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Caleb Luther

My name is Caleb Luther and I have an immense love for movies and television. Since 2012, I've been writing reviews for movies and television on a nearly weekly basis. I'll typically catch anywhere between 80 and 120 new movies each year. As for television, I love spreading the word on shows that may not be getting the recognition they deserve. Since around 2013, I've been running movie and television tournaments on my own personal Facebook page. How it works is that I usually either set up a 32 or 64 seed bracket (NCAA tournament) and fill it with whatever the topic is. Best Pixar Movie, Best MCU movie, Best A24 Movie, etc. I've done so many and people absolutely love it. I also really enjoy ranking things, but using actual critic and audience scores to determine the ranking. I find it to be the most objective way to go about ranking things.