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Anton Sanatov

“My unbalanced words are the wealth of my silence. I write in acrobatics and pirouettes in the air - I write because I so deeply want to speak. Though writing only gives me the full measure of silence.” Clarice Lispector

Fair enough, starting a biography with a quote may be a touch trite, but if the shoe fits...then why not? Writing has always been my means to get the words out - it’s just what I do. Putting them on the page doesn't make it any easier - perhaps on the contrary - but I believe that when you submit what you yearn to say to the blank page, you really get a chance to think before you speak. I've had many dreams along the way (and still do) within many mediums, but this is the one that has remained a constant open window within this house of many rooms - and I don't plan on closing it any time soon.