, 

Clark Gable The King of Hollywood


Elizabeth Taylor, Marriages and Movies, 

Judy Garland, Complete Entertainment, 

Rita Hayworth, Hollywood Love Goddess

Classic Movies

Yankee Doodle Dandy, A Cagney Classic

The Philadelphia Story

Some Like It Hot, Hollywood Comic Perfection


Directors and Money Men

Sam Goldwyn, Hollywood Renegade

Louis B Mayer of MGM, The Father of Hollywood

Busby Berkeley, Imagination of Genius

George Cukor, Top Hollywood Golden Age Director