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Chemical Brains

I'm an artist and writer working in Connecticut. Foremost, however, I am a husband and a father, but I've been writing constantly since I was fifteen.

Now I'm thirty.

I have many interests -- as we all believe we do -- several of which I write about when the mood strikes. Writing is a way for me to establish, concretely -- permanently -- my attitude, ideas and/or feelings at ANY given time. And the desire to write -- in my case -- wells up without notice and without general courtesy regarding the time of day or night.

I'll lose sleep to write consistently if the words are good enough; And I'll paint as long as my eyes will stay open.

When it comes to fiction, I focus on short stories and screenplays... Pumping, as it were, forever steadfast and straining -- pressurized through the veins of dramatic, psychological thrillers, tragic comedies and blood-letting horror. The value of these works tends to be secondary to the act of finishing them... 'Who cares if anyone does or does not like it -- it's done.'

My frequent and manic stabs into the weighty trunk of nonfiction find their marks with critical essays and topical articles addressing anything from music, to politics, religion and social issues.

I am also an active and working painter and photographer -- two areas I tend to try and marry with my writing whenever possible... Whether or not these marriages stay within a fifty percent failure rate is for you to decide.

Please, enjoy my work.

- John Slaney (Chemical Brains), CT