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Cassidy Michael Kakin

I am a blogger, writer, social entrepeneur, arm chair advocate, mentee, mentor, musician, and free lance dabler in all things. I write about music and movies, as well politics, philosophy, society, biking, career advice, and anything else that strikes my fancy. And some times I write poems or sing songs.

About my past: I was born in Montana, and raised in a very non-conventional way by a group of hippies in the woods. They taught me to love music and think oddly from a very young age.

About my present: After succesfully completing a year of service with City Year, San Jose, an AmeriCorps Program, and following my achievement of an undergraduate degree in Politics at UCSC, I have worked on transitioning into the freelance world. I write (a lot) of articles, maintain/manage and contribute to several websites, run a non-profit based around education t continue me AmeriCorps service, drive a pedi-cab, and work for a start-up, among other freelance things.

About my future: I will continue developing my non-profit, the East San Jose Bicycle Cooperative, work on publishing a book, and apply to Law School (someday) in the near future.