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Michael Monahan

Over the course of my working life I somehow managed to experience my true love for music from almost every possible angle. I was a professional performing artist for almost twenty years when I decided to try my hand at radio, where in a few years time I managed to work as assistant Program Director and Music Director for FM-99 in Norfolk, VA. After several years there I took a position with IRS records as regional promotions manager and had the great pleasure of working with artists such as Concrete Blonde, Dada, and Timbuk3. Combine it all and I managed to accumulate a view of the music business from the persepctives of artist, broadcast, and record lables, which was a tremendous experience.

During the latter years of my time in promotions I discovered by fluke that I had a fairly comprehensive understanding of all things tech as it relates to computers, which in time also led me to some fascinating jobs, including six years spent working for the Georgia General Assembly, and then finally working with one of the largest media organizations in the USA, Gannett, Inc, owner/publisher of USAToday and over 00 other regional online news organizations.

I became semi-retired two years ago, and still work in a part time capacity with Gannett.